3 Mod, 7 Symbol


How should you work with this chart?
This chart allows you to view all possible combinations to create certain Target symbols. Because this is a bit overwhelming you can also choose to view only the combinations that will work with your Key and Target symbol. In order to do so, you must select your first Key symbol, and your first Target Symbol in the form below. The image will show you were to find these. if you want to view all possiblities press 'Show full table'.

After you have chosen to view the partial table that matches with your first Key and Target symbols, you must try out your modifiers. The chart will show you which symbols your modifiers should start with in order to make a combination that will lead to your Target symbol.

For example, if your key is C and your target is V, the chart will give you 12 different combinations that could work. The first being C + C + O. What you do is look at all your modifiers and try out the ones that start with C and O. Be sure to also check if you have any doubles, if you have 4 modifiers that start with a C and 3 that start with an O, you can make various combinations! If none of these combinations have lead to the desired target, move on to the second row (in this example C + V + X). Keep doing this until you have completed the puzzle.

Target symbol

Key symbol