Keyquest is not longer active on Neopets. The game has been removed from the site.

Key Quest


Keyquest is a brand new multiplayer board game that you can play against other people. By doing so you can earn neopoints and items. On this page you will find everything that is currently known about Keyquest. Because the game is still in beta-testing we will continue to update this page as new updates in the game appear.

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There are many powerups to be found during the game. These help the person using them, but can severely hinder the person that they are used against. These are the possible powerups, click on a mini display image to go to that powerup, or scroll down to see them all.

Regular Powerups:
Can be obtained from games, treasure chest, duels of rock, paper, scissors and regular powerup tiles.
Rainbow Sticky Hand Misdirected Compass Loaded Gummy Die Transporter Helmet Catapult Bottled Quicksand Key Grabber Distraction Potion Mortog Rainbow Fountain Water Spare Keyring
Tornado Ring Virtudice Boots of Flight Giant Lint Ball Pocket Portal Battle Dice Pile of Dung Pocket Mini Game Giant Rock Mote Swap Keyring

Super Powerups:
Can be obtained by landing on the alignment tile of your token.
Super Key Grabber Super Boots of Flight Super Catapult Super Pile of Dung

Regular Powerups

Rainbow Sticky Hand
This powerup can be very useful to the person using it. They get their pick of the other players' powerups, and they don't have to land on a powerup square. This is best used to prevent your opponent from playing a powerup that you don't want them to have, such as a Rainbow Fountain Water or Misdirected Compass. Or, you can use it to steal your opponent's Rainbow Sticky Hand. Just remember that you can't use a powerup that you stole in the same turn you stole it.

Misdirected Compass
This powerup causes the person who it is used against to reverse directions. This is a powerup with a multitude of uses. you can turn yourself around to grab a key you missed, (even if you get hit by a lint ball and have to pass a key up), or you can reverse your opponent's direction to force them to take a long detour that they may not want to take. You can also use it to recover after getting hit with the Something Has Happened event that reverses everyone's direction.

Loaded Gummy Die
The Loaded Gummy Die can be very, very useful, as it allows you to choose what number you get on the next roll. It is best used to land on either the treasure chest or Your alignment space. You can also use it to prevent yourself from missing a key due to the effects of a Giant Lint Ball. Simply set your roll to one space short of the key in front of you.

Transporter Helmet
The Transporter Helmet is one of those infuriating powerups that you can play. It swaps your position with that of your opponent. Just remember that when you use it, you will be moving in the same direction your opponent was moving before you played it.

This powerup can be extremely irritating to the person that it's used against. It shoots them back 'home,' which is back to where they started. This means that if they were close to the Quest Door, they have to go back around to it. It's a useful tool for stopping people getting there before you. You can also play the Catapult on yourself, if you think going back home will help you in your Key Quest.

Bottled Quicksand
This powerup will not appear in a two-player game. It causes a chosen player to miss their next turn. Bad for obvious reasons. There is also a glitch with this particular powerup. If a player has the misfortune to have a Bottled Quicksand and a Giant Lint Ball played on them in the same turn, that player will be unable to collect keys or powerups for the rest of the game.

Key Grabber
The Key Grabber is both extremely helpful to the user and extremely hindering to the person that it is used against. It takes one key from the chosen player, and gives it to the person using the powerup. Use it to snag that one remaining key you need, and then go for the Quest Door. Also, be aware that Key Grabbers are the favored target of Rainbow Sticky Hands, so be prepared to defend your grabbers with a sticky hand of your own.

Distraction Potion
The Distraction Potion is similar to, but not quite as useful as, the Rainbow Fountain Water. It allows the user to switch one of their keys with one key from another player, meaning that the person it is used against will likely end up with a double of one key. This can be used in conjunction with a Spare Keyring for a devastating combo. Swap with your opponent for a key you need, and give them a key they already have. Then on your next turn, play a Spare Keyring and take your key back.

This powerup lets you jump to the spot that one of your opponents is, and then lets you move one more spot from there. This is best used when you have all the keys you need, and your opponent happens to be next to the Quest Door.

Rainbow Fountain Water
This powerup can be an annoyance to another person but also a blessing to you. It allows you to change the colour of a key of any person to another colour, giving them a double key or changing one of your double keys to your last needed key.

Spare Keyring
If you use this powerup you are given all your opponents double keys. While this does not always hurt your opponent, it can be useful for you. Try using this in conjunction with a Distraction Potion or Rainbow Fountain Water, which can force double keys on your opponent.

Tornado Ring
This powerup can be an annoyance as a blessing to another person or you. It allows you to replace one person's powerups with new powerups, chosen at random. This is best used when your opponent has a powerup that you absolutely do not want them to have, (Rainbow Fountain Water, Key Grabber, or Transporter Helmet in particular). However, be aware that the replacement powerups are chosen at random. Meaning, you could wind up giving your opponent better powerups than they had perviously. Use with caution!

This powerup gives you an automatic roll of a 6, even if you were hexed by Hubrid Nox.

Boots of Flight
This powerup gives you two dice to roll this turn. In combination with the King Roo Character card, this can lead to 24 moves in one turn!

Giant Lint Ball
This powerup is a real annoyance to another person. The player won't be able to collect any keys or powerups during their next turn. This includes gaining anything from mini-games, Character Squares, or Random Events. You can still pick up Neopoints, however.

Pocket Portal
The Pocket Portal allows you to travel from your current position, to any portal on the board. Since there is a portal relatively close to the Quest Door on every board, it can be beneficial to hold on to a Pocket Portal until you have all your keys.Then all you have to do is play your Portal and slip in the door!

Battle Dice
With the Battle Dice powerup you can challenge your opponent to a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Whoever wins gets to pick one of three powerups, chosen at random. Rock beats scissors; Scissors beats paper; Paper beats rock.

Pile of Dung
The Pile of Dung powerup allows you to place one pile of dung anywhere on the board, prohibiting your opponents from passing the pile of dung. Try using it to prevent an opponent from turning at a junction. Place your dung on the first space into a turn, so they'll slide by the junction and not get a chance to decide to go that direction. This powerup is not available in two-player games.

Pocket Mini-Game
This powerup allows you to start a random mini game at any time during the game. This can be useful if you are good at games! However, most players' computers do not cope well with the mini-games, so you won't make a lot of friends if you play this a lot. This powerup is not available in two-player games.

Giant Rock Mote
This powerup sends an enormous Rock Mote rolling ahead of you for 15 spaces. Any opponent it hits loses their next turn. However, you cannot choose which way the Mote turns, and if it hits the Quest Door, it will disappear, even if there were still spaces left to be moved. This powerup is not available in two-player games.

Swap Keyring
This powerup allows you to swap all of your keys, with all the keys of your opponent. This can be a game breaker, especially if your opponent has all the keys on the board, and you're close to the Quest Door. This powerup is not available in two-player games.

Super Powerups

Super Key Grabber
Just like the regular Key Grabber but it's twice as strong, meaning you will steal two keys instead of one. This powerup can only be obtained from landing on your token's alignment space.

Super Boots of Flight
This powerup gives you three dice to roll this turn. In combination with the King Roo Character card, this can lead to 36 moves in one turn! This powerup can only be obtained from landing on your token's alignment space.

Super Catapult
This powerup lets you send two players back to their starting position. This powerup can only be obtained from landing on your token's alignment space.

Super Pile of Dung
This powerup allows you to place two piles of dung on the playing board, prohibiting your opponents from passing them. This powerup can only be obtained from landing on your token's alignment space.

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