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General Info:
A very very evil Ruki has stolen all the dice of all the board games in Neopia. Nobody will be able to play board games anymore, now that all the dice are gone! You can't live with that can you? No of course not! You will enter the evil dimension of the Ruki, and free all the dice.

How to play:
You are in control of the dice, it is your job to get it at the place with the faded dice. But that's not all of it, you don't just need to get it there, you also need to have your dice's topmost face, match with the topmost face of the slightly faded dice. If that is not the case, you do not move on to the next level.


Faded dice
This dice need to get placed at the place of the faded dice. Its topmost face needs to be 5.

The way you control the dice is by using the arrow keys on your keyboard. You have go forward, left, right or back with your dice.
You need to solve the level before your time runs out, you have 60 seconds for each level. However, if you manage to solve the level within 60 seconds you will get a time bonus for the remaining time. So if you want to score neopoints, you'd be best off finishing the levels as quickly as possible. You have 3 lives, that means you can run out of time twice, and then your game is over.

Scoring points:
For each level you beat you get a round bonus. Your round bonus will start at 100 points on each level, but for each move you make 4 points will be deducted from it. So make sure you make as few mistakes as possible.
Then there is the time bonus that has been mentioned before. The quicker you solve the level, the more points you get.
There's also a third way of getting points. Each level has a coin, there are three different kind of coins, one worth 5 points, one worth 10 points, and one worth 25 points. Which coin you get it random, you are just as likely to get the 5 coin as the 25 coin.

The game has different kind of tiles, some are normal ones you can just roll on, and others will fall down if you stay on them too long. So it is important to know what tile does what, or you might lose a live.

Tile Information
Normal Tile:
If you roll or stand still on this tile, nothing will happen. It's just a plain, normal tile.
Transporter Tile:
Levels that contain this kind of tile have two transporter tiles. If you roll on one, you will automatically be transported to the location of the other transporter tile.
Button Tile:
This tile functions as a button. The button can only get activated if the topmost face of your dice matches with the number displayed on the button tile. If that is the case, the bridge tiles in the level will go down, and you will be able to roll on it.
Bridge Tile:
When bridge tiles are lifted up you cannot roll over them. In order to do so you must activate the button tile first. After you've activated the button tile, the bridge will go down.
Lava Tile:
These tiles are extremely dangerous, if you roll on one of these, you lose a life! So you should definitely avoid these tiles.
Unstable Tile:
If you need to cross these tiles, you need to be fast. Unstable tiles will fall down after a short time, if you're still on the tile when it falls down, you lose a life. You must also know that, once you go over these tiles, they will fall down, so you cannot go back the way you came, there will be a gap you cannot cross.

Game Codes:
Dice Escape has a few game codes you can use to make the game easier for you, but some are just for fun.
The most important game codes are moretimeruki and helpmeplease. If you type in one of these codes during the game, your time counter will reset. Meaning you'll have the full 60 seconds again. You can only use each code once per game, so choose the moment carefully. If you are going to one of the codes, it's best to use it when you nearly ran out of time. But if you're using our premade levels before you won't run out of time. Then you could use one of the codes on a level that had cost you a lot of time. You type in the code when you are in front of the faded dice, you time counter will reset and you will get a higher time bonus.
If you type in topdown during the game, the viewpoint of the game will change, you will be looking at the game from above. To get the viewpoint back to normal, type in topdown again.
Another way to change the settings of the game is to type in flybywire. If you do this, all of the tiles will turn into blocks made out of frames only. If you want the settings to go back to normal, type in flybywire again. This code and the topdown code together, also make an interesting combination.

You can also get an avatar from Dice Escape.

Score 1,000 or more points at Dice Escape.

Tip: Visit SunnyNeo.com's Dice Escape Guide.


Beating the Levels:
Below you can see pictures on which you can see how each level should be solved. The arrows show which button you need to press while you are at that certain spot. The arrow on the start dice for example, shows what your first move is.
To make things easier for you, at each level you can see which buttons you need to press on your keyboard.
There are three ways to use this information in such a way that you can rush through the level:
- You can memorise which keys you need to press before you start a new level.
- Or you can memorise the way you need to go as you can see in the picture, if you have a more visual memory.
- The third way might be the easiest, you put up this page, and put the Dice Escape window on top of it, but next to the picture of the level you're at. After you do that you start the new level. This way you can play the Dice Escape level, and look at the image that tells you where to go at the same time.
Note: Dice Escape will sometimes start itself in a version where everything is mirrored. This means that everything that is normally left will be right and vice versa. If this is the case you will notice in level 2 that the level you are in is different from the one pictured below. When this happens restart the game, because the walkthrough pictures below only work for the normal version of the game.

Level 1:
Up - Up - Up - Up - Up

Tip: Keep restarting the game until you get a 25 points coin in level 1, if you want to score some extra points.

Level 2:
Up - Up - Right- Right - Down - Left

Level 3:
Up - Up - Up - Up - Right -
Up - Up - Right - Left - Left

Level 4:
Left - Left - Up - Up - Up - Up - Up - Up -
Left - Left - Left - Left

Level 5:
Left - Left - Up - Right -
Up - Up - Up - Up -
Left - Left - Up

Level 6: Part 1
Left - Left - Left - Left - Left -
Up - Left - Down -
Up - Down

Level 6: Part 2
Right - Right - Up - Up -
Right - Right - Right -
Up - Right -
Up - Up - Up - Left

Level 7:
Right - Down - Right -
Up - Left - Up

Level 8:
Down - Right - Down - Down - Left -
Left - Down (x 6) - Right

Level 9:
Left - Left - Up - Left - Up -
Left - Up - Left - Up - Up - Up

Level 10:
Up - Right - Right - Right -
Down - Down - Right -
Down (x 4) - Right (x 6)

Level 11:
Right - Up - Up - Left - Up - Left - Left

Level 12:
Up - Down

Level 13:
Up - Left - Left - Up - Up -
Left - Up - Up -
Right - Right - Right - Down

Level 14: Part 1
Up - Up - Left - Up - Up

Level 14: Part 2
Down - Down - Down - Left (x 5) - Down

Level 14: Part 3
Right - Right - Right - Up (x 4) -
Right - Right - Right - Up - Up -
Left - Left - Down -
Left - Left - Left - Up - Left

Level 15: Part 1
Left - Left - Left - Up -
Right (x 4) - Up - Right -
Up - Up - Up

Level 15: Part 2
Down - Left - Left - Up

Level 16:
Left (x 4) - Up - Up - Left - Left -
Up (x 4) - Right (x 4)

Level 17: Part 1
Left - Left - Up - Right - Down - Left (x 5)

Level 17: Part 2
Up - Right - Up - Right - Up - Right

Level 18: Part 1

Level 18: Part 2
Left - Up - Up - Left - Left - Left -
Right - Down - Left - Left

Level 19: Part 1
Right - Right - Right - Up - Left - Left - Up

Level 19: Part 2
Down - Right - Down - Left

Level 19: Part 3
Up - Up - Left - Left -
Left - Up - Up - Up - Left - Up

Level 20: Part 1
Left- Left - Left - Up - Left - Left - Up

Level 20: Part 2
Down - Right - Up - Right - Right - Right

Level 20: Part 3
Left - Left - Left - Up - Up - Up - Left - Left - Up

Level 21:
Up - Left (x 5) - Down - Left

Level 22:
Up - Left - Up - Left - Up

Level 23:
Right - Up - Up - Left - Up (x 4)

Level 24:
Up - Up - Up - Left - Up - Left - Up - Left