Hannah and the Wardrobe of Adventure

This game is a dressing up game with a twist. Your job is to dress up Hannah with the correct costume for her mission. There are a total of 10 missions that you need to complete to finish the game and 3 bonus levels.

There are two modes in this game, game mode and print mode.

Game Mode
You will be given 10 unique missions to complete in a random order. For every 3 levels cleared, there will be a bonus level. You are required to dress 4 out of 5 clothes correctly to clear the level anything lower than that will end your game immediately.

Print mode
Print mode allows you to dress up Hannah anyway you like, without earning any neopoints or having a time limit. After you are done dressing Hannah, you can print your outfit from your printer.

Instruction of Gameplay
At the start of the game, a mission will be given to you with clues on what to dress Hannah in. You can refer to this guide after seeing which mission you are given. The dressing up will not start until the "Continue" button is clicked.
If you are new to the game, we would recommend you place your browser as follows for easy reference:

The Game
This is Hannah's Wardrobe

Click on the arrow sign on the wardrobe to browse through Hannah's clothes and accessories.
A hint is given on the next level when you match Hannah's clothes exactly on the previous level. The hint button is located beside the submit button.

By clicking the hint button, 2 correct items of clothing will be automatically be highlighted.

The Score
Score is awarded depending on the correct clothing Hannah is wearing for the mission and the bonus points

100%100 points + BonusProceed to Next Level
80%80 points + BonusProceed to Next Level
60%60 points + BonusGame Over
40%40 points + BonusGame Over
20%20 points + BonusGame Over

The Outfit
This section of the guide will show you the clothing that Hannah has to be wearing to complete each level, note that the order of the missions is random.

Darkest Faerie Attacks Diamond Hunt
King Skarl's Turkey Leg Mining Corp Investigation
Missing Marble Missing Mirror
Missing Urn Neocola Mission
Repairing Boat Shenkuu Ninja

Top-Neocola Mission

Top-Darkest Faerie Attacks

Top-Diamond Hunt

Top-Mising Mirror

Top-Mining Corp Investigation

Top-Reparing Boat

Top- Missing Marble

Top-Shenkuu Ninja

Top- Missing Urn

Top- King Skarl's Turkey Leg

Tips: If for some reason you forget which mission you are on, you may be able to get an idea by looking at the item in the bag at the bottom left corner of the game screen.

Bonus Stage
After completing levels 3, 6 and 9, there will be a bonus level. The backdrop and block colour for the bonus level is dependant on the location of the mission you have done on the previous level. For bonus stage 1's image it's Kiko Lake. However, the layout of blocks will remain the same. Each bonus stage will have its own layout. The gameplay of bonus stage is similar to a game called Korbats Lab .

Clearing all the blocks will award you with 2000 points and obtaining the diamond award you receive 500 points. Each block is worth 10 points. Metal blocks are indestructible. Note that you only have one ball to clear the bonus stage.

Tip: Make sure you obtain the diamond before clearing the block as the bonus round will end when all blocks are cleared. Then you will miss getting 500 points from the diamond.

Bonus Stage 1

Position your cursor as shown above, at the bottom half of the block. Then launch the ball. If placed correctly it should hit the diamond in around 7 bounces.

Bonus Stage 2

Position your cursor as shown above and then launch the ball. By doing so, many blocks from the tight column will be destroyed quicker. You can choose to do it from any side.

Bonus Stage 3

Clear the lanes of blocks, try to aim for the diamond. Remember there is another level for you to complete before the game ends.

Tips and Info
1. Memorise all the clothes for each scenario to reduce the need to refer to the guide to save time, getting you a better bonus score.

2. Practice the game. Through practice and familiarization you may be able to even spot the clothing easily when it is showing halfway.

3. Be patient when playing the bonus levels as you only have one life, it may take a while to hit that last block but the score that bonus stage gives is very crucial.

4. Luck plays a factor in this game. Sometimes 2 correct items of clothes will already appear when the game starts, sometimes 3 but there are times when there are none at all.

5. A bonus score of 90+ and getting 100% of the outfit right is needed to reach the top 100 of High Score Table, provided maximum points are achieved in the bonus stage.