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A new portion of the plot is now up in the cave.

At last, the mystery surrounding the journal has been figured out! It turns out that the journal was kept by a poogle botanist named Rutu, who took the Clockwork Negg to Shenkuu. Well, now that the mystery's been solved, it's time to go investigate that cave in Shenkuu where the Negg is supposedly hidden...

When you enter the cave, you see Rutu's skeletal remains. It seems Rutu had died in her defence of this powerful artefact. You can start the puzzle by either clicking on the scrolls or on the Clockwork Negg. If you start the game by clicking on the clockwork negg however, you'll need to return to the cave again to find the scroll. Without the scrolls, you'll miss out on the clues you need to solve the puzzle. The best thing to do therefor would be to click on the scroll from the start.

You have until the end of the day on 4/22 to complete this part of the Mysterious Negg event. But don't wait until the last second, for there will be more to do afterward!

Solving the puzzle
The clockwork negg will present you with a puzzle, which you will have to solve before you can go on. There are three sides of the negg, which all contain their own puzzle. You need to solve all three of them to go on. All these three puzzle are of the same kind, but their solution is different for each side.

There are a total of 9 squares on each side of the negg. There also are 3 different symbols and 3 different colours. This means there are 9 different combo's you can make with symbols and colours. On each side you must have 3 of each type of symbol and 3 of each colour. You can only use combo's that have both a symbol and a colour for the puzzle. So you can use a red fire symbol, but you can not the red colour only, or the fire symbol only.

On the right side of the puzzle, you will see the negg, on the left side, there is a scroll with clues. To fill in the puzzle correctly, you need to use those clue. The clues present the positions where some of the symbols should be placed.

While solving the puzzle, you can use the arrows down at the negg to switch between the three different puzzles without loosing your previous entries.

When you press 'submit', you will only submit the side of the puzzle you are currently working on. The other sides will nor be affected, so you can already send in one side, while still working on the others.

When solving the puzzle, make sure the icon on the negg, matches with the icon that is highlighted with a white circle on the scroll. IF they are not they same, the clues on the scroll are not the ones that match with the side of your negg and you will not be able to solve the puzzle! Also, your negg has three sides, but there are 6 different symbols on the scroll, so make sure you choose the right ones.

Like this:

Or this:

Once you've ensured your clues are matching up with the side of the negg, you ca start solving the puzzle. Have a look at the clues to decide where they should be placed. They are in the right position already, you do not need to rotate them!

You can fill in the side of the negg by clicking on the colour or symbol of you choice, then clicking on it on the square where you think it should be placed. So if you want to place a red circle, you first click on the red circle on the scroll, then place a red circle on the square where you want it. If you know what symbol matches with the red circle, you can click on the symbol, then click on the red circle again, to make the symbol show up.

Now you can start with filing in the patterns from the clues. Some patterns are pretty easy to fill in, like ones who are made up of three squares and more and make up a large part of the negg. So you start filling in those. Once you've done those, look at the other clues. If they are only colours and patterns, they may overleap with the ones you've already filled in.

In the sample shown here, it is clear how the large part of the clue only fits in in one way, so you fill it in that way.

Now, if you look closely, you'll see the patterns of the other clues only fit in in the way shown below, because otherwise, the patterns will not fit. This may not be the same pattern for you, but the basics of solving the puzzle are the same.

Now that you have filled in your clues, you can see what colours and patterns there are still missing. Like this pattern:

You may notice (this is best seen on the first image) how there is a blue one, a yellow one, and an uncoloured one. That means the red one is missing, so the uncoloured one should be red.
The same goes for this symbol:

This one has already has a blue and a red coloured one, meaning the uncoloured square should be the yellow one.

Keep in mind you can only use each combo of colour and symbol only once! If needed, write down the ones you've already covered to see what is left. Using this way of reasoning, you will be able to fill up all the 9 squares of the negg:

Keep on eye on what you have selected, this will be highlighted on the scroll with a white circle. If you have for example the red colour selected, and you then select a symbol, the next square you'll click on will have a red circle with the symbol of your choice show up! If you do not want this, you can un-select either the colour or symbol (or both) by clicking on them again. Now, they will not show up with a white circle anymore.

If you've made any mistake, you can either click on the 'clear' button, then click on the square you want to clear, or click 'clear all', to clear the whole side of the negg.

Once you've got a side cleared, you can submit it by clicking on the 'submit' button. If you've got it right, you'll get the following message. If you got it wrong, you can try again.

You continue doing so until you've got all three sides of the negg cleared.

Still having problems solving the puzzle? We've listed a number of the possible outcomes of the puzzles below. The puzzle you have might be different in the way that it may be flipped or rotated, but apart from that, the outcome should be the same.

Please note: we tried to make this list as complete as possible, but we may not have all solutions. If you have one that's still missing from our list, please contact us!

Puzzle Solutions

After solving the puzzle
Now the mystery is solved an the clockwork negg will open, but if that's really what you've been hoping for?

It looks like the clockwork negg has been filled with some poison gas and all you can do is have to flee away from it as fast as possible!

But at least you still get some prizes for it:

Prizes were handed out to everyone who completed this portion of the Negg Journey Plot starting.


Strawberry Plant

Rainbow Cybunny Negg Cookie

Negg Noodles Stamp

Hanging Vines

(Click to Preview)

Spring Negg Wig

(Click to Preview)
Received at start when you click on Clockwork Negg

Ancient Negg Scrolls


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