Petpet Park Plot



To get started on the plot, first go to Petpet Park. Notice the Petpet Park logo at the top of the page, it looks like the image below:

If you click on the green paw of the logo you will be taken to the Mission Headquarters. Here you will be given your first mission information by Weltrude.
Good to see you, Agent.

We have received reports that there will be several Petaria portals appearing in the next few weeks. We need help to make sure any Petpets crossing over to Neopia arrive at Petpet Park safely.

Please refer to the Latest Mission Profile in the console at your left, and the mission archive below for further briefing information.

Your first assignment is to help a Drym make its way from Petaria (a Petpet inhabited world) to Petpet Park.

Latest Mission Profile
Location: Terror Mountain
Species: Drym

If you click on More Information, you will be taken to the Plot Comic, read through it.

After reading the comic your goal will be clear, go to Terror Mountain and get the Drym appearing there to Petpet Park. In order to get started you must click on Proceed to Mission.

Dryms are curious, mischievous Petpets, though they are more a source of amusement than they are troublemakers. They love digging for shiny objects, and they're especially fond of burrowing through snow.

Your mission, Agent, is to make haste through the Terror Mountain ice caves, reach the portal without delay, and escort the Dryms here unharmed.

You will be taken to Terror Mountain and get to read a conversation between the 3 agents.


This cave looks spooky! Is the portal really inside there?

We've got a mission to do. Besides, we've faced worse than this!

It'll take more than a dark cave to scare me. Come on!

After this you must choose your way through the tunnels of Terror Mountain.

The correct path is: Right, Left, Left, Right, Left, Right.

Should you choose incorrectly you will be scared out of the cave by a snowbeast, and then you will have to start over.

After completing the maze successfully you are taken to an open spot in the cave, here you can open your portal.


Ha! I knew we'd find it!

Let's get the portal open and collect those Dryms before those Snowbeasts find us...

I second that motion!

Open your Portal, then retrieve the Drym.

After this you must return to the mission headquarters. You're then done with mission 1, five more missions will follow later.

Good work on retrieving that Drym, Agent.

Although I can't guarantee that all these retrieval missions will be such a walk in the park. Your next mission briefing will appear in the console at left when it is ready.

If you click on check status on the left, you will see that you have completed 1 out of 6 missions.


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