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Neggstravaganza Surprise

What is the "Neggstravaganza Surprise"?
First launched in March, 2010, Neopets has a NC Mall spring activity called Neggstravaganza Surprise. Buy your ticket and select your Negg(s), and you'll get some fun items!

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How do I participate?
Buy tickets at the NC Mall. There are a total of 20 Neggs for this year. You will be able to collect one Negg per day beginning March 23. You can purchase tickets in different amounts. Ticket sales begin March 15, 2010. You may also participate in the Neggstravaganza on side accounts. Unlike the Stocking Stufftacular, you will be able to go back and buy Neggs for days that you've missed.

Neggstravaganza Surprise 1-Negg Basket Pack
200 NC

Neggstravaganza Surprise 5-Negg Basket Pack
500 NC

Neggstravaganza Surprise 10-Negg Basket Pack
900 NC

Neggstravaganza Surprise 20-Negg Basket Pack
1,700 NC

Now that I have my tickets, what's next?
First, activate your ticket in your inventory. Then return to the Neggstravaganza. Look around in the graphic above the basket for hidden neggs, then click on them. When you've found a negg, it will be numbered. The pop up will ask whether you'd like to keep and place this negg. If you say yes, the faded negg image will show in your basket.

You should be able to find the Neggs in the following areas:

When you've put your eggs in the basket, they will be in this arrangement:

Mar 23Mar 24Mar 25Mar 26

Sugar Negg Background

(Click to Preview)

Potted Easter Negg Tree

(Click to Preview)

Butterfly Face Paint

(Click to Preview)

Negg Giftbox
Mar 27Mar 28Mar 29Mar 30

Spring Flower Rain Slicker

(Click to Preview)

Hanging Flower Lamp

(Click to Preview)

Weewoo Sugar Negg
Mar 31Apr 1Apr 2Apr 3

Fresh Flower Sun Dress

(Click to Preview)

Lavender Negg Necklace

(Click to Preview)

Negg Giftbox

Apr 4Apr 5Apr 6Apr 7

Fancy Painted Negg Garland

(Click to Preview)

Chocolate Wings

(Click to Preview)

Potted Flower Foreground

(Click to Preview)

Butterfly Wand

(Click to Preview)
Apr 8Apr 9Apr 10Apr 11

Spring Negg Wreath
Neohome Item

Starry Cloud Wig

(Click to Preview)

Colourful Candy Topiaries

(Click to Preview)

Negg Hunting Background

(Click to Preview)

Also, bonus items have been given out by the Neggstravaganza. There was a small glitch with the bonus items, where the text and image said say you've received Green Cybunny Pajamas, but a different item appeared in your inventory. This appears to be fixed. Receiving a bonus item is random; not every user will receive one! Here are some known bonus items:

Possible Bonus Daily Items

Birdhouse Garland

(Click to Preview)

Meep Shower

(Click to Preview)

Ona Rain Umbrella

(Click to Preview)

There was also a bonus item for those who picked up a negg gift every day:

Bonus All Days Item

Cybunny Pyjamas

(Click to Preview)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Neggstravaganza Surprise?
The Neggstravaganza Surprise is an NC Mall event available during the springtime. Visit the NC Mall to purchase various sizes of Negg Baskets and then go to your Inventory to activate them. After your Negg Basket has been activated, you can go to the Neggstravaganza Surprise page to start your hunt for toy Neggs. Once you've found the toy Neggs, you can open them up on the day that they are available to claim your NC Mall virtual item. Starting March 23rd, you will be able to start opening your toy Neggs. You can hunt for toy Neggs until April 30th. There is also a chance to receive a bonus virtual item.

How long will this event run?
You can start to purchase Negg Basket(s) during the pre-sale, which runs from March 15th until the 22nd. You can continue to purchase them during the event, which runs March 23rd - April 11th. You will be able to start hunting for your toy Neggs during the pre-sale, but you won't be able to open them until the event starts on March 23rd. Starting on March 23rd, a toy Negg will be ready to be opened daily. You can also go back to either hunt or open a toy Negg that you missed or didn't open on prior days. Baskets will no longer be sold starting April 12th, and you will have until April 30th to hunt for the toy Neggs. After that date, you will still be able to open the toy Neggs, but you will no longer be able to hunt for more toy Neggs.

How do I purchase Negg Baskets?
Visit the NC Mall to purchase Negg Basket(s) in packs of 1, 5, 10, or 20. Each number represents how many toy Neggs you can find, e.g. if you purchase a 5-Negg Basket, you will be able to hunt for 5 toy Neggs and receive 5 NC Mall virtual items.

When can I open the toy Neggs?
A toy Negg can be opened if it is fully coloured. The day on which a toy Negg is able to be opened is indicated by the number that is on the toy Negg. At the top of the Neggstravaganza Surprise page, it will say, "It is Day: X." If the number on the toy Negg matches the number of that day (or is smaller than the number of that day, i.e. the Negg was marked for a previous day), you will be able to open the toy Negg.

I've purchased Negg Baskets, but I can't find any toy Neggs.
Make sure that you have activated the Negg Basket in your Inventory. Once you have activated your Negg Basket, visit the Neggstravaganza Surprise page. There, click on the garden scene to hunt for a toy Negg, then verify your selection. Remember: once you have selected that toy Negg, it cannot be changed! Also, you can't open them until the day indicated by the number on the toy Negg.

Can I apply my Negg Basket to a different toy Negg once I've found that toy Negg?
No. Once a toy Negg is found on a specific day, it cannot be moved.

There is a yellow glow around my toy Negg in the basket. What does that mean?
The yellow glowing toy Negg indicates that it can be opened on the current day of the event. If you don't open that particular toy Negg on that day, you can still open it and receive your virtual item at a later date; however, if you open the toy Negg on a later day, it will no longer be glowing. Please also view the legend at the bottom of the page for all of the stages.

Can I find a toy Negg for days that have passed?
Yes. You have until April 30th to find all of them.

Is it OK to give Negg Basket(s) to other users?
Yes, you may give Negg Basket(s) that have not been activated to other users as gifts using NC Gift Boxes (1 Negg Basket per NC Gift Box). Once a Negg Basket has been activated, it can no longer be gifted. Negg Baskets, as with all Neocash items, cannot be sold or traded.

Can I purchase a Negg Basket and hunt for toy Neggs on my side accounts?
Yes, you can purchase Negg Basket(s) and hunt for toy Neggs on any of your (up to) four side accounts. But remember: Neopians are allowed up to five accounts each. Anything more than that is considered cheating. Negg Baskets will either need to be purchased in your side accounts or will need to be gifted from the purchasing account using NC Gift Boxes.

How many toy Neggs can I search for at once?
You can search for as many toy Neggs at one time as you like. Each day a new toy Negg can be opened as long as the Negg is coloured in your basket. Just keep in mind that you have until April 30th to find all of your toy Neggs.

What do the different versions of the toy Neggs that are in the basket represent?
Here is a list of what each different toy Negg version in the basket means:
  • Empty: You haven't found a toy Negg yet.

  • Greyed-out toy Negg: You have found the toy Negg, but you can't open it yet because the toy Negg is marked for a later date.

  • Coloured toy Negg: You have found the toy Negg, and it is ready to be opened.

  • Coloured toy Negg with yellow outline: You have found the toy Negg for that particular day, and it is ready to be opened.

  • Opened toy Negg: You have found the toy Negg and have already opened it and received your virtual item.

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