Noda's Fortune Cookies

What are fortune cookies?
Fortune cookies are a new type of NC item baked by a new Neopets character, Noda. He has set up shop in Shenkuu selling fortune cookies made from his grandmother's recipe. They are currently being sold in limited quantity batches at the NC Mall or directly at Noda's Fortune Cookies.

Which items can you get from the Fortune Cookies?
Fortune cookies are a new type of NC item that give you access to site specific bonuses or exclusive NC items.

The section below shows you which items/site bonuses you can get from each of the Fortune Cookies that have been released. Click on one of the fortune cookies in the table to see what may be found inside.

NC Fortune Cookies

Starry NC Fortune Cookie

Lab Ray Fortune Cookie

Games Fortune Cookie

Faerie Quest Fortune Cookie

Delightable NC Fortune Cookie

Wild Card Fortune Cookie

Big Top NC Fortune Cookie

Training Fortune Cookie

Illusionist NC Fortune Cookie

NC Upcycle Fortune Cookie

NC Merry Fair Fortune Cookie

NC Archives Fortune Cookie

Sugar Skull NC Fortune Cookie

Nursery Time NC Fortune Cookie

Festive Sounds NC Fortune Cookie

Manor Mystery NC Fortune Cookie

NC Upcycle Fortune Cookie

NC Upcycle Fortune Cookie

Sold in Limited Quantity Batches in the NC Mall from May 9th, 2013 - ?
Price: 175NC

Allows you to donate 2-5 NC items per day to the money tree for 4 days. In return, you are rewarded each time with either NC (anywhere from 25-150NC), neopoint items, or a new Money Tree Capsule that has some new LE's in it.

Using a NC Upcycle Fortune Cookie
The NC Upcycle Fortune Cookie allows you to donate 2-5 neocash items to the Money Tree for 4 days long. How many items you must donate daily is random. If you get a cookie that asks you to donate 4 items, you must donate 4 in order for it to work. You can only donate again after 24 hours have passed after your last donation. The cookie will not reset at midnight NST.

In order to donate items, you must make sure that they are in your inventory. You can then select them to donate in the dropdown menu. When donating nc items you have to fill in your PIN (if you set one).

Once you've donated your items, you will get a reward.

You will either get neocash, or a neocash game item or capsule, as seen below. Which reward you get appeard to be random. Donating more or higher valued items does not give you a higher chance of getting a better reward.

25 NC

50 NC

75 NC

100 NC

150 NC

Bigsby Shadingtons Wonderclaw Widget 1-pack

Secret Meepit Stache Plan 2-Pack

Money Tree Mystery Capsule

Or you will get a neopoint item (an item that was awarded for obtaining old neocash cards or keyquest plushie codes) plus a Money Tree Cupcake. If you've received something that is not listed, please contact us!

