Journey to the Lost Isle Plot



The Prize Shop:

Journey To The Lost Isle Prize Shop

You stand before a stately wooden door and knock politely on its polished exterior. A voice calls for you to come in, and you gently push it open. Professor Hugo Fairweather sits in his office, surrounded by innumerable piles of old books. There is the musty smell of old parchment, and dust clouds stir lightly around the room. "Ahh, welcome," the Professor says genially, looking up from where he has been writing into a notebook."You must be here for the prizes! Just give me a moment here..."

Professor Fairweather rummages through some of the books on his desks and pulls one out. He flips through several pages and scans the list of names written in there. "According to this, you have # points left to spend. Enjoy looking around!"

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Everyone who participated in the plot receives a lovely Isle Seeker trophy after they buy something from the Prize Shop.


Below you can see an overview of all the prizes you can buy with your plot points, in the JTTLI Prize Shop.

Cost Image item Name item + Description
25 points Werther Keyring

Now you wont ever lose your keys...
50 points SS Primella Ship Building Kit

This is NOT a boat it is a SHIP!
100 points Professor Hugo Fairweather Bobblehead

And so he rambles on and on and on...
200 points SS Primella Life Preserver

Remember the SS Primella!
300 points Scrap Plushie

This little plushie is quite durable and will probably become cuter the more it is loved.
400 points Lilian Fairweather Action Figure

This action figure has fully movable limbs, the better to run with.
500 points Archeology - Discovering the World

Learn about the latest discoveries and even some old discoveries that are still a puzzle to Archeologists.
600 points Giant Jaw Bone

This makes a rather uncomfortable bench.
650 points

(Click to Preview)
Spectacles of Perception

Looking through these spectacles you might see but not percieve if you arent looking correctly. Wearable.
700 points Roxton A. Colchester III Action Figure

Now with fighting action!
750 points Monstrous Moach Plushie

800 points Petpetpet Growth Patterns

Learn about the growth patterns of Petpetpets as are currently know to Neopia.
900 points Lost Isle Sketch

Now you will always know your way around the isle.
1000 points Poisonous Flower

Eeek... watch out this flower is poisonous! DUH! Weapon.
1100 points

(Click to Preview)
Daring Adventurer Hat

This dashing hat can make even an unremarkable pet look rather adventurous. Wearable.
1250 points Makeshift Ships Hammer

Not only is this good for rebuilding ships, but it is good for fighting off those pesky overgrown Petpetpets. Weapon.

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