The Faeries' Ruin Plot

WALKTHROUGH - Chapter 15


Hanso has decided to join Xandra's efforts to rebuild Neopia in her image. Will Brynn be able to stop them, or is Neopia doomed to suffer under Xandra's tyranny?

The Chapter 15 comic picks up our story as Hanso joins forces with Xandra, but only long enough to grab the artefact. He tosses it to Brynn, shouting, "Destroy it!" Xandra uses her magic to snag the artefact in mid-air, but Hanso manages to get hold of it again, and tells Brynn to run.

This part of the plot has a battle step and a puzzle step. For the battle step you can go fight oblivion some more. The oblivion achievements from chapter 12 are obtainable again if you missed out on them the first time.

The puzzle step can be found when you click on Xandra in the fearless deeds section, or you can Click Here to go to the puzzle. Xandra is chasing Hanso yelling things at him, you have to defend yourself by picking an insult. Depending on what insult you pick, the artefact's absorbed energy will increase by a certain percent. Xandra has 4 different images/anger phases, depending on which image and how angry she looks in the image, the average percent for insults will go up.

Here are the 4 stages of her anger:

Your main goal is to try to make it through 5 rounds without going over 100%. This is usually pretty easy, you can use our chart below and pick the insults that have a relatively low percent range (the table goes from lowest percent to highest percent). However sometimes the insult options you get dont always include a lot of low percent insults. So if you only have a few that give really low percents, and you have to pick one that gives a higher percent, be sure to pick it when shes in her least angry phrase, so that you dont do even more percent.

Here is a list of insults in order of lowest % to highest % that they usually do. We will have a better % range for you later once we finish testing them out and compiling the data.

Insult% range
You smell funny!~1.044%
Being shot at is really nothing new to me. *yawn*~9.26%
Didn't you ever learn how to use your words?~9.76%
Nobody likes a homicidal maniac!~13.72%
Have you ever been mistaken for a Very Stinky Cheese and rolled down a hill in Meridell?~13.83%
Didn't your mother teach you it's rude to try to vaporise people?~15.884%
Your mastery of magic is like Jelly World—it doesn't exist!~16.54%
You're not good with moving targets, are you?~18.04%
Could we hurry this up a little? I've got places to be.~20.02%
There are Petpetpets on Kreludor who could aim better than you!~22.7%
Did you win the Neopie for "Neopia's Nerdiest Magician"?~28.04%
Speckled? What, you couldn't afford a Blue Paint Brush?~31.32%
Here's a Neopoint, maybe you can go buy a clue with it.~31.36%
Do you get your clothes from scrounging around the Money Tree, or just that rag?~33.04%
Let me guess—you're doing your best Edna impression?~33.9%
Now I see why you needed this artefact—your magic skills stink!~36.3%
Something tells me you didn't study with the faeries long enough.~40.36%
Nox must've died from laughing at your magical abilities.~41.92%
You're just jealous you'll never be as powerful as Fyora!~42.66%
Until I met you, I didn't even know there was an Ugly Paint Brush!~42.98%

Fearless Deeds
Xandra, having revealed her true nature, tries to entice Hanso into joining her in ruling Neopia. Will he give in, or try to free Neopia from Xandra's control? Meanwhile, Brynn faces an old foe once again...
How appropriate. You fight like a kau.
How to Get: Use every insult at least one time each.
Over 9000
What, are you in a hurry? Because clearly we're not.
How to Get: In exactly 3 rounds (this means round 3 of the same game), get over 100% and lose. However if you absorb too much, you also wont get it, for example, if you are at 70% and your 3rd insult does 40.56%, it wont count since the last one was too much at once. You mostly need to get to 100 getting %'s in the 30%-39% range to get you to 100% in the 3rd round, but not too much at once.
You must have taken Insults 101, because you're pretty good at this. No, seriously, I mean it. I'm not being sarcastic. No, really. Why are you glaring at me? *sigh*
How to Get: Win 3 times in a row.

Fearless Deeds
These Faerless deeds can be obtained while battleing Oblivion.
How to Get:
Fight Me Once, Shame On You
Fight me more than once, and earn a chance to win valuable cash prizes! ...Maybe.
How to Get: Fight Oblivion once and lose (it's not confirmed wether winning a drawing will work too, since no one yet won or drew against him.
The Three Phases of Evil
He's good at everything... just not at the same time
How to Get: Each time you battle Oblivion, he has random icons next to his name. You'll need to end a fight with him three times with different icons all the time. The icons change about every half an hour. Note: When a phase change occurs, icons may stay the same.
You're Doing It Wrong
Stop healing him, you cowards!
How to Get: Use a weapon against Oblivion that only does damamge in the same type of icons as the one on the right of his name. So if the icon on the right is air, use a weapon that only does does in air icons.
Some cheap suggestions:
Air: Cheap Air Ring.
Fire: Cheap Fire Ring.
Earth: Cheap Earth Ring.
Water: Cheap Water Ring.
Light: Scroll of Moon Light.
Dark: Brain Tree Root


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