War for the Obelisk


First Charge

When you go over to the Mysterious Obelisk site, which has now been renamed War for the Obelisk, you will see battle has broken loose. If you have joined a team, there will now be a list of challengers you can fight. Your teamleader will tell you to join the battle.

You can fight any challenger by clicking on the button on the right side of the challengers list. This will take you to the Battledome.

Doing Your Part
You will notice how beneath the challengers list, there is a coloured bar (the colour of the bar depends on which team you've chosen, it's magical red for the Order of the Red Erism, zombie-green for the Awakened). Once you battle, this bar will fill up. If you have battled enough, a check mark will appear to its right. This means you have reached the battle cap. If you complete the bar before the next wave is released your check mark will be gold. If you complete it after a new wave is out, then it will be a green check mark.

You can still continue to battle after this, but this will most likely not continue to count towards the amount of battles you will be credited for once the war has ended (and most likely, will recieve prize points for). If the extra effort of fighting more battles will count toward your factions total, meaning the more you battle, the more you are helping out your team, we do not know yet.

The battle cap seems to be the following:
  • Average (green) - Unknown (presumed 96 battles)
  • Strong (orange) - Unknown (presumed 60 battles)
  • Mighty (red) - 40 battles
NOTE: You will now need to achieve more wins to fill up the 'Doing your Part' bar since there is a new wave out

This does not mean that you need to battle each opponent that many times each. Those are the totals per difficultly needed to fill up your doing your part bar. That means it will only take 40 total battles to fill up your bar if you battle all your opponents on mighty. You can do a combination of all difficulties to fill your bar up. So for example: 30 on mighty and around 15 on strong.

The first challengers have arrived

There are six different challengers, but you will only be able to battle five of them. You cannot battle the challenger that is in league with your faction. This means if you joined The Sway, you cannot battle the Amateur Insider. Did you join the Order of the Red Erisim, the Minor Warlock is the one who will not show up on your challenger list.

Petty Pilferer
Released: February, 28th 2013
Difficulty: Average - 8, Strong - 10, Mighty - 12
Allegiance: Thieves Guild
- Blue Sticky Hand
- Clay Sling Shot
- Evil Snowball
- Forest Cloak
- Omelette Shield
- Tech Bow
- Thieves Dirk
- Tornado Ring

- Static Cling
- Shade
Amateur Insider
Released: February, 28th 2013
Difficulty: Average - 8, Strong - 10, Mighty - 12
Allegiance: The Sway
- Bag of Healing Dust
- Bag of Sand
- Cape of the Sun
- Carved Qasalan Blowgun
- Nurias Golden Dagger
- Pink Squirt Flower
- Storm Amulet
- Wooden Practice Fan

- Meditates
- Static Cling
Minor Warlock
Released: February, 28th 2013
Difficulty: Average - 8, Strong - 10, Mighty - 12
Allegiance: Order of the Red Erisim
- Bucket Of Mud
- Exploding Powder
- Grey Linen Cloak
- Magical Battle Paste
- Magical Healing Potion
- Obsidian Dagger
- Rock Wand
- Scroll of Forgotten Promises

- Meditates
- Static Cling
Released: February, 28th 2013
Difficulty: Average - 8, Strong - 10, Mighty - 12
Allegiance: Brute Squad
- Bronze Scorchstone
- Cobrall Dagger
- Manacle Mace
- Qasalan Throwing Axe
- Stone Club
- Trilo Shield
- Hydro Hammer
- Stone Helmet

- Bandage
- Halitosis
Assistant Scientist
Released: February, 28th 2013
Difficulty: Average - 8, Strong - 10, Mighty - 12
Allegiance: Seekers
- Battle Hammer
- Bottled Volcano Steam
- Calculation Device
- Grundox 4000
- Liquid Goo
- Neutralising Ray
- Thermal Explosive Device
- Utility Backpack

- Bandage
- Halitosis
Grumpy Mummy
Released: February, 28th 2013
Difficulty: Average - 8, Strong - 10, Mighty - 12
Allegiance: Awakened
- Amulet of Chaos
- Dehydration Potion
- Dung Shield
- Enchanted Cobweb
- Pottery Shard Dagger
- Sand Blade
- Skeletal Armoured Claws
- Spearmint

- Halitosis
- Shade

Since the battle takes place in the Ugga Dome, the prizes you will get from battling are the regular Ugga Dome prizes, as well as the general battledome prizes, like codestones.

Apart from this, and on top of the other prizes, you will get five Yellow Luminous Casks. These are a non-trade item which can be opened with the Silver Cask Keys from the NC Mall (125 NC). The Casks will not count towards you BD item limit, so you will still be able to get fifteen prizes from the battles, as well as the Yellow Luminous Casks.

For more info on them, you can have a look at our Luminous Casks guide. The Luminous Casks are an optional NC feature, and you do not need to do it in order to complete this battle step.


On the bottom of the Obelisk page available achievements are listed. For completing the achievements you will receive extra prizes.

Dapper 'Dome
A crowning achievement to cap your day and get ahead.

How to Get: Have your pet wear a hat, wig or other headgear as a customisation item. Then fight in a battle.
Neovian Fashion History
Neovian Fashion History
Stick 'Em With the Pointy End
What if both ends are pointy? WHAT THEN?!?

How to Get: Equip any weapon to your pet. You can do this at tbe Battledome Stats page.
Double Pointed Spear
Double Pointed Spear

Faction Challenges

Once in a while, when you are on the battledome pages (like when you choose a challenger) a Faction Challenge will show up. Here, one of the Battledome Challengers from a certain faction will challenge you. There are two types of challenges:
  1. To beat a challenger once before the timer runs out.

  2. To beat a challenger a certain amount of times. The range seems to be between 5-8 times.

After completing your challenge you will get a message of defeat will show up on the War for the Obelisk page.

You can now collect a prize for completing the challenge.

Possible prizes you can win from the faction challenges are listed below. Please contact us if you've won a prize not listed.

Adoring Gift Basket

Aethias Ultimate Battle Guide

Baby Usul Plushie


Battle Biscuit

Battle Spade

Battledome Digest

Black Tea

Blueberry Krawkade

Brain Stew

Broccoli and Cheese Pizza

Cape of the Sun

Chunky Potato Pie

Clay Shield

Clay Sword

Club And Rock Game

Any random kind

Cursed Coffee Service

Dark Fire Potion

Flight of the Battle Faerie

Golden Muffin

Honey Soap

Left-Over Turkey Steak Sandwich

Mouldy Left-Overs

Old Wooden Barrel

Pink Lipstick

Plastic Butter Knife

Refreshing Oasis Water

Spooky Looking Dark Potion

Training School Myths

Wooden Grarrl Skeleton