Forgotten Shore

What is the Forgotten Shore?
Along the far coast of Krawk Island lies the Forgotten Shore. Treacherous reefs surround the area, and more than one vessel has been lost for daring to approach. Every once in a while, old cargo still washes up onto shore...

The Forgotten Shore is a daily activity located in Krawk Island, as can be seen below. After having gained access to the shore, you can visit it daily for the possibility of finding something in the sand. The treasures range from neopoints to Pirate Draik Eggs and more, so it's a daily you won't want to miss out on. If you haven't gained access to it yet, you won't be able to visit the shore at all.
Since this is a site feature that gives out neopoint rewards and prizes, you may not play Forgotten Shore on your side accounts. For more information look at our side accounts guide.

How do I gain access to the Forgotten Shore?
In order to gain access to the Forgotten Shore, you will have to collect all nine pieces of the Forgotten Shore Map. The pieces - all named "Forgotten Shore Map" - can be obtained from user shops, trades, etc, or from Anchor Management. The map is inexpensive, with each piece costing about 20np or so. All 9 pieces are shown below.

After you have collected all 9 pieces, you can visit the Treasure Map Redemption page. They will reveal the location of the shore and provide you with a link to the shore, as well as some congratulatory remarks.

What can I get from the Forgotten Shore?
Once a day, you can visit the shore for a chance to get a prize. Oftentimes, you won't be able to find anything, and you will see the message:
A deserted shore stretches along in front of you, but there's nothing of interest to be found today.

If there is something to be found, then you will see something sticking out of the sand. By clicking on the shore, you will be able to collect a prize. For convenience, the possible prizes have been numbered in the image below. For each type of prize, there are a few different rewards, all listed below.
What's this? It looks like you found something buried in the sand...

1: Jewellery
When the gold necklace appears on the left side of the beach, you will win one of the following treasures:

Forgotten Shore Jewelry Prizes
Last Updated: April 08, 2021
Total Items: 13
Said to once be worn by the great dark faerie herself, if you wear this you will be immune to light attacks.

Amulet of Darkness

This magical protects the wearer from water damage.

Amulet of Fire

These beautiful bangles are a matching set from the deep.

Bangles of the Deep

These earring seem to be made out of shells, pearls, and fishhooks.

Earrings of the Deep

On their fourteenth birthday every Maraquan girl is given a magical necklace just like this.

Enchanted Maraquan Necklace

Add a bit of beauty to your outfit with this pretty circlet.

Flower Circlet

This beautiful necklace will make anyone look and smell better.

Flower Necklace

This beautiful circlet will look wonderful adorning any pets head.  Oh, and it might also protect the pet or something.

Golden Laurel Circlet

Dont worry this doesnt explode.

Gormball Necklace
View Preview

This single hairpin is covered in more precious jewels than most crowns.

Hairpin of the Deep

This pretty necklace is made with lava stones.

Lava Stone Necklace

A beautiful necklace made of shells.

Necklace of the Deep

This ornate tiara has been fashioned by layers of coral and shells.

Tiara of the Deep

The Earrings, Hairpin, Necklace and Tiara of the Deep can be placed in your Stamp Album and will appear on the Treasures of the Deep page.

2: Coins
If a blue coin appears between the rocks, you can win one of these collectable coins:

Forgotten Shore Coin Prizes
Last Updated: April 08, 2021
Total Items: 13
How can you resist this adorable Baby Grundo?

Adopt A Grundo Coin

Some believe these old coins were used by residents of an ancient Maraquan city.

Ancient Peophin Maractite Coin

Mmm cheese stars... Makes you hungry just thinking about it!

Cosmic Cheese Stars Coin

This fetching coin will look quite nice in your album!

Dual Tone Maractite Coin

This commerative coin marks the anniversary of the Annual Gormball Championships.

Gormball Coin

What is a Grobleen?  Where do they come from and what do they taste like?

Grobleen Salad Coin

A splendid coin minted to celebrate Grundo Veggieballs!

Grundo Veggieballs Coin

The place to redeem your code for all kinds of goodies.

Grundo Warehouse Coin

This remarkable helmet really does deserve its own coin!

H4000 Helmet Coin

The Maraquan Kau on this coin looks quite friendly.

Maraquan Kau Maractite Coin

Coin experts say the hole in the coin made it easier to carry around on a string!

Round Maractite Coin

The intricate seaweed design make you wonder if this particular coin was used to purchase aquatic items...

Seaweed Design Maractite Coin

This squared Maractite coin is quite different from the rest... and not just because of its shape!

Squared Maractite Coin

These items can be placed in your Stamp Album and will appear on the Maractite Coins or Space Station Coins page.

