Giant Omelette

What is the Giant Omelette?
Are your pets hungry? Not a problem! Just head on over to the Giant Omelette. The Giant Omelette is a... well, giant omelette that has sat upon the Tyrannian Plateau for thousands of years! Below is a guide explaining every aspect of this Neopian wonder.
Whoever's house was there is gonna need a new insurance policy...

Note: Historically, The Giant Omelette was discovered on March 28th 2001 with the following image:
Since this is a site feature that gives out neopoint rewards and prizes, you may not visit the Giant Omelette on your side accounts. For more information look at our side accounts guide.

Claiming Your Daily Omelette
Legend has it that thousands of years ago a GIGANTIC dinosaur laid an egg on the Tyrannian Plateau. The egg shell split open and the egg spilled out onto the scalding Tyrannian ground and began to cook. Since then Neopians from all over Neopia have come to get their fair share of the omelette.

Here is the message you'll receive once you select "Grab Some Omelette."
Gaint Omelette

You approach the massive omelette...
... and manage to take a slice!!!

One rule of the omelette is that each person is only allowed one slice a day, and it is enforced by Sabre-X. If you try to take another slice of the omelette you will receive the following message:
Gaint Omelette

You approach the massive omelette...
Sabre-X growls 'NO! You cannot take more than one slice per day!'

Eating An Omelette
The omelette is a neopian food item that can be consumed not just once, but three times. As you can see below every time you select the action "Feed to petname" your pet only takes one bite of the omelette.

Galliard says 'Thanks for that, I was really hungry'

Galliard takes a bite out of a Plain Omelette!

Galliard was dying, and now she is starving!

Once your pet has taken a bite of the omelette a new item will be placed in your inventory with the name "2/3 omelette-name" and the time after that "1/3 omelette-name". This means that with one omelette you actually get three meals for you pets! Here is the progression of an omelette shown with the "Plain Omelette":
Progression of the Plain Omelette
"Plain Omelette" "2/3 Plain Omelette" "1/3 Plain Omelette"

The Available Omelettes
Below is a list of all of the omelettes you can recieve from the Giant Omelette in order by rarity from least to greatest and then alphabetically.
Giant Omelette Slices
Omelette Whole 2/3 1/3
Black Currant Omelette
Chocolate Omelette
Chokato Omelette
Clay Omelette
Fresh Fruit Surprise Omelette
Ham and Cheese Omelette
Honey Blossom Omelette
Hot Tyrannian Pepper Omelette
Juppie Omelette
Little Fishy Omelette
Marshmallow Omelette
Meat Feast Omelette
Mushroom Omelette
Pizza Omelette
Plain Omelette
Rice Omelette
Spicy Red Omelette
Spinach Feta Omelette
Strawberry Omelette
Tangy Tigersquash Omelette
Twirly Fruit Omelette
Ugga Melon Omelette
Veggie Delight Omelette
Sausage and Pepperoni Omelette
Sausage Omelette
Carrot and Pea Omelette
Green Pepper Omelette
Bacon and Broccoli Omelette
Bacon Omelette
BBQ Sauce Omelette
Cheese and Onion Omelette
Cheese Omelette
Tomato Omelette
Tomato and Pepper Omelette

Special Omelettes:
There are some omelettes that do more than just help your pets' hunger. 

The Magical Tomato and Pepper Omelette

Yes, the Magical Tomato and Pepper Omelette is very magical. It looks just like a whole Tomato and Pepper Omelette, but it is gone in one bite, and is VERY rare and worth up to 100k! So DON'T EAT THE OMELETTE!

The Rotten Omelette

Yes, like most good things the Ewww!Giant Omelette has a fault. Sometimes it will give you a rotten omelette. The "Rotten Omeltte" uses the exact same image as the "Cheese Omelette". The "Rotten Omelette" is a peculiar omelette, because this particular omelette can only be eaten once, and for a good reason!


Galliard says '*BURP*'

UGGGH! - Oh no, that omelette was gross! Galliard feels really ill :(

As stated in the above, if you feed "Rotten Omelette" to one of your pets the pet will have become sick. They will have come down with a terrible case of "Ugga-Ugga"!
Galliard is suffering from Ugga-Ugga!
Find the cure at the NeoHospital!

The working cures for "Ugga-Ugga"? Sporkle Syrup, Gwontek Syrup, and Pepermint Stomach Medicine. You could always hope for a lucky visit at the Healing Springs!
Peppermint Stomach
Sporkle Syrup
Gwontek Syrup

For more diseases and their cures look at Sunnyneo's cures and diseases guide.

Other Omelettes
Listed below are some of the omelettes not given out by the Giant Omelette.
Other Omelettes
Turkey and Cranberry Omelette
Given out on the Nintenth of December 2002 through the Advent Caledar
Black Cherry Jelly Omelette
Can only be eaten once and can be bought at the Jelly Foods store in Jelly World
Omelette of the Faeries Can only be eaten once and can be bought at Faerie Foods in Faerieland.

Missing the Omelette
Sometimes, the omelette gets completely eaten! If this occurs you will receive this message from Sabre-X:
Gaint Omelette

You approach the massive omelette...
The Omelette has Gone!!!

Hmmm, there doesn't seem to be any left, why don't you check back in a couple of hours... another egg may have hatched by then!

Don't worry though! Once in a while that strange dinosaur will come back and lay another egg!
Don't forget that sometimes when the omelette disappears Tonu are released on the Create a Neopet page!

Battledome Challenger
If you refresh at the Giant Omelette you'll receive a new battledome challenger: Giant Hungry Malevolent Chomby


Giant Hungry Malevolent Chomby will be waiting for you in the BATTLEDOME!!!