War for the Obelisk


The Sway

The second video was about The Sway. Little is know about this mysterious organisation, although it seems even the Meepits are scared of them. They too have gotten word about the Obelisk, and are now planning a meeting to discus the matter. It seems unlikely news as important as the Obelisk has gone unnoticed by the the Sway though, so it might only be a rumour. But if these rumours about the Obelisk are true, the Sway must have it!

Below is the transcript of The Sway video:

Dear valued agent of our clandestine league:

Rumours have been brought to my attention of a curious and disturbing nature. There is talk of a powerful obelisk of unknown origin...that has mysteriously appeared in the plains of Tyrannia.

Obviously, I assume this to be nonsense. After all, for this to have slipped past our watchful gaze would be absurd, would it not? Nothing escapes the Sway.

And yet...Our source was so eloquent in his description of the obelisk. This embarrassment must be dealt with. So you are hereby cordially invited to attend a meeting, where we shall discuss the matter at length.

However, I expect that should these rumours prove true, you will each have a satisfying explanation as to how this failure is not your own.

Such a valuable find must not be left to the masses. If it indeed exists, then it must be brought within our grasp.

I will expect to see you at the enclosed location in two day's time. Attendance is mandatory.

P.S. - Don't be late.

Here are some screenshots from the video:

The symbol of The Sway.

Some members of The Sway.

A secret meeting of The Sway.

This Lenny appears to be the leader of The Sway, or at least the one who's been sending out letters for the secret meeting. On the right is their prisoner, the one who told The Sway about the Obelisk.

Krawk prisoner
In the video about the Thieves Guild, we see a Krawk witnessing how the Obelisk is appearing, and after that, getting word to the Thieves Guild.

In the video about The Sway, we see a Krawk too, as a prisoner of The Sway. He was their source of information about the Obelisk.

Not only are both Krawks, but the hood, jacket and boots look the same too. Did The Sway get their hands on the poor Krawk who informed the Thieves Guild about the Obelisk?

Neopedia Article
There is a neopedia article about the sway. You can read it at The Sway Neopedia Article or just scroll down and read it below.

Neopedia: The Sway

The Sway Known Members: None verified
Favourite colour: Black
Suspected Involvement: Every major event in Neopian history

Who are the Sway? Are they even real? Are the rumours of elaborate rituals just smoke and mirrors, or do they serve some clandestine purpose? If they are real, how much influence have they had on events throughout Neopia? No one knows... But it's been said that if you mention the word "sway" to a Meepit, it will squeak in terror and chew through any cage to get away.

"I want to join the Sway." He was serious, the young Moehog, his face stubborn in the flickering candle light.

Lord Norheim was sceptical. Granted, the boy had a talent for snooping, but there was more to the Sway than eavesdropping on neighbours. The Sway were about maintaining order in Neopia, peace at the cost of free will – the free will of others, that is. It was a delicate balancing act, interfering just the right amount to produce the desired results for the good of all without disturbing the calm inattention the populace held.

"Perhaps," Norheim said at last.

"I can prove my worth," the Moehog added without prompting. "Give me a test, and I'll show you I can be discreet and useful." His front hooves gripped the brim of his hat, betraying nervousness, or perhaps zeal.

Yes, Norheim supposed the Moehog was all he claimed to be. And yet, the Sway did not accept volunteers. They chose new members, swooped down on them in the middle of the night and surrounded them with faceless commands and shadowy rituals until they were ready to understand more of the Sway's inner workings. This boy was upsetting the natural order, and if there was one thing Norheim hated, it was disruption of order.

He was about to pull out his amulet of hypnosis and make the whole incident go away when a thought occurred to him. "How did you learn about the Sway?" he asked instead, his hand easing back from the drawer where the amulet lay.

The Moehog smiled thinly. It chilled Norheim to see that smile on someone so young; it spoke of a hunger for power, of ruthlessness. "That's my little secret. I'm sure you have many secrets; you must allow me one little secret of my own."

The Sway meet in secret

Norheim's hand shot back to the drawer handle. Attempting to remain calm, he said, "Yes, but perhaps a test is in order. I--" He had intended to divert the boy's attention while he used the amulet, but they were both distracted by the arrival of a Crokabek at the window. It hopped inside and deposited its missive on Norheim's desk. Reluctantly Norheim let go of the amulet to read the letter.

It was the Duchess's handwriting, encoded of course, but easily translated. The Nimmo had spent years practising. It only contained two words.

Initiate him.

"Well," Norheim said, turning back to the Moehog with a smile he did not feel. "Never mind tests right now. Let us begin the initiation ritual."

Yet he wondered, as he rose to go down into the secret rooms underneath his castle, how had the Duchess known he was meeting with this boy?

Faction Leader Sayings
When you are at the obelisk, the Sway faction leader will have a random message. Found another saying? Neomail faerieskater2.

How goes the battle? I trust you to succeed, of course. Do not disappoint me.
Why is it no one listens to directions? My plan has a mere six hundred steps. It should be simple to complete!
Perhaps if you tried more hypnosis and less barbaric whacking you might have better results.
Excuse me, I have a meeting with King -- well, it's none of your concern. Hand me that mind control perfume.
I think perhaps I'll disguise this next missive as part of a hoax. I do love hiding things in plain sight.
My dear, take a moment and have some tea. Good? Now, get back to work.
Are they giving you trouble, my dear? Tell them their doom is upon them and the Crokabek crows at dawn. Works every time.
Your work in acquiring the obelisk is of course appreciated. You must excuse me; I am developing a code for some of my agents.
Queen Fyora may not see things my way now, but once our plan is complete... Oh, did I say that out loud?
What, you haven't reached the obelisk yet? Must I do everything myself?
I have just received a troubling report from an agent. Please continue with the battle; I'll be back shortly.
Yes, it's a struggle. That's why they call it fighting, my dear. Isn't it fun?

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Amateur Insider

Charming Subversive

Nefarious Plotter

Cunning Mastermind

The Duchess


**NOTE** Pride is who the Sway battle against, not along side.

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