Negg Journey

WALKTHROUGH - Chapter 10


A new portion of the plot is now up at the Clockwork Negg. It seems that dark matter has cleared and behind it is...the Neggbreaker! The Neggbreaker is a new challenger for you to battle in the Battledome.

Players who complete all Mysterious Negg challenges will be able to select a special bonus prize, in addition to the prizes awarded for completing each step.

To start click on the amulet in the lower right hand corner of the opened Clockwork Negg. We've circled the area in blue on the image above.

You have until the end of the day on 4/22 to complete this part of the Mysterious Negg event.

Equip the amulet onto the pet you wish to battle with. Make sure your pet is healthy and not hungry so they can battle!

Once the amulet is equipped on one of your pets, return to the opened Clockwork Negg. You should receive the Neggbreaker as a new Battledome Challenger.

Head over to the Battledome and you should see the Neggbreaker at the bottom of your list of opponents.

To battle the Neggbreaker, select which of your pets you wish to battle with in the drop down menu above the list of opponents. Then click on the word Neggbreaker. This will take you to the battle screen. You can select up to 2 of the Battledome items that you have equipped to your pet and then select an option from the drop down menu to attack the Neggbreaker. You do NOT need to select the amulet, it will do damage regardless.

The amulet does 20,000 damage each turn. You do not need to select the amulet, as long as you have it equipped it will do the 20,000 damage every turn.

If you have the amulet equipped, the Neggbreaker will not do any damage to you, unless he uses life drain.
The Neggbreaker can freeze you. This means that you will not be able to select any items to use that turn. Just click to advance to the next round. Even when you are frozen, the amulet will cause the Neggbreaker 20,000 damage.

Click See Zaira at the bottom of the page where you are shown as the winner and you will receive your prize for defeating the Neggbreaker.

Prizes were handed out to everyone who completed this portion of the Negg Journey Plot starting 4/21. Very likely, you will not receive some of these prizes if you do not solve the puzzle on launch day.


You receive this when you click on the opened Clockwork Negg.

Ancient Negg Amulet
Battle Magic

You receive this when you win the battle against the Neggbreaker.

Ultimate Negg of Destruction
Battle Magic

It is also possible to battle the Neggbreaker without the amulet. If you beat the Neggbreaker without the amulet equipped to your pet, you will win a extra prize.

The prize you receive for defeating the Neggbreaker without the amulet is random. We have a list of possible prizes below.

Possible Prizes for Defeat of the Neggbreaker without the Amulet

Krawk Fighting Techniques

Icy Muffin
Battle Magic


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