Attack of the Revenge

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General Information
You play as Garin, pirate extraordinaire, who is defending his ship against the dreaded pirate, Captain Scarblade and his crew. In the beginning, you simply knock Scarblade and his crew off the side of your ship. Later, you begin to fire your cannons at their ship. Revenge is yours for the taking!

Use the Left, Right, Up, and Down arrow keys to move your character around the deck of the ship. Utilise the spacebar to attack, pick up the cannonballs or the buckets, and to load the cannons when in close range to one.

The Two Planes
The game has two planes. The first plane, which is closest to you, will be where you pick up cannonballs or the bucket, and load the cannons. Plane 2 is towards the side of the ship, which can be reached by pressing the Up arrow once (provided a cannon is not in the way). On this plane you need to knock your enemies off the ship. If enemies cross over the rail and reach Plane 1, you lose a life.

During the first and second level you can remain on Plane 2 and knock the pirates off as they come. However, by the third level, cannons will be added to the deck. Once the cannons arrive, you can no longer move across all of Plane 2. To move between the cannons, return to Plane 1, position Garin accordingly with the Left or Right arrows and move forward when there is room to reach Plane 2.

Loading Your Cannon
The cannonballs are located in the left-hand corner of the screen on Plane 1. To pick up a cannonball, position Garin next to them and press spacebar. Once you have the cannonball, move in front of the cannon you wish to fill and press spacebar again to load it. As the level progresses, Jacques will come down from the top on a rope and light the cannon. If you have already loaded the cannon, it will fire at the pirate ship for 12 points. However, if you have not loaded the cannon, it will catch on fire.

How To Put Out Cannon Fire
Once a cannon is on fire, the only way to save the cannon is to use the bucket of water to put the fire out. The bucket of water is located on the right-hand side of the screen on Plane 1. To pick up the bucket, position Garin next to it and press spacebar. Once you have the bucket of water, move towards the cannon you wish to extinguish and press the spacebar. An extinguished fire is worth 5 points. If you don't extinguish the fire quickly enough, you will lose a cannon for that level and lose a life. Once the cannon has burnt, you can move across Plane 2 as you did in the first level. The cannon does not completely disappear, but is ruined by the fire.

Scoring Points
Every time you defeat a pirate you score points! The amount of points you gain depends on which pirate you defeat. To double your points when defeating a pirate, grab a cannonball or the bucket of water and use that instead of your sword. The table below shows how much each pirate is worth in points. You will also score 12 points whenever your cannon goes off and 5 points for extinguishing a flaming cannon.

Pirates Points (Sword) Points (Bomb/Bucket)

Nathan and Fred
2 Points
4 Points

Benny the Blade and Swabby
3 Points
6 Points

Captain Scarblade
5 Points
10 Points

Phantom Orange T-Shirt Guy [sightings are very rare]
10 Points
20 Points

As the level increases in the game, there are a few changes to increase the game difficulty.

LevelPoints to Next LevelChanges
1 25N/A
2 75Add Cannonballs/Bucket
3 150Add Cannons/Use Game Code
4 300Faster Pirates
5 500Faster Pirates
6 750Faster Pirates
7 1000Faster Pirates
8 1500Faster Pirates
9 2000Faster Pirates
10 2500Faster Pirates
11 3000Faster Pirates

Game Code
Type blackpawkeet anytime after level 2 to gain an extra life. It's best to do this before you begin level 3 so you don't forget to use it later. You can use this code once per game.

In the beginning of each level, you will have some downtime - time when no pirates are attacking. Always use this time to load your cannons. That way, you get a jump start on the level. In the earlier levels, you should also have some pirate-free time after defeating 2 or 3 of them. In the later levels, you need to defeat 4-7 pirates before you have a short break. During these breaks, take time to reload your cannons and move to the center of the first plane.

When scoring points, remember this: Pirates come first. Losing lives because your cannon sets fire means you lose - at the most - three lives per level. If you lose lives because of the pirates you can lose all of them in a single level. So if you have reached the point where your fingers can't keep up with all the game's elements, it's time to let your cannons catch fire.

From Levels 2-5, try to hit every pirate with a cannonball, if possible. After level 6, you should start defeat pirates in the order in which they appear and don't worry so much about hitting them with cannonballs - unless you happen to spot Captain Scarblade.

Going For The Trophy
When you are trying for 1500 points (going from Level 8 to Level 9), only load the cannon closest to the cannonballs and purposefully let the other two cannons catch fire and die. By letting the other two cannons burn, this will give you more room to move about on Plane 2 once they have been destroyed. This offers you a better chance to defeat those pirates in a similar situation to Level 1.

Once you have made it to Level 9 (1500 points), you will need 2000 points to reach Level 10. At this point, you should let all of your cannons catch fire and die. Concentrate solely on defeating all the pirates. You should be able to reach the 2000 points needed to move on to the next level, putting you in the trophy score range.

Gold Trophy

Silver Trophy

Bronze Trophy

Just For Fun
Fancy a glance at the Phantom Orange T-Shirt Guy? On the start up screen, click on Benny the Blade's [the Purple Bruce's] eye for a peak!