Atlas of the Ancients Plot

WALKTHROUGH - Chapter 10


Chapter Ten begins in Moltara City. The mayor explains that many years ago, Neopia was in trouble and a team of scientists headed toward the planet's core to try to stabilize it. They built a machine to stabilize, but the machine wore down over time. Clara realizes that the plot items from previous chapters are the replacement parts that are needed. Using the replacement parts, the Shoyru engineer makes the repairs. Unfortunately, the machine seems to explode! The Shoyru has an idea, but must get through a lava-filled tunnel to a group of settlers that live on the other side. He gives Roxton a set of mechanical wings and the two set off for the next step of the adventure.

Plot steps:

Game one: Moltara Run
Play the new game Moltara Run to get Charred Steam Wings (wearable).

Game Tips:
  • Required score seems to be over 375, although many people report not receiving the item at this score. If you sent a score over 375 and did not get the prize notification, check your inventory.
  • This game is built on Volcano Run II.
  • Game code: type glubgar to get an extra life. You can even type this in as you watch yourself crash and burn!
  • Try on low quality if you have a slower computer.
  • Only your best distance counts, so try using one life for distance and ignore the gems. On the other lives, go for the gems.
  • Read our Volcano Run II Guide.

Game two: Clockwork Codebreaker
Play the new game Clockwork Codebreaker to get Silver Gear Table (neohome).

Game Tips:
  • Required score seems to be over 500, which is after completing level two.
  • This game is very much like Time Tunnel and the old Codebreakers.
  • To solve the code, you must line up the rings in the correct order and click the icon in the center to submit. The lights above will show you how much of your guess is correct. A green light will indicate that one of the rings is showing the correct color and correct position. A yellow light indicates a ring showing the correct color but wrong position. A red light indicates that both the color and position are wrong.

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