Meerca Chase 2

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General Info:
Meerca Chase 2 can be a difficult game, especially when aiming for the avatar. You need 1,250 points to get the avatar. Following this guide should help you achieve that score.

How to play:
In Meerca Chase 2 you control a Meerca who's only ambition in life is to collect neggs. To collect them, you must move around using the arrow keys. But not all neggs are good, the red neggs in particular. If you touch a red negg it's game over. For each negg you collect (that isn't red) you will get a certain amount of points, pending the difficulty you select, what mode you select, and what color the negg you collected is. View the chart in the "Negg Overview" section for more info.

This is you!

Game play:
There are five modes you can select. Here is a breakdown of each mode:

Classic Mode - Classic Mode is a throwback to Meerca Chase 1. It's the same game, you move in 90 degree angles, and you collect neggs. There are no obstacles, except for the walls. Touching the wall equals death. This can be a good mode for beginners to just play around in, it will help you get a feel for the speed of the game.

Freestyle Mode - Freestyle Mode gives you the ability to move in a full 360 degrees. There are no obstacles, except for the boundary walls, which is exactly like Classic Mode. This is the mode everyone should practice on at least a few times before moving on to superextrahypergravitymode, which is explained later. Getting use to 360 degree movement is one of the only things standing in your way to a sweet avatar, so practice in this mode on the hard difficulty.

Maze Mode - Maze Mode is exactly like Classic Mode, only with a maze in the middle of the screen. You move in 90 degree turns, and you can't touch the walls of the maze, unless you wish to perish! This is the least recommended mode for you to play in. There's just too much clutter, so it's diffcult ot build skill in this mode.

Ferocious Mode - Ferocious Mode gets the award for "most unique". It's a secret mode. To play in it, type "ferociousneggsareontheloose", without the quotes in the main start screen (click in it first before you type the code). It pits you against red neggs.. that move! You move in 90 degree turns, all the while dodging ferocious red neggs that want to eat you. You automatically start on the medium difficulty when you type in this cheat. To play on easy or hard, click "end game" while in game, then click the restart button. At the bottom left you'll see the ferocious mode, that's invisible. Just select the difficulty you want and play again. This mode is fun to play in, but definitely not recommended if going for the avatar. If you're getting too frustrated, play in this mode a few times, it's a good stress reliever.

Gravity Mode - Gravity Mode is the shortened version of a very long title, to say the least. It's a secret mode. To play in it, type "superextrahypergravitymode" without the quotes in the main start screen (click in it first before you type the code). There are no difficulties to be selected in this mode, and it is the mode in which you should go for the avatar score. You can move a full 360 degrees, and there's a black hole in the middle of the screen. It sucks you in using it's ultra powerful gravity abilities, so you have to avoid it. Falling into it will result in death, similar to collecting red neggs. Hitting the wall, or hitting your own tail will also cause you to die.

Negg Overview:
Here is a list of all the neggs and what they look like.

Good Neggs

Yellow Negg

Blue Negg

Green Negg

Grey Negg

Gold Negg

Rainbow Negg

Power Negg

Fish Negg

Bad Neggs

Red Negg

Ferocious Negg

The following charts show how many points each negg is worth in each mode on each difficulty setting.

Classic Mode
  easy medium hard
Yellow Negg 3 5 8
Blue Negg 9 15 24
Green Negg 12 20 32
Grey Negg 15 25 40
Gold Negg 30 50 80
Rainbow Negg 60 100 160
Power Negg 99 165 264
Fish Negg 150 250 400
Freestyle Mode
  easy medium hard
Yellow Negg 3 6 10
Blue Negg 9 18 30
Green Negg 12 24 40
Grey Negg 15 30 50
Gold Negg 30 60 100
Rainbow Negg 60 120 200
Power Negg 99 198 330
Fish Negg 150 300 500

Maze Mode
  easy medium hard
Yellow Negg 3 8 12
Blue Negg 9 24 36
Green Negg 12 32 48
Grey Negg 15 40 60
Gold Negg 30 80 120
Rainbow Negg 60 160 240
Power Negg 99 264 396
Fish Negg 150 400 600
Ferocious Mode
  easy medium hard
Yellow Negg 3 7 10
Blue Negg 9 21 30
Green Negg 12 28 40
Grey Negg 15 35 50
Gold Negg 30 70 100
Rainbow Negg 60 140 200
Power Negg 99 231 330
Fish Negg 150 350 500

Gravity Mode
Yellow Negg 18
Blue Negg 54
Green Negg 72
Grey Negg 90
Gold Negg 180
Rainbow Negg 360
Power Negg 594
Fish Negg 900

Game Strategy:
For purposes of going for the avatar, it's highly recommended that you play on the superextrahypergravitymode, called "Gravity Mode" for short. Why?

Good things about Gravity Mode:
  1. Every negg is worth more in Gravity Mode. Getting a fish negg in Gravity Mode almost gives you 3/4's of the needed 1250 avatar score.

  2. You can come to a stop in Gravity Mode. Technically, since you're being sucked into the middle, you can never be at a complete stop. Stop means you not touching the arrow keys in this instance. You can't stay stopped for very long (or you'll hit your own tail and die) but this can be very useful. Stopping can help if you're getting overwhelmed, or if you want to switch directions for a better shot at the next negg. This is the single most important thing you have to become familiar with. Mastering this will aid you greatly in getting the avatar, it just takes practice. There are many more uses in stopping that will be explained later.

