The Faeries' Ruin Plot



Chaos threatens Brightvale, and Brynn finds herself torn between staying and fighting or delivering the book to King Altador. Which will she choose?

The Chapter 9 comic picks up our story as Hanso and Brynn are fighting the shadow creatures. Brynn gets captured and is taken to a cave where Xandra has also been taken captive. She gives the book to Hanso and tells him to take it to King Altador. Hanso decides to rescue her instead from the cave she is being held captive in.

Step 1: Wandering caves to find light
To continue on with the plot steps, you need to go to The Caves. Choose the middle path (directly behind Xandra) to start to go through the tunnels. In each cave room you have 4 options:
  • Feel along the cave wall
  • Shout a greeting
  • Search the floor
  • Flail your arms wildly
Choose "Shout a greeting" and "Search the floor" in each room to discover trapped Neopets and find these 3 quest items:

Old Rag
Found by greeting

Found by searching the floor

Flask of Lamp Oil
Found by greeting

"Flail your arms wildly" seems to do nothing, so don't bother with it. To leave a cave, choose the option "Feel along the cave wall", and then click the "Go into this tunnel" option that shows up in the new paragraph to move onto the next room.

Once you go through all the middle tunnel rooms, you should have spoken to all the trapped Neopets and found all of the quest items (if you tried all options in each room before moving on). Eventually you will end up in the main room again. Xandra will make a torch from the quest items you have found.

Step 2: Treating the goey neopets
When you have the torch, you can return to the tunnels and they will now be lit. You'll need to navigate the rooms and find the trapped Neopets again. Now you can see that they are covered in purple goo.

Click on the gooey Neopet to start the process of removing the goo. The text will say something about the goo tendrils, and you need to choose which of the Neopet's body parts to pull on. You need to read what it says below the neopet, "The tendrils ..." and it will then say one of the following:
  • pulse threateningly
  • ripple oddly
  • undulate slowly
  • vibrate gently
  • waver strangely
You will have 4 options to pick:
  • Pull left arm
  • Pull right arm
  • Pull left leg
  • Pull right leg
Pull the correct limb in order to remove the goo. For most tendrils there is more than one right combination of limbs to pull. The right combination(s) for each tendril count the same for all the gooey Neopets you find, so write down which limb goes well with which tendril removal. If you pick the wrong one then you have to start over (it will tell you that you have to start over, if there is no message saying so, you made a correct combination). You need to pick the correct match 5 times in a row to clean the neopets off. Once you clean the neopets off they will follow you. There are 5 gooey Neopets in the caves that you need to find. If you found one or more neopets and return to the main cave, they will stay at the main cave with Xandra and Brynn. If you want to complete "The Goo Whisperer" Fearless Deed and you made one or more mistakes with the limbs, you have to complete the puzzle first in order to start over.

Step 3: Creating a wand
Once you found all 5 Neopets, return to the main cave. There will be a new dialogue where Xandra asks you to select the items needed to create a wand. At the bottom there will be a link that says, "See What Items Are Available...". You need to click 3 separate items, one for the handle, one for the binding, and one to focus. The correct combo is different every time you complete the puzzle.


Feather Duster

Fancy Cane

Soup Ladle

Old Belt

Pipe Cleaners

Length of Rope



Old Crystal

Pick 1 item from each category. Depending on how many items you have correct, Xandra's response will change.

0 CorrectHm, those fit together right... but they don't do anything. I don't even get a sense that any part of this wand could do magic. Let's try again.
1 CorrectThat's closer to being right... I'm not sure which parts are working, but I definitely can sense some magic potential in this wand. Let's try something else.
2 CorrectWe're almost there! This wand is almost built in a way that I can actually use it. Maybe just one more thing needs to be right...
3 CorrectTakes you to the end scene

There are only a few possible combinations, with the help of Xandra's tips you should quicly be able to eliminate a lot of these combinations though. All possibilities are:

Feather Duster - Old Belt - Lens
Feather Duster - Old Belt - Gemstone
Feather Duster - Old Belt - Old Crystal
Feather Duster - Pipe Cleaners - Lens
Feather Duster - Pipe Cleaners - Gemstone
Feather Duster - Pipe Cleaners - Old Crystal
Feather Duster - Length of Rope - Lens
Feather Duster - Length of Rope - Gemstone
Feather Duster - Length of Rope - Old Crystal

Fancy Cane - Old Belt - Lens
Fancy Cane - Old Belt - Gemstone
Fancy Cane - Old Belt - Old Crystal
Fancy Cane - Pipe Cleaners - Lens
Fancy Cane - Pipe Cleaners - Gemstone
Fancy Cane - Pipe Cleaners - Old Crystal
Fancy Cane - Length of Rope - Lens
Fancy Cane - Length of Rope - Gemstone
Fancy Cane - Length of Rope - Old Crystal

Soup Ladle - Old Belt - Lens
Soup Ladle - Old Belt - Gemstone
Soup Ladle - Old Belt - Old Crystal
Soup Ladle - Pipe Cleaners - Lens
Soup Ladle - Pipe Cleaners - Gemstone
Soup Ladle - Pipe Cleaners - Old Crystal
Soup Ladle - Length of Rope - Lens
Soup Ladle - Length of Rope - Gemstone
Soup Ladle - Length of Rope - Old Crystal

Other items you may find in the dark caves
When using the option "Search the floor" as you are wandering the caves, you may find other non-quest items. These items will appear in your inventory:

Known items include Rock themed items, such as Slorg Painted Rock, Tyrannian Rock Eraser, Origami Pet Rock, Rock Negg, Cave Dwellings, and Rock and Bone Sculpture.

Fearless Deeds
The Shadows Beneath
Brynn has been captured, but Hanso goes against his better judgment and follows after her. He, Brynn, and Xandra are trapped in a cave by the evil wraiths, and must find a way to escape.
How to Get: Complete the plot puzzle by making the torch, getting all the goo off the 5 Neopets, and making the wand.
How Many Tunnels Must An Ixi Walk Down?
Uh, all of them, I think.
How to Get: Awarded Randomly after walking through a lot of tunnels. Might be a certain amount of tunnels.
The Goo Whisperer
You've got purple on you.
How to Get: Clean off all the goo from all 5 Neopets you find without having to restart. May take several tries.
Never Gonna Shut You Up, Never Gonna Quiet You Down
Seal your cake receptacle, you conniving mountebank!
How to Get: Choose the option "Shout a greeting" multiple times in a room with another character until you get the achievement notice. If you forgot to do this deed, don't worry, you can start over once you've complete the puzzle.


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