Deserted Tomb of Geraptiku

What is the Deserted Tomb of Geraptiku?
The Deserted Tomb of Geraptiku is a daily that you can visit in an attempt to get a prize. Most days, you won't find anything, but every once in a while treasures will await you!
Since this is a site feature that gives out neopoint rewards and prizes, you may not visit the tomb on your side accounts. For more information look at our side accounts guide.

Entering the Tomb
You can enter the tomb for free, all you need to do is click to open the stone door.

Deep within the ruins of Geraptiku lies a tomb that has been deserted for eons. No one knows for sure what lurks inside, but rumours have spread across Mystery Island. Most warn of the creatures said to inhabit the ruins. They say that if you value your life, it's best you stay away.

But others tell of a massive treasure left under the protection of the tomb's many traps. If you can get past these traps, Neopoints by the ton and artifacts like you've never seen are said to be scattered throughout the tomb. So far though, those who have entered to seek such a treasure have yet to return.


What about you? You've been standing at the door of this tomb for a while now. Are you brave enough to open it? Go on. It's just a door, right? There may be riches beyond your wildest dreams waiting for you inside... if risking your life is worth finding out.


Read on to see what happens if you choose to open the door. Treasure awaits...
The door, being made of stone and all, begins to slide open slowly. Very slowly. You could be here all day...

It finally comes to a stop about halfway up. Figures. It is a very, very old door after all.

You gaze into the darkness beyond the opening and can barely make out a path leading inside. It quickly disappears, giving you no clue as to what may be in store for you if you enter. Without you realizing, your knees begin to shake and your hands begin to tremble. Riches may be waiting for you just beyond this door, but you have a very, very bad feeling about this place.


Dead Ends
More often than not, you will not find the treasure. Instead, you will either (barely) manage to escape unharmed, or your active pet will take a hit for you. Below are the possible outcomes.

It's been two days. You don't quite know how, but you've managed to elude many of the traps mysteriously strewn around this tomb. Maybe it's a good thing you're so clumsy.

You happen upon a flight of stairs that leads down into the darkness. It seems to go on forever, but you finally reach the very bottom and enter the dimly lit room you find there.


You yell out in disappointment. This room is the treasure chamber you've been looking for but you discover that someone has gotten to the treasure before you. You could devote the rest of your life to finding this person and writing them a stern letter, but you have to get out of here first.

After being lost in the tomb for two days (living off fungus and rain water of course), you stumble across a room you haven't seen before. Could this be the location of the treasure?



That's definitely no treasure. A giant monster leaps out from the darkness and begins chasing you, all the while thinking about the best way to cook you for dinner. You should probably continue running.


In the last scenario, your active pet will lose half of its current hitpoints.

You've never seen so many traps in your life. Seriously. Someone must really not want you to be here. You wonder how many traps there really are, and who put them here.



And, while you were thinking that and not paying attention, you set off another one. You watch as the arrows fly right at you, but luckily Boathook was paying attention and pushes you out of the way just in time.

But while you're safe, Boathook suffers a bit of damage and loses some HP.


Minor prize
There are two different scenarios that award prizes. In the first scenario, you are awarded a minor prize.
You've been here for quite a while now. You don't know how many days exactly, but you know you've passed that same carving at least 14 times. Exhausted, you decide to take a break and sit down for a while.


What in the world was that? You look down to discover you'd planted yourself right on top of a Petpet. Poor thing. You wonder how it got here.

Wait a tick! What's that under the Petpet? You shoo the little critter away and open the small box that almost escaped your notice.

It's no massive treasure, but it's better than nothing. With all you've been through, you decide to quit while you're ahead and quickly make for an exit.


The possible prizes are listed below. Did you get an item not listed here ?  Please let us know.
Deserted Tomb of GeraptikuTreasure you can find in the Deserted Tomb
Last Updated: January 21, 2024
Total Items: 27
This rather simple construction seems to glow when you pick it up.  It must be magical...

Bone Sceptre

A delicious Chrysanberry flavoured cake with the Geraptiku Sun symbol on it.

Chrysanberry Sun Cake

Amazing craftmanship, but urgh the juice is tasteless!

Coconut Skull Scorchipepper Juice

This fruit was named for the strange look of the skin.   The fruit itself is very sweet.

Crater Fruit

So called because its a crunchy berry that looks like a skull.

Crunchy Skullberry

Easy to pull apart, takes hours to put back together.

Deserted Tomb Puzzle

It is said these gems contain a little bit of the Earth Faeries magic.

Earth Stone Gem

This was all the rage at the Geraptiku parties, but since the mystery, people dont really make them anymore...

Geraptiku Burger

This voracious plant will keep your garden free of unwelcome visitors and all kinds of bugs.

Geraptiku Fly Trap

This used to be a common sight at the loud parties Geraptiku was once famous for.

Geraptiku Punch

This book contains long forgotten recipes such as Geraptiku Burger and Geraptiku Punch - both a huge hit at parties.

Geraptiku Recipes

When you shake the globe, little snowflakes fall on the city of Geraptiku.

Geraptiku Snowglobe

A colourful Petpet that cannot fly, despite having wings.

Ghost Ponka

Deep within the tomb you find a glistening amulet.  Put it on... see what it does...

Golden Geraptiku Talisman

Its not that scary looking in plush form.

Halloween Lizark Plushie

This rather dusty toy was left behind in the Lost City of Geraptiku.  I wonder what happened to its last owner...

Island Native Techo Plushie

Such a cute plushie! Not at all scary looking! Right?!

Lizark Plushie

This necklace wasnt very lucky for its last owner it seems...

Lucky Bone Necklace

Their strange staring eyes actually glow in the dark... Isnt that weird!

Mutant Chuchuana

This simple dagger looks like it was carved out of a single piece of stone.

Obsidian Dagger

This funny looking toy was left behind by one of the old inhabitants of the lost city.

Potgatkerchi Plushie

What a pretty vase to go in your Neohome.

Red Geraptiku Vase

This book is about all the spooky things that happen in Geraptiku. And this book was found like this. Wonder who wrote it . .

Skull Book

The crunchy sound when you bite into it, is just like the sound of a bone cracking.

Skull Candy

Is it called skull cookie because of its shape, or is it also an ingredient?

Skull Cookie

This eerie looking chair was probably used by the chief of Geraptiku.

Traditional Bone Throne

This funny looking toy was left behind by one of the old inhabitants of the lost city.

Wind Up Potgatkerchi Toy

* The Earth Stone Gem wasn't always a Geraptiku-Only prize. They used to be sold at the Magic Shop but are now retired.

The treasure of the Lost City of Geraptiku prize
The second scenario that wins you a prize is when you find the treasure. The treasure will award one of the minor prizes as well, in addition to either a codestone, fading bottled faerie, or tropical fruit. You also walk away with a few thousand neopoints (usually under 2,500 nps).
The tomb presents you with quite a challenge over the next few days. Luckily, you've brought plenty of provisions and have cleverly made your way through every trap you've come across. Your mum would be proud.

Finally, after deciphering all the secrets of the tomb, you're led to the treasure chamber.



You've found it. You've found the treasure of the Lost City of Geraptiku. People you've met once will now be writing to you asking to borrow Neopoints. It's every Neopian's dream.

Prize Prize

You search through the treasure and take back what you can carry.


In addition to the other prizes, if you are lucky, you may find an avatar!


Geraptiku - Deserted Tomb

Random when finding an item or the treasure in the Deserted Tomb in The Lost City of Geraptiku.

Tip: Read SunnyNeo's Deserted Tomb guide for more info!