  3. Sometimes red neggs will spawn in the middle of the black hole, or not at all. This is a huge bonus, obviously, and it happens quite often. At times you'll have a tail of at least 9+ with no red neggs in your way.

  4. You can move a full 360 degrees, instead of just left, right, up and down. This allows more control and fluidity.

  5. Games flow quicker, since you can turn around to get neggs faster if you need to. This will make the game less frustrating, while giving you more chances to encounter a power or fish negg.

Bad things about Gravity Mode:
  1. Sometimes the negg you need to continue your chain will spawn in the middle of the black hole, preventing you from continuing that round. It's not exactly rare, either.

  2. Being able to move the full 360 degress is good, but it also gives you more opportunities to hit your own tail.

1. Don't Go Crazy
Meerca Chase 2 is really about consistency, in that you should spend minimal time focusing on one game, and more on accepting that it's more important to play this game in "bulk". Don't get too hung up on each game, or you'll drive yourself crazy. Stay focused, and just collect as many as you can each time. Eventually, one of those times will have a fish negg, and that will be your window to achieve the avatar score. Fish negg games are the only time that you should really, really focus on your every move.

2. Go Counter-Clockwise
If all things are equal and nothing is stacked, it's best to move counter-clockwise around the circle. Well, assuming you have good keyboard-hand ettiquette. Going counter-clockwise allows all the turning (around the circle) to be done with your thumb or index finger. This allows more control and fluidity in your motions. So get used to going counter-clockwise.

3. Stop n' Go
When a negg spawns in any of the corners, there is an easy way of getting it without the risk of hitting a wall. Instead of being in motion constantly, try edging up a little at a time, using a stop, go, stop, go method. Doing this will allow you better control, and almost prevent any chance of you touching the edges of the walls.

4. Spin When You're Stopped
Rotate when at a stop to give yourself the best angle to maneuver. This can be used in many situations. Here are a few screenshots to show you a few of those situations.

5. Stopping = Pwnage
You might notice that a lot of these tips involve stopping. It's important to say again that stopping is your greatest ally in going for the avatar score. Master stopping, and it's almost guaranteed you'll get the avatar score.

6. Get Adjusted to the Pull of Gravity
Practice moving around the middle. The more you get used to the pull of the hole, the better the chance you have of getting your desired score.

7. No Zigging... or Zagging
Try to create a pattern with your movement when possible. Consistency is the key, don't zig zag unless there's a reason to.

8. You Don't Have to Collect the Neggs ASAP
It's important to remember that you can always slow things down. If you're having problems figuring out how you want to approach getting the next negg, you can always create a pattern to continuously move around until you've had enough time to think.

9. Short Tail Allows Recklessness
When you have a smaller tail (4 or less) you can be more free with your movement, because it's a lot harder, bordering impossible, to hit your tail.

The examples below give you some tips on how to move in specific situations.

Example 1: Negg is close to the wall

In this example you've got a negg dangerously close to the wall. To safely grab the negg, stop where the Meerca is in the screenshot, and slowly nudge your way up to it by pressing the up key a couple of time (green arrows). Stop nudging when you get it, and let the gravity pull you down a bit (pink arrow). When you're safely out of danger of hitting the wall, spin (either left or right) and continue to collect the next negg (blue arrow).

Example 2: Negg is close to the wall and red negg

In this example you have a negg close to the wall and a red negg. Getting this negg is a lot like getting the negg in example 1. Stop where the Meerca is in the screenshot, and nudge your way up to the negg and collect it (green arrows). Rotate your Meerca as your falling (you don' have to fall quite as long as in example 1) and continue to collect your next negg (pink arrow).

Example 3: Negg is close to the black hole

In this example you have a negg that is somewhat close to the black hole. To get this negg, stop where the Meerca is in the screenshot, and let the gravity pull you down (green arrow). Rotate as you're falling preparing for your exit, then as soon as you collect the negg get out and continue on to your next negg (pink arrow).

Example 4: Negg is very close to the black hole

In this example your negg is almost in the black hole. This one is tricky. It's executed almost exactly the same as example 3. Stop moving where the Meerca is in the screen shot and let the gravity pull you down (green arrow). Rotate as you're falling, then just before you collect the negg get out quick (pink arrow)!

The Phantom Orange Shirt Guy (TPOSH)
On the start screen, click the meerca's left eye for a surprise! "Oh noes, is that The Phantom Orange Shirt Guy, or am I hallucinating?" Yes, you're hallucinating.

The apperance of TPOSG doesn't do anything, although some believe he will give you an increased chance of getting fish neggs. We believe it's just a TNT joke, but it won't hurt to try!

Game Codes:
There are two codes for Meerca Chase 2. Type these in the main start screen, where you can choose which mode you want to play. If you're having trouble activating the codes, try clicking anywhere in the main start screen before typing the code.
Type 'superextrahypergravitymode' to unlock gravity mode.
Type 'ferociousneggsareontheloose' to unlock ferocious negg mode.

Meerca Chase 2 also has an avatar for you to collect.

Score 1,250 or more points at Meerca Chase II.