Atlas of the Ancients Plot

WALKTHROUGH - Chapter 11


Chapter Eleven finds Roxton and Cog flying above a lava stream. They narrowly escape a lava monster, then catch their first glimpse of the long lost settlers. They look like they're made of Magma! Of course the Magma Neopets have an idea how to fix the core stabilizer, so they return to the caves of Moltara to help.

Plot steps:

Join a team and help repair the Core Stabilizer at the Moltara Meltdown page.

You'll have a message that reads "Waiting to join a group", then the image will change from black and white to full colour once you've been assigned a group.

Choose one of the arrows below the image to pull on your rope. You may have to choose an arrow several times before your team successfully attaches the machine.

When your team is successful, you'll have to wait about 10 minutes before you can join another team.

After you've completed about six successful teams, you'll get an item called Molten Rock.

Update: There seem to be five prizes that may be awarded:

Molten Rock
Complete about six successful teams.

Battledome item

Fire Muffin
Complete about twelve successful teams.

Battledome item

Molten Pile of Dung
Complete about eighteen successful teams.

Click here for a larger preview

Rock Mote
Complete about 24 successful teams.

Battledome item

Underground Explorations
Complete about 30 successful teams.


Update 2: This step is not obliged to complete the plot:

I wasn't able to get the Molten Rock last night. Is this needed to finish the Atlas of the Ancients plot? ~username removed
Don't worry! You don't need the Molten Rock to complete the plot. It's a nice item to have, but you can still finish the plot same as someone who has it.

This is question 6390, archived from Editorial Issue 419.


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