Altador Cup Ranks

As you play more games in the Altador Cup, your Rank will go up. Playing Yooyuball will gain you the most points, followed by Slushie Slinger. Finally Make some Noise and Shootout Showdown will earn you the least points.

On this page you can see all the Rank Shields, if you want to know how you can advance to the next rank, use SunnyNeo's Altador Cup Rank Calculator.

The table also shows how many games you should have played to achieve this rank. Of course you can also use a combination of these games. You do not have to have 50 Yooyuball wins to be level 1, you can also have 49 Yooyuball wins, 5 Make some Noise games and 2 Slushie Slinger games (see the calculator for combinations)

Altador Cup XVIII

On June 5th, 2023, TNT released an announcement decreasing the required points to rankup by 25%. This will allow you to achieve your desired rank slightly faster.

Hi Neopians, we have an update on the Altador Cup! 🚨

Because we know how time-consuming this event can be, we decided to implement a quick quality-of-life change. We are scaling down the maximum games cap and rank requirements by 25% and adjusting the Prize Pool proportionally. You can still play all of your same favourite games, but without as much of the burnout... and you will reap all the same benefits! We hope this helps you better lead your team to victory this year! 🏆


Yooyu Ball wins:0
Yooyu Ball draws:0
Slushie Slinger games:0
Make Some Noise games:0
Shootout Showdown games:0

Rank: 1

Yooyu Ball wins:14
Yooyu Ball draws:42
Slushie Slinger games:28
Make Some Noise games:165
Shootout Showdown games:165

Rank: 2

Yooyu Ball wins:28
Yooyu Ball draws:83
Slushie Slinger games:55
Make Some Noise games:330
Shootout Showdown games:330

Rank: 3

Yooyu Ball wins:42
Yooyu Ball draws:124
Slushie Slinger games:83
Make Some Noise games:495
Shootout Showdown games:495

Rank: 4

Yooyu Ball wins:55
Yooyu Ball draws:165
Slushie Slinger games:110
Make Some Noise games:660
Shootout Showdown games:660

Rank: 5

Yooyu Ball wins:76
Yooyu Ball draws:227
Slushie Slinger games:152
Make Some Noise games:908
Shootout Showdown games:908

Rank: 6

Yooyu Ball wins:97
Yooyu Ball draws:289
Slushie Slinger games:193
Make Some Noise games:1,155
Shootout Showdown games:1,155

Rank: 7

Yooyu Ball wins:117
Yooyu Ball draws:351
Slushie Slinger games:234
Make Some Noise games:1,403
Shootout Showdown games:1,403

Rank: 8

Yooyu Ball wins:138
Yooyu Ball draws:413
Slushie Slinger games:275
Make Some Noise games:1,650
Shootout Showdown games:1,650

Rank: 9

Yooyu Ball wins:165
Yooyu Ball draws:495
Slushie Slinger games:330
Make Some Noise games:1,980
Shootout Showdown games:1,980

Rank: 10

Yooyu Ball wins:193
Yooyu Ball draws:578
Slushie Slinger games:385
Make Some Noise games:2,310
Shootout Showdown games:2,310

Rank: 11

Yooyu Ball wins:220
Yooyu Ball draws:660
Slushie Slinger games:440
Make Some Noise games:2,640
Shootout Showdown games:2,640

Rank: 12

Yooyu Ball wins:248
Yooyu Ball draws:743
Slushie Slinger games:495
Make Some Noise games:2,970
Shootout Showdown games:2,970

Rank: 13

Yooyu Ball wins:282
Yooyu Ball draws:846
Slushie Slinger games:564
Make Some Noise games:3,383
Shootout Showdown games:3,383

Rank: 14

Yooyu Ball wins:317
Yooyu Ball draws:949
Slushie Slinger games:633
Make Some Noise games:3,795
Shootout Showdown games:3,795

Rank: 15

Yooyu Ball wins:351
Yooyu Ball draws:1,052
Slushie Slinger games:702
Make Some Noise games:4,208
Shootout Showdown games:4,208

Rank: 16

Yooyu Ball wins:385
Yooyu Ball draws:1,155
Slushie Slinger games:770
Make Some Noise games:4,620
Shootout Showdown games:4,620

Rank: 17

Yooyu Ball wins:427
Yooyu Ball draws:1,279
Slushie Slinger games:853
Make Some Noise games:5,115
Shootout Showdown games:5,115

Rank: 18

Yooyu Ball wins:468
Yooyu Ball draws:1,403
Slushie Slinger games:935
Make Some Noise games:5,610
Shootout Showdown games:5,610

Rank: 19

Yooyu Ball wins:509
Yooyu Ball draws:1,527
Slushie Slinger games:1,018
Make Some Noise games:6,105
Shootout Showdown games:6,105

All Stars!

Yooyu Ball wins:550
Yooyu Ball draws:1,650
Slushie Slinger games:1,100
Make Some Noise games:6,600
Shootout Showdown games:6,600