3: Neopoints
If there are neopoints laying on the beach, you can win 2,000, 5,000 or 10,000 NP.
Bag of Neopoints

4: Miscellaneous Goodies
The big sandpile at the beach indicates a much bigger treasure. You can win one of these three items, or the avatar:

Forgotten Shore Miscellaneous Prizes
Last Updated: April 08, 2021
Total Items: 3
Take five steps to the right, and twenty steps to the left, and you just MIGHT find a treasure!

Forgotten Shore Background
View Preview

Do NOT eat this egg... inside is a baby Draik, and if you can work out how to hatch it, you can keep it as a pet!

Pirate Draik Egg

Arr, give this here potion to yer Neopet and it will instantly become a proper pirate Krawk. Arr.

Pirate Krawk Morphing Potion

The first two are the dream of every Neopian. The morphing potion can be used on an existing pet to transform him or her into a Pirate Krawk. The Draik Egg can be hatched into a Pirate Draik by visiting the Draik Nest.

Meanwhile, as if there weren't already enough random avatars, TNT released a Forgotten Shore avatar that is randomly awarded when visiting the Forgotten Shore. If you're lucky enough to get it and are interested in using it, feel free to use the font that accompanies it, shown below.

Awarded randomly from searching the Forgotten Shore. You can get it from finding it in the pile of sand.

Tip: Visit SunnyNeo's Forgotten Shore guide for more information.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
arr, mate! we´ve found the TREASURE !


5: Discovered Treasure Chest
Finally, you can find a Discovered Treasure Chest at the beach.
Discovered Treasure Chest

Upon receiving a Discovered Treasure Chest, you have two options. The first is to sell it and make a nice little profit. The second is to open it by letting your pet play with it.

There is a large variety in the prizes you can receive; the ones known are listed below. They are loosely grouped by category and within each category are listed in alphabetical order. Opening the treasure chest will give you one of these items.
Forgotten Shore Prizes
Last Updated: March 25, 2021
Total Items: 70
Even though these crackers have been buried for over 100 years, they still taste...terrible.

Buried Treasure Crackers

No pirate is complete without some candy earrings.

Candy Pirate Earrings

Collecting all 9 pieces of this map will lead you to a forgotten shore!

Forgotten Shore Map Piece

Collecting all 9 pieces of this map will lead you to a forgotten shore!

Forgotten Shore Map Piece

Collecting all 9 pieces of this map will lead you to a forgotten shore!

Forgotten Shore Map Piece

Collecting all 9 pieces of this map will lead you to a forgotten shore!

Forgotten Shore Map Piece

Collecting all 9 pieces of this map will lead you to a forgotten shore!

Forgotten Shore Map Piece

Collecting all 9 pieces of this map will lead you to a forgotten shore!

Forgotten Shore Map Piece

Collecting all 9 pieces of this map will lead you to a forgotten shore!

Forgotten Shore Map Piece

Collecting all 9 pieces of this map will lead you to a forgotten shore!

Forgotten Shore Map Piece

Collecting all 9 pieces of this map will lead you to a forgotten shore!

Forgotten Shore Map Piece

These candies are best for those who wish to be a pirate but lack the creativity and adventurous spirit to actually become one.

Gummy Pirate Candies

Who wouldnt want their pasta served in a treasure chest?

Hidden Treasure Pasta

Whee! Ok so pirates wouldnt REALLY use it but its great fun!

Inflatable Bouncy Pirate Ship

Keep yer hand off me treasure chest!

Jelly Bean Pirate Chest

Even though it is a miniature toy replica it still looks pretty intimidating.

Krawk Pirate Ship

This plushie seems to have quite the powerful gaze... WARNING: PLAYING WITH THIS TOY WILL ALTER YOUR NEOPET!

Magical Pirate Krawk Plushie

This bronze coin is worth one Dubloon.  Spend em on Krawk Island!!

One Dubloon Coin

Hoist this flag in your garden and land lubbers will flee in terror!

Outdoor Pirate Flag

Everything you need to complete your pirate outfit!

Pirate Accessory Set

Who knew Arrgh could sound so cute coming from this cuddly pirate plushie.

Pirate Aisha Plushie

Dont let the innocent look fool you. This little plushie is fierce as any pirate can be! This prize was awarded by Abigail for beating her Daily Dare score in Y13.

Pirate Angelpuss Plushie

When Captain Scarblade called for reinforcements, pirates of all shapes and sizes poured from the deck.

Pirate Attack Stamp

Arrr matey, I be the plushie ye want!

Pirate Blumaroo Plushie

Ever since a child she had been obsessed with making things explode. If you hear a soft sizzle accompanied by a maniacal giggle, run!

