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Order of the Red Erisim

The third video that appeared was about the Order of the Red Erisim. The Order of the Red Erisim seems to be a group of mages. Their leader, who seems to be elected not too long ago, want to change around things and use Neopia's magic, because only the ones who can understand magic can control it. When the light from the earthquake appeared, it was cleared to the leader some thing of great magic has appeared. Now the Order of the Red Erisim seeks out the Obelisk too, because only they have the magic, to control it.

Below is the transcript of the Order of the Red Erisim video:

Oh, please.

So I meant to make a few changes in the order. Those old pointy hats elected me, didn't they? Now we're going to do things a little differently.

Neopia is full of dangerous magic...but magic is power. And power must be controlled by those who understand it...not left lying around for anyone to stumble upon.

When the light appeared, I knew what it meant. It meant power was loose in Neopia. Oh the others like to argue with me. But they came around soon enough.

Many will try to claim the obelisk. But only we have the magic necessary...

to control it..

Here are some screenshots from the video:

The leader of the Order of the Red Erisim

A meeting of the Order of the Red Erisim. There seems to be a bit of arguing going on in the group.

The order wants to control Neopia's magic.

One of the members of the Order.

The leader can be quite convincing if needed, with the little help of a bit of fire, it seems.

The Order of the Red Erisim is flying in to claim the Obelisk.

Neopedia Article
There is a neopedia article about Order of the Red Erisim. You can read it at Order of the Red Erisim Neopedia Article or just scroll down and read it below.

Neopedia: Order of the Red Erisim

The Order of the Red Erisim Known Members: Rasala the Bright, Alshemar of the Seventh Scroll, Belisarius, Ganfrey the Good, Hilda the Hedgewitch, Seradar, Morguss, Jerdana
Claim to Fame: Pointy hats
Motto: If it bites, zap it. If it doesn't, take it home and study it.

Neopia is full of wizards, but only a select few are invited to join the secret society of the Order of the Red Erisim. Dedicated to the study of magic -- how it works, why it exists, and how it can be used to their advantage -- the Order is sometimes accused of keeping secrets just for the fun of it... but they'd never do that. *cough*

Ganfrey tapped his wand on the oak door. It grumbled but swung open. Inside, he could hear the shriek of a tea kettle and the clatter of pots. Hilda was expecting him. It was Wednesday.

He stumped up the spiral stairs, dodging a Naalala that was eating one of Hilda's spellbooks, and entered the kitchen to find his fellow member of the Order setting out teacups. A tiny, crumbly old chocolate chip cookie sat forlorn on a platter. "You heard about the meeting?" he began. A bowl of sugar cubes whizzed past his head.

"Don't start," Hilda cried. The tea kettle bounced off the stove and leapt around the room, the Bruce witch chasing after it. "That young Bori will be the death of us! We've got plenty of magic right here. I've no taste for grand battles--"

"You were champion of the Cauldron Throwdown seven years running," Ganfrey pointed out. The Mynci slung himself into a chair and eyed the lone cookie.

"That's different," his friend replied primly. She snagged the tea kettle with her staff and poured the water for tea. Sitting down, she slapped his hand away from the plate. With a wave of her hand, the cookie grew until it covered the whole platter. "There. That's better."

Ganfrey snorted. "Clearly a more noble use for magic than winning a war."

"Did you want any of this cookie or not?"

Wizards fighting the wraiths

In another tower, deep in the forests of Meridell, an Ogrin wizard named Alshemar was frowning as he mixed a delicate array of powders together.

An explosion rocked the room, blinding him momentarily. Then he saw that it was just the arrival of Rasala the Bright, his old apprentice, now head of the Order. Alas, his potion was ruined. Waving aside clouds of smoke, Alshemar said mildly, "Messy entrance, my dear."

The brilliant Bori mage bowed low, looking uncharacteristically humble. "My apologies." She hesitated, glancing around at the flasks and alembics filling the tables. "Making potions for the war?"

"As my lady commands," he replied, dumping the powders into a convenient pouch. The contents of the bag would teleport into a pit in the middle of the ocean in about an hour. "Even Belisarius is conjuring supplies."

"How can you tell?" she muttered. The bearded Tonu was famous for his mumbling. Rasala shook her head. "This mysterious obelisk... it is right that we claim it, isn't it?"

Alshemar was surprised. "Do you doubt it? Neopia must be protected. Magic is dangerous; look at Xandra."

"Exactly – Xandra was corrupted by the power she wielded. It was too much magic for one person." Rasala chewed her lip. "The Order may fall prey to the same temptations. Who are we to be custodians of ultimate power?"

The Ogrin smiled. "You aren't my apprentice any longer, Rasala, but I'll give you one last lesson. The fact that you question our right to power proves you are worthy of it. That doubt is what makes you wise.

Other Information

Was the look of the leader of the Order of the Red Erism based on the Bori Mage TCG? ~redruby227
Yep! It's actually the same Neopet. :)

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Faction Leader Sayings
When you are at the obelisk, Rasala the Bright will have a random message.

What do you mean, fireballs aren't the answer to everything? Of course they are. You just have to ask the right questions
A little fireball down your back never hurt anyone... much. It's all in fun.
Oooh, that spell went all glittery. Wasn't expecting that. I'll keep it in mind next time I want fireworks.
Where did I put my wand charger? Aargh! I think I left it at home. *sigh*
*sigh* I love the smell of fireballs in the morning...
Oh, they'll never see THIS spell coming... I designed it myself this morning!
Some of our opponents have really come out of the woodwork. This only proves the value of our cause! We must save Neopia from them.
I'm running short on spell components. I'll be right back; you keep fighting.
Isn't this fun? I expect some of the Order have forgotten the thrill of using magic instead of just studying it.
This is absurd. No one is more equipped to deal with the obelisk than us. Why must they fight us?
We must do everything we can to claim the obelisk. It's for the good of all Neopia.
You're doing splendidly! I knew it was a good idea to allow you into the Order.

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Minor Warlock


Licensed Conjuror

Master Wizard

Master Wizard


**NOTE** Envy is who the Order of the Red Erisim battle against, not along side.

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