Shootout Showdown

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Minimum Score: 35 | Daily Cap: 401

General Info
Shootout Showdown was added to the Altador Cup during AC IV. You take control of a Yooyuball player, trying to score penalties against the opponent's Keeper. The aim is to score 5 goals as quickly as possible, within 60 seconds, without missing or letting the keeper save your shots.

How To Play

Shootout Showdown can be a quick way to add some points to your team and your rank. The jelly chia goalie used to be predictable, but once the game updated in 2021 from FLASH to HTML, the Chia goalie has learned some new moves. He now moves randomly and can be anywhere, anytime. This new upgrade has made this game more of a challenge than in the past. You can tap the screen to position the ball where you want, hold down to charge the shot, and swipe to shoot. Alternatively, you can begin to charge your shot by holding your finger down, then swiping to angle the shot in the direction you choose.

Holding your finger down is how you charge your shot. There is a meter to the bottom left that show how much power you have in your kick.

At the end your score is made up of 3 parts. The amount of Goals, your time bonus, and your accuracy bonus. They are added together to give you your final score. You get 35 points for each goal you scored (should be 5 goals always, so 175 points). For your time bonus you get 14 points for every 1 second. So if you finish with 50 seconds left you get a 700 point time bonus. Your accuracy bonus is based on how many goals you got compared to how many shots it took you. If you get a perfect 5 goals for 5 shots, then you get 300 points. If it takes you anywhere from 6-10 shots to get 5 goals, you get 100 points for your accuracy bonus. If it takes you 11 shots or more to score 5 goals, then you get 0 points for your accuracy bonus.

High Score Impossible?: Due to the changes in format, now when you score a goal, the timer continues to count down while you are unable to take your next shot. Therefore making it impossible to get the 5 goals in 10 seconds.

Score Goal, Then Aim Right Away
Even though you cannot move or shoot once you make a goal, if you click or tap where you want the ball in that time, when it can move, it will move right to that position. This will save you a second or two. When time is everything with the scoring of this game, this will help you shave a few seconds off your play time increasing your score.

Go To One Side
If you go to one side, he can only come at you from one side, not both. Also, as he glides back and forth, he doesn't always go to the far edges - but can. Then you can either aim straight, or slightly inward. You can get the ball to sneak right past him a good percentage of the time.

NC Challenge
This game was also part of the Altador Cup NC challenge. For each day of the cup you had to match or beat the posted score for that challenge to be eligible for the special unique prize. If you successfully completed all 34 game challenges, you earned an additional, extra-exclusive Neocash item prize! For more information, Read the NC Challenge Guide.