SN Staff Tournament

Starting in year five of the Altador Cup the staff of SunnyNeo held their first staff tournament.

Welcome to the Sunnyneo Altador Cup IX Staff Tournament!

Several of SunnyNeo's staffmembers have decided to relaunch our Altador Cup Staff Tournament this year. We are looking to see what fun can be had and which of our teams wins. Best of luck to the SunnyNeo Staff Teams as well as the Teams of the Neopets Altador Cup. To find out more about these staffmembers and what they are doing the rest of the year, visit our About us page.

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The Rules

  • All staff members will contribute points toward their team scores via the scorekeeper in the allocated rounds if they have joined a team.
  • Any missing scores will not be counted.

The Scoring System

  • Scores this year will be tallied like the boards do: Average Score * Games Played for the three Altador Cup games: Slushie Slinger, Make Some Noise, and Shootout Showdown.
  • Scores for Yooyu Ball will be total goals made.
  • By-Days will NOT count towards team ranks - they will be simply rest days or for ranking up without the worry of hurting their teams scores. Just as By-Days work in the normal AC.
  • Games sent will count towards SN Team rank (see further down the page for the teams!)
  • There will also be special mentions for those individuals who are the best at YYB and the support games.

The Schedule

  • Week 1: June 2nd to June 8th
  • Week 2: June 9th to June 15th
  • Week 3: June 16th to June 22nd
  • Week 4: June 23rd to June 29th

The SunnyNeo Staff TEAMS

This year our valiant SunnyNeo staff members have been assigned to teams. The teams have been selected randomly by drawing out of a hat.

Team Team AltachuckWho ever said Altachucks were nothing more but easily scared Petpets? The members of Team Altachcuck are all long time Altador Cup players who are just about ready to do it again. Yooyus might be in for a big suprise! Altachucks come in all colours Altachucks can come in.
Staff member: greenj12356
Supports: Terror Mountain

Quote: "All your Altachuck are belong to us! The cold never bother....Yeah, you know the rest"

Status: Beginner
Staff member: Phoenixs_angel
Supports: Meridell

Quote: "All that is gold does not glitter, not all those who play with Yooyus are lost..."

Status: SN AC V and VI Staff Tournament All-Star, Team Captain for Dream Clouds in SN AC VI
Update: Reached All-Star
Staff member: Ziggypop302
Supports: Roo Island

Quote: "Do you tROOly think I'm ROO enough to get thROOgh with this?"

Status: Beginner

Team Team Pink Skulls Team Pink Skulls are an ideal blend of sassy and sinister. They usually play nice, but it's best to stay on their good side. *smirk* Their team colors are pink, purple, and black.
Staff member: jeanawei1234
Supports: Krawk Island

Quote: "Out of my way, hot stuff coming through~"

Status: Beginner
Staff member: mmmmmm_candy
Supports: Krawk Island

Quote: I put the 'kill' in 'skill'

Status: Beginner
Staff member: silly_mistake
Supports: Krawk Island

Quote: "On Wednesdays we wear pink!"

Status: Beginner

Team Super Heroes Neopians by day, Heroes by night. Team Super Heroes stand by what's right. We will stay true to our task. Who is it behind the mask?
Staff member: jujipup
Supports: Altador

Quote: "With Hero Lyvonias' super speed, Team Super Heroes will save the day! Shoutout to all my fellow Altadorians! Say, can I get an opinion on this real quick?"

Status: Beginner
Update: Reached All-Star on June 13th
Staff member: caileanmalfoy
Supports: Haunted Woods

Quote: "Oh, look! A pretty little Batterfly!"

Status: Beginner
Update: Reached All-Star
Staff member: thorll777
Supports: Lost Desert

Status: Beginner
Update: Reached All-Star

Team Super Awesome"What more is there to say? We are Super and Awesome!!"
Staff member: coalbox
Supports: Krawk Island

Quote: "Have you been reading our match reports yet?"

Status: Beginner
Staff member: emaciate
Supports: Kiko Lake

Quote: "You don't need feet to kick a yooyuball."

Status: Beginner
Staff member: jellybeanchix
Supports: Roo Island

Quote: "HODOR!"

Status: Beginner


Final Team Ranks

Round 4 (June 23rd - June 30th)

Round 3 (June 16th - June 22nd)

Round 2 (June 9th - June 15th)

Round 1 (June 2nd - June 8th)

SunnyNeo All-Stars
All Star Trophies

Most Games Played

The table below shows the top 4 players with the most games played for their team. This excludes games played on by-days.

Most Games Played
















Most Games Played Trophies

Yooyu Ball Top Goals Per Game

The following table are top 4 players who had the highest Goals Per Game in their Yooyu Ball plays for their team. This excludes by-days.





Top GPG In YYB Trophies

High Scores

The following table is a list of the top 4 players who achieved the highest score in Slushie Slinger and Make Some Noise.

High Scores








All Star Trophies