Money Tree Cupcake
one of the following:
Neopoint prizes

Berry Mynci Juice Box

Blue Mynci Flying Disc

Blue Valentine Grooming Set

Bottled Scorchio Breath

Brown Uni Pencil

Camouflage Poogle Pencil Case

Defenders of Neopia Rake

Dr. Sloth Heart Plushie

Dr. Sloth Ottoman

Draik Dining Table

Draik Heart Mosaic Valentine

Earth Faerie Mirror

Eau De Crisp Aire

Eau De Plushie

Evil Genius Gummies

Faerie Queen Perfume

Fiery Scorchio Truffle

Fiery Seasonal HOT Chocolate

Fyora Bobblehead

Fyora Faerie Pencil

Fyora Play Castle

Gauntlets of the Sun

Gold Limited Edition Plushie Set

Golden Diary

Green Valentines Nesting Dolls

Heart Kacheek Balloon

Hot Dog of Justice

Illusen Bean Bag

Illusen Heart Charm

Illusen Music Box

Illusens Glade Treehouse

Inflatable Regulation Meridellian Lance

Inflatable Scorchio

Isca Kite

Isca Paddling Pool

Isca Plushie

Isca Valentine Locket Charm

Kacheek Sleeping Bag

King Altador Lunch Box

King Altador Pop

King Altador Reading Lamp

King Altador Valentine Bobblehead

Mynci Box of Candy

Mynci Defender Gnome

Mystery Island Dominoes

Mystery Island Dot to Dot

Official Prissy Miss Hair Brush

Orange Kougra Make-Up Case

Pink Fyora Gingerbread Castle

Pink Usul Mug of Cocoa

Plushie Jewellery Box

Pot Belly Scorchio Stove

Prissy Miss Diary

Prissy Miss Kacheek Plushie

Regulation Meridellian Rations

Scorchio Mug of Flame

Seasonal Chain Mail Helmet

Seasonal Cumulus Music Box

Seasonal Dr. Sloth Truffles

Seasonal Illusen Snowglobe

Seasonal Princess Dress-Up Play Set

Silver Limited Edition Plushie Set

Sparkling Faerie Notebook

Speckled Acara Mug

Spotted Kau Body Sponge

Starry Grundo Pen

Sticker Collection Book

Super Blue Gift Stocking

The Perfect Pink Fur

Usul Princess Plushie

Usul Wardrobe

Valentine Fyora Charm

Valentine Jewellery Box

Vinyl Defenders Mynci

Virtupets Brand Trapdoor Concealment Device

Yellow Valentines Mobile

Money Tree
The items that have been donated will go to the Money Tree for others to pick up. It does seem that retired items, and items valued at more than 100 NC will not be showing up there. Elite Boutique items will however be placed at the Money Tree (if worth 100 np or less). You're Username will also not be displayed at the Money Tree. Instead, it will say: Generous NC Mall Shopper.

Neopets FAQ

In the Neopets Help page you can see frequently asked questions about this cookie being answered.

Can I open and use the Upcycle Fortune Cookie on my side account(s)?
Yes, you may open and use the Upcycle Fortune Cookie on your side account(s).

Can I still access the Money Tree while using my Upcycle Fortune Cookie?
Yes. You will still have access to the Money Tree while having an Upcycle Fortune Cookie active.

Do I have to donate the exact amount of items listed when opening the cookie?
Yes. In order to receive your donation prize you must donate the number of NC items mentioned.

How will I know when my Upcycle Fortune Cookie expires?
As is true for all Fortune Cookies, a countdown clock indicating the amount of time left will be shown in a special banner at the top of any relevant pages -- in this case, the Money Tree page.

I accidentally donated an item, will I be able to get it back?
Please be very careful when selecting items to donate. Unfortunately once you confirm your donation, it cannot be returned to you.

If I donít donate items on a day, will that day carry over?
No, unfortunately if you do not donate items on a day that the cookie is active, you forfeit your donations for that day.

What is the Upcycle Fortune Cookie?
Once open, this Fortune Cookie gives you access to donate a select number of NC items. For recycling your NC items, you will receive a reward ranging from NC, NC items or NP items. Each cookie will last for 4 Neopian days after opening.

What type of items will I be able to donate?
You will be able to donate any NC item.

What type of rewards will I be receiving for my donations?
For being a Generous Neopian, you may receive NC, NC items or NP items. Itís really depends on the Money Treeís mood.

Will I be able to gift the Upcycle Fortune Cookie?
Yes, the Upcycle Fortune Cookie functions like any other NC item and will be giftable with a NC Gift Box (one item per NC Gift Box). Upcycle Fortune Cookie, as with all NC items, cannot be sold or traded.

Will I be able to open multiple Upcycle Fortune Cookies at once?
No, you will only be able to open one cookie at a time until time has expired on the previous cookie.

Buying a Fortune Cookie
The Fortune Cookies that are available for purchase can be seen on Noda's Menu Board.

If the Fortune Cookie that you wanted to buy is currently sold out, just check back later, Noda will release more when he makes a new batch!

Using a NC Item Fortune Cookie
The fortune cookie(s) you have bought will be placed into your inventory. Click on the fortune cookie in your inventory to use it.

Choose the 'Open Fortune Cookie' option from the drop-down menu to see what item is inside your fortune cookie and how many Neofriends (from 1 to 4) you will be able to additionally send your item to.

**WARNING** According to the official FAQ (which can also be found at the bottom of this page), NC Item Fortune Cookies are not supposed to be able to be sent to other users in a NC gift box. However, currently you are able to do so. Users have found when sending the unopened Fortune Cookie to another account with a gift box, the item inside and the number of the item (how many Neofriends you can send it to) may change. For example, on your account your Fortune Cookie may have a Starry Night Wig in it and the ability to additionally send this to 3 Neofriends, but when you send the Fortune Cookie to another account in a gift box, the same Fortune Cookie may now have a Galaxies Beyond Background and the ability to send to 2 Neofriends.

Click 'Choose Neofriends Now!'. You will need to send all of your item duplicates at one time. If you are not sure who else you wish to send your item to or do not want to send your item at this time, simply close the pop-up screen. Your fortune cookie will remain unopened in your inventory until you are ready to use it. The item inside your fortune cookie will also be the same item when you open it again.

In the drop-down menu here, you are able to pick the Neofriends you wish to send your item to (no gift box needed!). You do not need to just pick from the list of your current Neofriends (which is what the drop-down menu will show you). You can also type or paste a username into the box directly below. You can even type your own username into this box and thus send the item to yourself (so that you get 2 or more of the item)!

