SN Staff Tournament

Starting in year five of the Altador Cup the staff of SunnyNeo held their first staff tournament.

Welcome to the Sunnyneo Altador Cup XVII Staff Tournament!

The Scoring System

  • Scores tallied this year will be the same as the last few years as the boards do: Average Score * Games Played for the three Altador Cup games: Slushie Slinger, Make Some Noise, and Shootout Showdown.
  • Scores for Yooyu Ball will be total goals made.
  • By-Days will NOT count towards team ranks - they will be simply rest days or for ranking up without the worry of hurting their teams scores. Just as By-Days work in the normal AC.
  • Games sent will count towards SN Team rank (see further down the page for the teams!)

The SunnyNeo TEAMS

Just like last year, this year our valiant SunnyNeo staff members have been assigned to teams along with a few users! The teams have been selected randomly by drawing out of a hat with keeping it as even as possible based on target ranks.

Staff member: Jujipup
Supports: Altador

Quote: "Shoutout to all my fellow Altadorians! *waves frantically* Say, can I get an opinion on this real quick?"

Status: SN AC IX, AC X, AC XI, AC XII, ACXIII, ACXIV, ACXV, ACXVI Staff Tournament All Star.

The SunnyNeo Firebirds
Yeeting yooyu's and slurping slushies at blazing speed.
Staff member: Amanda
Supports: Altador

Quote: "Perseverantia omnia vincit - perseverance conquers all things."

Status: ACXV Staff Tournament All Star, and ACXVI Staff Tournament
Staff member: Wolf
Supports: Haunted Woods

Quote: "I'll just keep sitting here on the sidelines and cuddle the Mutant Yooyu while you all do your thing, alright?"

Status: SN AC IX, X, XI, XII, XIII, XIV, and XV Staff Tournament All-Star, and AC XVI Staff Tournament
Staff Member: Padfoot
Supports: Darigan Citadel

Quote: "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." -Wayne Gretzky -MICHAEL SCOTT"

Status: Status: SN AC XIII and XIV Staff Tournament, and SN AC XV, XVI Staff Tournament All-Star
Staff Member: Bloom
Supports: Roo Island

Quote: "Rooligan for life!"

Status: SN AC XI, XIV, and XVI Staff Tournament

The Neopian Sonic Serpents
Ssso electric! Ka-chow!
Username: Kaljinyu
Supports: Brightvale

Quote: "Armies of the World converge on the city of Altador for the Showdown of the year."

Status: Invited User SN ACXVI and ACXVII Tournament
Username: Redstreet
Supports: Faerieland

Quote: "Honestly, just here for the BBQ"

Status: Invited User SN ACXVII Tournament
Usernamer: Eviiana
Supports: Brightvale

Quote: "Take me to Paris."

Status: Invited User SN ACXVII Tournament
Username: Talpidat
Supports: Faerieland

Quote: "Tea and cake with friends helps to sweeten up the Cup."

Status: Invited User SN ACXVII Tournament

The Neopian Crafty Critters
The most Magical team on Neopia is here!
Username: atlantalover
Supports: Krawk Island

Quote: "We arrr too determined to give up just yet! We've got the cup this time around!"

Status: Returning User SN ACXV, ACXVI and ACXVII Tournament
Username: **anonymous**
Supports: Krawk Island

Quote: "Ready to KRAWK the Cup!"

Status: Invited User SN ACXVII Tournament
Usernamer: **anonymous**
Supports: Faerieland

Quote: "Let's fly to victory! ^^"

Status: Invited User SN ACXVII Tournament
Username: fairydiva999
Supports: Roo Island

Quote: "I'm roo da ba dee da ba die"

Status: Invited User SN ACXVII Tournament


Round 2 (June 13th - June 18th)

Round 1 (June 6th - June 11th)