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General Info:
The sewage system in Neopia has been greatly neglected, 50 different places need all of their pipes replaced! Matt the Wocky is up to a great challenge, and you have to try and help him install all the new pipes. If you don't, Neopia will flood, and believe me, that is not going to smell very nice.

How to Play:
There are 50 different levels in Sewage Surfer, your goal on each level is to connect the sewage source to the sewage drain. In order to do so, you get an assortment of sewer pieces you can use. These come in a random order, and you might not even be able to use all pieces.

The pipe must form one connection from source to drain, there cannot be any open holes in the pipe, that way Neopia would flood! So make sure that the sewage system is closed before you start the flow.

Source ->
<- Drain

The sewer pipe pieces:
The assortment of sewer pipe pieces you can use is different on each level. Some levels maybe have pieces that other levels don't have. Below you can see all the different pieces that exist in the game, these pieces all have open ends.

There are also pieces in the game that will appear later on in the game, these can be used to close open sewer pipes:

Using Pieces:
At the top of the screen you can see which of the pieces is the current piece you can use, and you can also see the next two pieces you will get. You can choose to use the piece. Then you click somewhere in the sewer system and the piece will be placed there, once you clicked somewhere in the sewage system this cannot be undone, its stuck there forever. Another option is to discard the piece.

Discarding Pieces:
Because all the sewer pipe pieces you get are random, you will also get pieces you cannot use at all. Thats why there is the option to discard pieces. If you press the 'Discard Piece' button your current piece will be discarded. There is only a certain number of times that you can discard a piece per level. So make sure not to discard pieces you need to use!

If you get into really big trouble, and you ran out of discards you can also place the pieces on random spots in the sewer system. Just make sure that they aren't connected to the main connection from source to drain (see the example below).

Completing a level:
If you are sure that your sewage pipe form a closed connection from source to drain, you need to press the 'Start Flow!' button. If you dont have any holes in your connection, you will move on to the next level. If your connection wasn't as closed as you thought you need to restart the level, and you lose 50 points.

Restarting a level:
Sometimes it happens that the assortment of sewer pipe pieces doesn't enable you to complete the level. If that happens you can restart the level and start over with a new assortment of pieces. In order to do this, you need to click on the 'Start Level Over' button. If you do this, 50 points will be deducted from your score.

Scoring points:
The points you get for each level are based on two things. First, the number of pieces that are connected to your main connection. The more pieces are connected the more points you get. Secondly, points are subtracted from your score if you have pieces laying around in the sewage system that are not connected.

Neopoints are awarded when you finish the last level, or if you quit the game. But in order to receive any neopoints, your score must be higher than 5,000 points.

Apart from neopoints you can also gain an avatar from Sewage Surfer!

Flood level 50 of Sewage Surfer and then quit the game. Do not complete the level, just quit at level 50 after flooding it.

Tip: Visit's Sewage Surfer Guide.

Sewers are Stinky!


Beating the levels:
To make the game a bit easier for you, has a guide on how to beat all the levels. On the pictures below you can see where you need to place the pieces. However, you will need to discard the pieces you cannot use yourself, or you can place them somewhere in the sewar system not connected to the main pipe. It is also possible that you don't get the right assortment of pieces. If that happens, just restart the level.
(This is not the only way to beat the levels, there are many many more, this is just a way.)

Level: 1
- Sewer Access -
Level: 2
- Detour -
Level: 3
- Initial Conditions -

Level: 4
- Diversion -
Level: 5
- Drop -

Level: 6
- Levels -
Level: 7
- Circular -

Level: 8
- Grid -
Level: 9
- Cluster -

Level: 10
- Sewage Plant Alpha -
Level: 11
- Minimalism -

Level: 12
- Snake -

Level: 13
- Minefield -

Level: 14
- Roundabout -

Level: 15
- Choices -

Level: 16
- Maze -

Level: 17
- Pivotal -
Level: 18
- One Way Or Another -

Level: 19
- Wednesday -

Level: 20
- Sewage Plant Beta -

Level: 21
- Centrifugal -
Level: 22
- Descent -

Level: 23
- Lines -

Level: 24
- Compart Mental -

Level: 25
- End Run -

Level: 26
- Parenthetical -

Level: 27
- Strait -

Level: 28
- Colonnade -

Level: 29
- Stairs -

Level: 30
- Sewage Plant Gamma -

Level: 31
- Around the Bend -

Level: 32
- Simplified -

Level: 33
- Long Division -

Level: 34
- Spiral -

Level: 35
- Pockets -

Level: 36
- Cavity -

Level: 37
- Ad Astra Per Aspera -

Level: 38
- Cataclysm -
Level: 39
- Sewagefall -

Level: 40
- Sewage Plant Delta -

Level: 41
- Still Waters -

Level: 42
- Midst -

Level: 43
- The Stars My Destination -

Level: 44
- Double Barrel -

Level: 45
- Beware of the Leopard -

Level: 46
- Circumstances -

Level: 47
- Madness -

Level: 48
- Battlefield -

Level: 49
- Lightning -

Level: 50
- Sewage Plant Epsilon -

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