Journey to the Lost Isle Plot


Step 1 -
Read the Journal to see what is going on. You can click on the journal to see a picture of the map, and then another click sends you back to the journal page.

Journey to the Lost Isle

Sailors often whisper to each other about the old legend of Mad Tongue Murphy, the delirious castaway who was rescued at sea. Some tales say that he was driven mad by his long, lonely days of drifting, while others insist that he was cursed when he landed on a mysterious island, a place he often raved about in his crazed ramblings. The only records of his travels lay in his journal, which has now fallen into the capable hands of Professor Hugo Fairweather, archeolinguist and expert of ancient lore. Only time will show what he can make of it...

Step 2 -
Click on "To the adventure" to go to the Plot comic. Read it.

What will happen to everyone, and is the boat fixed yet?

Step 3 -
There is another step to do with your ship. So head back to the ship, if you are in the middle of the maze you will have to find your way back to your ship. You should now have a seashell in your inventory.

Click on it, and then the ship to use it.
Good job! The ship now looks seaworthy enough for a voyage home. Better hurry and get on board. You want to escape this place before those Petpetpets get to you...

Step 4 -
Now off to battle! The third challenger of the plot is now out - head over to the Battledome and defeat some Petpetpet Hordes.

Petpetpet Horde Released: 29th of May
Difficulty: 235hp
HP increase: 23hp for each difficulty going up

- Petpetpet Venom (freezes)
- Poisonous Petpetpet Quill
- Fire Ball Staff
- Sword of the Dead
- Thyoras Tear
- Jade Scorchstone

- Burrow
- Life Drain


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