Pirate Bomber Plushie

With a temper almost as fiery as his beard, you would be well advised to stay clear of this one...

Pirate Champion Plushie

This potion will turn your Chomby into a Pirate, just be warned that it is a bit salty.

Pirate Chomby Morphing Potion

Once your Neopet takes a drink of this it will transform into a pirate Cybunny!

Pirate Cybunny Morphing Potion

One sip of this potion... actually will not do much. Once your Neopet drinks all of this though, it will be a dashing pirate Draik!

Pirate Draik Morphing Potion

Arr! This potion will give your Neopet a touch o pirate!

Pirate Eyrie Morphing Potion

This Pirate potion will turn your Neopet into a Pirate Flotsam.

Pirate Flotsam Morphing Potion

Yar matey, I be a pirate!

Pirate Flotsam Plushie

Arr! This potion will give your Neopet a touch o pirate!

Pirate Gnorbu Morphing Potion

This pirate  potion will turn your Neopet into a pirate Grundo!

Pirate Grundo Morphing Potion

Ye be needing a new hat to eat.

Pirate Hat Toffees

This potion will turn your Neopet into a dashing Pirate Hissi!

Pirate Hissi Morphing Potion

ARRR... me hook be a dangerous... candy...

Pirate Hook Candy Cane

Shiver me timbers matey! This hot dog is fit for any pirate!

Pirate Hot Dog

You wont know what to do when your Neopet turns into both an Ixi AND a Pirate due to this magical potion!

Pirate Ixi Morphing Potion

Oh, doesnt he look like an adorable scallywag!

Pirate JubJub Plushie

Arrr this potion will turn your Neopet into a real scurvy sea dog!

Pirate Kacheek Morphing Potion

Give this potion to your Neopet and you will have you very own pirate Kougra!

Pirate Kougra Morphing Potion

Arr, give this here potion to yer Neopet and it will instantly become a proper pirate Krawk. Arr.

Pirate Krawk Morphing Potion

Rough seas make for rough lips.

Pirate Lip Balm

Yo ho yo ho, a Pirate Lutaris life for me...

Pirate Lutari Morphing Potion

Aww, a fierce little Lutari Neopet plushie!  Oh so squeezable!

Pirate Lutari Plushie

If you have been sailing the seas in search of a pirate Ogrin, this potion is just the treasure you have been hunting.

Pirate Ogrin Morphing Potion

Turn your Neopet into a rugged swashbuckler with one use of this magical paint brush!

Pirate Paint Brush

Arrrr me hearties, this brush will make your Petpet look ship shape in no time!

Pirate Petpet Paint Brush

Wow, this exotic pirate poogle morphing potion will transform your pet beyond its wildest dreams!

Pirate Poogle Morphing Potion

Only pirates would manage to find potatoes as black as their souls to fry up.

Pirate Potato Crisps

Arr tis be a Pirate Quiguki Doll!

Pirate Quiguki

This magical concoction will turn your Neopet into a fierce pirate!

Pirate Shoyru Morphing Potion

This book will help you when you are on Krawk Island and just cant think of anything to say.

Pirate Small Talk

Three of the most vicious and daring pirates under Captain Scarblades command.

Pirate Troops Stamp

Ahoy me hearties, with this swashbuckling play set your Usuki doll is ready to set sail!

Pirate Usuki Play Set

Keep out trespassers and potential plunderers with this handy sign.

Pirate Warning Sign

Ar, this potion will turn your Neopet into a swashbuckling Pirate Wocky!

Pirate Wocky Morphing Potion

This potion smells suspiciously of sea water.

Pirate Yurble Morphing Potion

Keep your feet warm and warn off those who might attack with this red pirate sock!

Red Pirate Socks

A rather boring book filled with maps drawn in the shape of Skeiths.

Skeith Inspired Treasure Maps

An action packed adventure following the life of a Grundo farm boy who wanted to be a pirate.

The Grundo Pirate

Beautiful pictures and interesting facts about Meridells finest treasures.

The Royal Treasure Collection

One brave Tuskaninny followed his ancient map and found Treasure Island, but it was not as he expected...

The Secret of Treasure Island

ARRRRR, ye cant pretend to be a pirate without a hat!

Toy Pirate Hat

Now your Neopet can pretend to swashbuckle to its hearts content.

Toy Pirate Sword

This Negg has been painted with a treasure map, I wonder if anything is really hidden there...

Treasure Map Negg

An fun assortment of all kinds of sweet things for your Neopet to enjoy.

Treasure Sweets

Swashbuckling adventure by the bucket load!

Tuskaninny Treasure

Arrr every pirate needs a cool looking ship to sail in!

Wooden Pirate Ship