This step also involves account security. To make sure you are the person sending this item (and not someone else who got into your account), you have to fill in your password and if you've got the option activated, your PIN too. If you want to enable PIN protection, you can do this by going to the PIN Preferences page, and checking the 'Starry NC Fortune Cookie' option.

The item appears automatically in your (and your friends) inventory. There is nothing to open or accept like with regular gift boxes or grams. You will, however, get a neomail notification when you receive a Fortune Cookie item or when your friends have received the Fortune Cookie items that you sent them.

General FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about NC Fortune Cookies in General
In the section below you can see all the questions and answers from the Neopets Help Page.

What are NC Fortune Cookies?
Noda has landed in Shenkuu and has set up shop selling NC Fortune Cookies. These cookies are a new type of NC item that give you access to site specific bonuses or exclusive NC items. Get them while you can as these Fortune Cookies will be available in limited quantities depending on the batch size Noda bakes.

Where can I purchase Fortune Cookies?
Visit the NC Mall to purchase your Fortune Cookies. To reveal your fortune, be sure to open the cookie in your inventory.

How do I open my Fortune Cookies?
To open your Fortune Cookie(s), please go to your inventory, click on the Fortune Cookie item, and choose ďOpen Fortune CookieĒ from the drop-down menu.

Can I gift a Fortune Cookie to other users using NC Gift Boxes?
Please view the FAQ for each specific Fortune Cookie to see if they can be gifted through a gift box. Fortune Cookies, as with all Neocash items, cannot be sold or traded.

How many Fortune Cookies can I purchase?
You may purchase as many Fortune Cookies as you like as long as they are available to purchase.

How many items or site perks are available in each Fortune Cookie?
Each Fortune Cookie contains a different fortune. With that in mind, the number of items or site perks available will vary within each cookie.

Will I receive a bonus item from a Fortune Cookie?
There is only so much room inside the Fortune Cookie! Only one fortune per cookie can fit in with no more space for any extra bonus items...

Will I still be able to open the Fortune Cookies if they no longer for sale in the NC Mall?
Yes, Fortune Cookies will still function the same way even when they are no longer for sale in the NC Mall.

How often will a new batch of Fortune Cookies be available?
New Fortune Cookies will be available whenever Noda bakes a new batch of cookies. Keep checking back to see when a new batch is available.

FAQ for NC Item Fortune Cookies

In the section below you can see all the questions and answers specifically about the NC Item Fortune Cookies from the Neopets Help Page.

What is an NC Item Fortune Cookie?
NC Item Fortune Cookies are a special item that allows you to gift one exclusive NC item to yourself and one (or more, if youíre lucky) to a Neofriend! The number of Neofriends you may select will vary among the fortune you have received from your cookie.

How many items are available in each NC Item Fortune Cookie?
Each NC Item Fortune Cookie will contain a different amount of exclusive items. Each time you open an NC Item Fortune Cookie, you will receive one of the exclusive items to send to yourself and your Neofriends.

Are the exclusive items from the NC Item Fortune Cookies available for sale separately?
No, unfortunately the only way to obtain an exclusive item from the NC Item Fortune Cookie is by purchasing one and gifting the item available inside.

Can I gift the items from the NC Item Fortune Cookie to my side account(s)?
Yes you can gift items from the NC Item Fortune Cookies to your side accounts.

Can I gift the items from the NC Item Fortune Cookies to myself?
Yes, you can enter your own username into the username field and the item from the cookie will be sent to your account.

Why canít I just send my NC Item Fortune Cookie item to myself? Do I have to send the NC item to Neofriends?
Before the item gets awarded to your inventory you must select Neofriends to send the item to. Unfortunately if you do not select Neofriends to gift the item to, you will not be awarded the prize. Just be a generous Neopian (or gift it to yourself :p).

How do I know I have received a NC Item Fortune Cookie from another user?
You will receive an event notification along with a Neomail letting you know that you have received an item from a NC Item Fortune Cookie from another user. You do not have to accept or reject this item, it will automatically get awarded to your inventory.

How do I know if another user has received the item I have gifted them from an NC Item Fortune Cookie?
You will receive notification once the exclusive NC item has been awarded to the userís inventory.

Can I gift the NC Item Fortune Cookie to other users using NC Gift Boxes?
No, the NC Item Fortune Cookies themselves are like NC Gift Boxes. Once you open your cookie the item you will receive is shown then given to yourself and the Neofriends you have selected (or added) to send without the need of a gift box.

I sent the item from the NC Item Cookie to the wrong user, help!
Please double check all usernames before sending as once you send these items off, they cannot be returned. In the future, please be more careful when sending items.

Why canít I select my Neofriend to gift the item from the NC Item Fortune Cookie?
If you cannot select a Neofriend to gift the item to it could mean two things:
- You have misspelled that username, please double check the username.
- That user cannot accept gifts.