NC Mall Secret Meepit 'Stache

On July 31, 2012, Neopets released a game in the NC Mall called Secret Meepit 'Stache.

Thanks to an unusual machine that has fallen from the Space Station and landed in the Haunted Woods, the Meepit Overlord's legions are poised to realise their dream of global domination!

To participate, you first need to purchase Plan Packs in the NC Mall.

Secret Meepit Stache Plan 2-Pack
250 NC

Secret Meepit Stache Plan 7-Pack
700 NC

Secret Meepit Stache Plan 11-Pack
1000 NC

To play you first need to activate the Plan Pack in your inventory. Once activated go to the Secret Meepit 'Stache game. Now you must choose which blue-print you want to play. Click on the blue-print of your choice, than click on play.

Now you will be taken to the machine. Click on the red button to get the game (and the poor Feepit!) to work. Now all the screens will start flashing. Click on the red button again to stop the machine. The colour of the moustache you land on will determine which tier you are in and which prize you will recieve.

If you are really lucky, you might also getr a bonus prize. Getting a bonus is random and a rather rare event to happen.

There are also power-ups available for sale in the NC Mall. Power-ups are in-game items, so they will not show in your inventory. They will only appear in your game. The Juice power-ups are based on the Meepit Juice break game.

Select a prize of your choice for every 1 out of 3 turns:

Choosy Juice Power-Up
25 NC
Upgrade or downgrade your prize for one from another tier:

Switcheroo Juice Power-Up
25 NC
Gives you 2 items instead of one:

Two-Juice Power-Up
75 NC

[ #8C-3: Crayon Blueprint | #D7M: Dark Faerie Blueprint | #S9Y: Space Blueprint | #ELC: Electricity Blueprint | #GL1: Glitter Blueprint | #WUD: Wood Blueprint | #5WT: Candy Blueprint | #W3R: Weather Blueprint | Retirement Bindles ]

Retirement Bindles Machine
The Retirement Bindles machine is Retired!
Unsure Prizes
Colourful Crayon Fence
Colourful Crayon Fence

(Click to Preview)
Crayon Forest Background
Crayon Forest Background

(Click to Preview)
Dark Faerie Magic Wings
Dark Faerie Magic Wings

(Click to Preview)
Electric Underwater Staff
Electric Underwater Staff

(Click to Preview)
Magnifying Gadget Staff
Magnifying Gadget Staff

(Click to Preview)
Silver Glitter Necklace
Silver Glitter Necklace

(Click to Preview)
Storm Cloud Tree
Storm Cloud Tree

(Click to Preview)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Secret Meepit 'Stache game?
Secret Meepit 'Stache is an NC Mall game. Thanks to an unusual machine that has fallen from the Space Station and landed in the Haunted Woods, the Meepit Overlord's legions are poised to realise their dream of global domination! Purchase a Secret Meepit 'Stache plan pack to partake in the Meepits' master scheme. Select a blueprint and win exclusive blueprint themed items that can't be found anywhere else!

How to I play Secret Meepit 'Stache?
To play, first purchase a Secret Meepit 'Stache plan pack from the NC Mall. Once in your inventory, the plan pack needs to be activated in order to start the game. Once activated, visit the play page in the NC Mall and choose a blueprint. To start the game, push the red button. The monitors will flash coloured moustaches that represent item prize tiers. To claim your prize, push the red button again (or let the time run out), watch which monitor remains lit, and then claim your item prize. At the end of the game, your prize will be awarded to your inventory.

Why can't I play Secret Meepit 'Stache?
In order to play Secret Meepit 'Stache, plan packs needs to be purchased. Secret Meepit 'Stache plans are available in 2, 7, and 11 packs. After purchasing a plan pack, be sure to activate it in your inventory. Click on the plan pack and select "Activate Your Secret Meepit 'Stache Plan Pack' from the drop-down menu. Once your pack has been activated, click the "Close and Play Secret Meepit 'Stache" to start your game!

Will I earn any Neopoints for playing Secret Meepit 'Stache?
No, you will only receive the NC item prize(s) that you have accepted.

