Keyquest is not longer active on Neopets. The game has been removed from the site.

Key Quest


Keyquest is a brand new multiplayer board game that you can play against other people. By doing so you can earn neopoints and items. On this page you will find everything that is currently known about Keyquest. Because the game is still in beta-testing we will continue to update this page as new updates in the game appear.

Below you can see an overview of all the information we have collected, divided into smaller easy to read pieces. Click on a topic to make this information appear.




Guide Content


There are many Hexes to be gotten during the game. These hexes usually are an annoyance to the person receiving them, you will receive a hex when you step on an alignment tile which is not the alignment of your token. These are the possible hexes found so far:

Don't Play With Fire
This hex will remove one of your powerups.

Beware the Bored Swamp Witch
This hex will send you back to your home square.

Slow and Steady Does Not Win the Race
This hex will make your regular dice rolls to be only a 1, 2 or 3. If you got a Virtudice or a Loaded Gummy Dice you can still move more then the maximum 3 spaces.

You Need More Pockets
This hex works the same as the Giant Lint Ball powerup, you won't be able to collect any powerups or keys in your next turn.

Friend or Foe
This hex works the same as the Tornado Ring powerup, your powerups will be replaced with random new ones.

Whirlpools are Not as Fun as They Sound
This hex works the same as the Misdirected Compass powerup, your direction will be reversed.

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