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The third part of the plot is now available, go to the Petpet Park Mission Headquarters to start. You will see that your third mission, Pinixy is available. Click on More Information.

Your assignment is to get the Pinixy from Faerieland to the Petpet Park.

Latest Mission Profile
Location: Faerieland
Species: Pinixy

After reading the comic go to Faerieland to open a portal.

Pinixies are active, rambunctious Petpets, always engaged in some physical activity or another, whether it's running, jumping, wrestling, or climbing.

Bad news, Agent. We don't know the cause, but someone's opened up multiple portals in Faerieland, and only one of them is the correct one from Petaria. Your mission is to close down all the wrong ones to prevent any danger from coming through, find the correct one, and escort the Pinixies here unharmed.

You will be taken to Faerieland and get to read a conversation between the 3 agents.


Oh no! Look at all those portals! Which one is the right one?

We'll just have to investigate them all until we find it.

Be careful! Who knows where those portals might lead?

We'll need to close all the incorrect portals.

How do we do that?

Simple! We use the Control Apparatus (Remote Portals), or C.A.R.P. It can match a portal's resonant frequency and close the portal immediately. It's very easy to use, I assure you...

You are taken to a page with several portals on it, click on each one in turn to try to close it. You'll be taken to a portal from a different world:

Different worlds: Darigan - Black Void - Old Maraqua - Slime Monster - Purple Monster


Ewww, tentacles! Does this portal go to Maraqua or something?!

Set the slider on the C.A.R.P. and push the big red button! That'll energize the frequency normalization field, and close the portal! You'll have to use the readout to figure out how close the frequency match is!

Then you have to close the portal using the C.A.R.P device.

How to close a portal:
After you have clicked on a portal, you will have control over a C.A.R.P device. Press the red activate button to get started with it. Here is how it works.

1: Indicator: shows you how many stripes your slider (#3) has to go up or down.

2: Shows you the frequency of the wave coming from the portal. This is an indication on how far up you need to bring your slider. A low freqency wave means that the slider needs to be not far up, while a high frequency wave needs to have a high up slider.

3: This is your slider, you can click on the stripes to move the red slider up or down.

4: This is the red activate button. Click it and you'll activate the C.A.R.P device. It will then show you how many stripes you need to go up or down. You will also need to push the activate button before you can get started so that the indicator (#1) will tell you how far to move your slider.

Following the example of the picture: As you can see #1 indicates we have to move down 6 stripes. So click 6 stripes below the current one. Then press the red button to activate. Your portal will shut down!

Note that you have only 3 tries to close down the portal. This means that after activating the device, you must close down the portal within the next 2 turns, or you will be punished by another portal opening.


We did it! One more portal closed!

When you find the right portal you will see this page:


Woo hoo! We found the right portal!

That rogue agent is really getting to be a pain. What's he after?

I don't know, but we'd better report in to Mother Bruce that we've completed our mission. Maybe she'll have more information for us.

After this you must return to the mission headquarters. You're then done with mission 4, three more missions will follow later. Weltrude will tell you you're done with this misison.

The Pinixy will make a fine addition to Petpet Park.
I should imagine the park administrators will be most pleased at receiving them. But enough of that; you've got to keep your eyes open, as we've had reports of a rogue operative of some sort interfering with our operations.

If you click on check status on the left, you will see that you have completed 3 out of 6 missions.

Don't forget to update your Mission Counter if you have one.


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