Code a Blog Tutorial

This is a tutorial you can use to code your own blog :) We also have a Blog Tutorial for paint where you can learn to create your own blogs.

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Blog coding by

Above is an example of a shop blog and the correct positioning for it. If you would like to use this blog, please check out our Blogs.

Here is the full coding for the shop blog above:

Now let's break it down

The 1st part of the code(the one in the text area above) is where you put anything that pertains to the actual image. So you put the url where it asks for background, and then the table width and height are your dimensions of the image or blog. If you want a border around it, which you probably won't, you can change the number after border. The cellpadding and cellspacing =0 will make it so you can get the text area all the way to the left, right, top, bottom edges if you wanted it to go that far. This also starts the code to center your blog since most of the time you will want it centered.

This is the part of the code where you position where the text area will go (so like in the little square or what not that people put in blogs). You will change the value after height to position where the text box should go vertically, so if it is at the top of the blog, it will be a small number, if it is at the bottom of the blog it will be a large number. So if your blog itself has a height of 300 and the text box starts in the middle of the image then your height will be right around 150, get it.
Same goes for width, the smaller the number the closer to the left it will be, the larger the number after the width the more to the right it will be.
You will want to measure by top left hand corner, cause if you have the div style stuff large it will alter your blog, so as long as the top left hand corner is in the right position then you are good, we will fix the rest next.

This part of the code is where you change how wide and tall the text box area is. You change the width to be how wide you want it to be, and the height to be how tall, pretty self explanatory :)

Pretty easy part here, most people are used to this coding, this is just the part where you change the scrollbar color. Change all the values after each thing for your scrollbar. You can check out our Scrollbar Tutorial on what code is what part of the scrollbar.

Last of all this is the part where you change the actual font in the text area and then the last bit of coding. Change the number after font size to make it larger or smaller. If you want your font to be bolded then you use the code that is in there now: font-weight: bold;. If you dont want it bolded then take that part of the code out. Change the font type after font-family to change the font type, and change the color after color to change the color of the font. Then put whatever you want where it says stuff goes here. And make sure to have the ending tags on as well.

Well that is how you code a blog. Hope this helps. This might not be the most extensive and accurate way to code blogs, but hey it is defintly the easiest way i have found and it seems to work quite well. :)