The Perilous Catacombs


While your pet and Kell where busy working on the right Melody, Corin tracked the monster underground, to the Neovian Catacombs.
After gathering some more information about the catacombs from Baffington the Kacheek, you, together with Kell and Corbin, make your way into the Neovian underground. You start the puzzle by clicking on the 'The Perilous Catacombs' button at the end of the page.

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Runic Door

Once on every level, you will stumble upon this door:

It is for the NC Mall part of this event. In order to unlock this door, you will need a Purple Perilous Catacomb Magical Scroll, which is selling in the NC Mall for 125 NC. A second scroll, Blue Perilous Catacomb Magical Scroll, was given out with the Haunted Hijinks event.

Purple Perilous Catacomb Magical Scroll

Blue Perilous Catacomb Magical Scroll

You can find the Runic Door on each level, and you will be able to visit the door more than once. There are 10 different prizes you can get for it.

Runic Door items

Aboogala Web Wrap

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Curse of Strength Effect

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Food-Eating Monster Horns

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Ghostly Wig

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Neovian Morning Coat

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Screaming Mask

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Spectral Wings

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