How do I win a bonus item?
If you're really lucky, you will receive an exclusive bonus item along with your prize.

How many NC items will I get per Secret Meepit 'Stache plan?
Each plan can be used to play one game of Secret Meepit 'Stache. During each game you will receive one NC item prize unless you apply a power-up or if you're lucky enough to also get a bonus item!

Will there ever be more blueprints released?
Yes, every so often the Meepit Overlord will have a new blueprint for global domination. When he does, an existing blueprint will be aborted and replaced with a new one. Don't worry, he's pretty good at sharing the details of his new blueprint.

How do the in-game Secret Meepit 'Stache power-ups work?
There are three power-ups to choose from in the game. However, they only work in coordination with Secret Meepit 'Stache plans, and cannot be used on their own. These power-ups can be purchased in-game or at the NC Mall.

Switcheroo Juice Power-Up: This power-up allows you to change the tier of your prize, either going up or down a tier. For example, if you land on a silver prize, The Meepit Overlord has deemed in all his munificence that you may use your Switcheroo Juice Power-Up to either move up to a gold prize or move down and receive a bronze prize. This power-up can also be used in combination with the Two-Juice Power-Up.
Choosy Juice Power-Up: This power-up allows you to play the game three times and then select one of the three prizes that you landed on as the reward that you receive. This power-up cannot be combined with any other power-up.
Two-Juice Power-Up: This power-up allows you to play twice and keep both prizes. It can be used along with the Switcheroo Juice Power-Up.

I purchased a power-up, why don't I see it in my inventory?
When purchased, power-ups will not go into your inventory but will be tallied in your power-up total within the game.

How do I know how many Secret Meepit 'Stache power-ups I have?
The count of your power-ups will tally on all of the pages of the game including the main game page. The power-up module to the right on the page will tell you the number of power-ups you currently have.

Why am I not getting prompts during the game to use power-ups?
In order to use power-ups, you must first purchase them either in-game or in the NC Mall. Your total tally will show up in the game on the right hand side under "Power-Ups". Once you have purchased power-ups you will receive prompts during the game to play with them.

Do power-ups expire?
No, you can use power-ups any time you like. They do not expire.

My computer crashed right in the middle of my game of Secret Meepit 'Stache. Will I be able to continue right where I left off?
Yes! Please go back to the game page. The game will start up again using the same plan you were already using when the game ended.

The game isn't loading properly, help!
If the game isn't loading properly for you, please make sure that your Flash player is updated to the latest version. You can also try clearing your browser's cache. If you are still having problems, your browser may be incompatible with the game.

Can I play Secret Meepit 'Stache on my side accounts?
Yes, since this is an NC-only game, you can play on your side accounts.

Can I apply more than one power-up during game play?
Yes, you can apply the Switcheroo Juice and the Two-Juice power-up together during your game. Unfortunately, the Choosy Juice Power-Up cannot be combined with any other power-up.

Can I gift power-ups?
No, these items are in-game items only. If purchased in the NC Mall or in-game, these will go directly into the game and tallied on your game screen. These items will not go into your inventory.

Can I give Secret Meepit 'Stache Plans to other users?
Yes, you may give Secret Meepit 'Stache plan packs that have not been activated to other users as gifts using NC Gift Boxes (one plan pack per NC Gift Box). Once a plan pack has been activated, it can no longer be gifted. Secret Meepit 'Stache plan packs, as with all Neocash items, cannot be sold or traded.

I accidently accepted a prize I did not want, can I get a refund?
Unfortunately no, once you accept a prize, it will automatically go into your inventory

I forgot to use a power-up during my game. Can I get my money back to try again?
Unfortunately there is nothing we can do for you. Please read carefully during the game. If you have power-ups to use, you will be prompted to use them during play. If you do not want to use them please select "No" when asked.

I mistakenly used a power-up on accident. What should I do?
Sorry, but once you have chosen to use a power-up you must play through the entire game with it. Please read all prompts in the game before continuing.