How to make blogs in paint!

This tutorial will explain to you how to make blogs using paint

  • Start by opening up paint. You can either make your own blog background by adding things you want to it, or you can go and find an image that you would think would look cute as a blog. You can find these in numerous places, but I always like to go to the caption contests, or backgrounds parts of neopets to find good ones. We are going to use this one: Jetsam picture for blog

  • So either save your image to you computer and then open it up in paint, or just copy it and then paste it into paint.

  • Now you will want to put a border around it so that it has some definition and doesn't just blend in with the background.

  • Select the Rectangle tool and have the 1st option selected where just the outline is picked

  • Then left click the color you want to be your outline color, I am using black, and draw a rectangle around the outside of the image.

  • Now still using the rectangle tool select the middle rectangle, where the outline is blackened and the inside is shaded. Left click the color you want for the border, right click the color you want for the inside. We are going to use black and a shade of green.

  • Draw a box somewhere on there; this will be where your text will go when you put it in your shop.

  • Now all that is left is to add some text. Think of something witty. And then click on the text tool.

  • Make sure the bottom option is selected; the one that looks like the selected box around the cube is not shaded in.

  • Then left click the color you want your text to be, and draw a text box on your image about where you want your text to be, and then type what you want it to say.

  • You can change your text by going to view... text toolbar, and then you can change the size and font. You may need to move the position of the text box to get it where exactly you want it, and how exactly you want it to look.

  • This is my finished product:

If you would like to learn how to code your blog, please check out our Code Your Blog Tutorial

For your blog to work you will need to upload it on a host that allows you to direct link your image. Try SunnyNeo's Uploading Images Tutorial if you need help uploading your image.