Attack of the Gummy Dice

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General Info
So you thought that Gummy Dice were happy for you to just chomp and chew and nibble on them huh? Well look at the mess you�ve gotten yourself into now.

In this game the poor citizens of Roo Island have found themselves under attack after an obsessive consumption of Gummy Dice (specially imported from the Chocolate Factory). The only way to stop the Gummies is stomping on them, squashing them into a pulverised mess. Use your puzzle solving skills to end the turmoil and bring peace to Roo Island once more.

How to Play
When you start the game an arrangement of Gummies will already be on the board ready for you to squash. You will be given a goal of the number of gummies you need to squash in order to progress to the next level. Each new level, this number will increase by twenty. I.e. Level 1 is 40, Level 2 is 60 and Level 3 is 80.

If one of your columns reaches the top before you achieve this, its game over. There will be a small collection of Gummies which you control in different colours. These will be in groups of between 1 and 3. You need to try and match these to the Gummies below using the arrow keys to position, the spacebar to drop and �A� and �S� to rotate. There is a highlighted indicator on the game board below that will demonstrate where the dice will fall.

You must make groups of five or more in order for the Gummy Dice to be squished.

But look out! These Gummies have a few tricks up their sleeves. After level one, for each group of gummies you place, one more will appear on the screen, making it impossible to destroy all the Gummies. However, end the level with the least amount of Gummies on the screen to achieve the maximum amount of points.

Also after level nine, Gummies will start appearing in between your drops, making speed a more important factor.

The game ends when one of your Gummy towers reaches the top of the screen.

Dice Flavours

Level Flavour Ability
Level 1 Red/Strawberry
No Special Ability
Level 1 Purple/Grape
No Special Ability
Level 1 Yellow/Lemon
No Special Ability
Level 3Bomb Die
This will destroy an entire column. It can be quite valuable so use it wisely. Note however that bonus points are not awarded, you will recieve one point for each die.
Level 4 Green/Lime
No Special Ability
Level 4Rock Die
This die cannot be squashed. Once it is placed the only way to destroy it is using a bomb or a morph die.
Level 4Morph Die
This die will morph any dice directly below it into the same colour.
Level 5Colour Changing Die
This die rapidly scrolls through the colours. Take time in placing it in order to get the right colour.
Level 6 Orange/Orange
No special ability
Too RareOliver Die
It's the Phantom Orange Shirt Guy! This die is very rare. It acts like a bomb die, destroying all dice in the columns surrounding it.

Score is based on the dice that you destroy and the combos that you destroy them in. That is, you score one point for every dice destroyed. However if you manage to get any combo of seven or more, you will find that bonus points are awarded. Even more bonus points are awarded if you are able to start a chain reaction: i.e. more than one combo from a single drop and at the end of each level you lose one point for each die remaining.

At the end of each level, you will lose one point for each die remaining on the board. It is important then, to make sure that you clear the board as much as possible before the end of the game.

Score Rankings
These will be the rankings you are given on your High Score List.

Grand Master1500+

Zen Mode
Zen mode is played in the same way as Normal mode however; there are no points, levels or neopoints. This mode is for the true Gummy Dice fanatics.

Game Codes

'delightful' Changes your current set of dice into morph dice. One use per game.
'explode' Changes the current set of dice into bomb dice. One use per game
'gummydice' Changes the colour of the current set of dice. One use per game.

Don�t waste your Bomb and Morph dice.
These dice can save you from a very sticky situation. Always place your bomb dice on your tallest column, regardless of what colours there are beside it. This will help you to squash the most dice as well as prolong the game. This is the same with Morph Dice. However, if you have a choice between two columns, take your time and morph the one that will give you the biggest combo score.

Rock dice are not your friends.
Rock dice can be a nuisance when placed without thought. It is important that they are placed in a way that won't interfere with your combos or make your columns too high. When placing rock dice, try as best you can to group them together and out of your way, perhaps in a corner or in a stack. That way you can use a bomb die or morph die to destroy them when you get the chance.

Take your time.
For the first few levels at least the game is not timed. For these levels it is better to think carefully about where you are placing your dice, in order to get the most effective combos without piling your columns too high. However once you get to level nine, extra dice will begin to appear as you wait. In this case it is better to think quickly but effectively.

Use Zen mode to your advantage.
If you are trying for a high score trophy, we all know that practice is the key. If you have already sent your three scores for the day, you can still practice using Zen mode. It is a much calmer, more relaxed way to play and will have your trophy case shining with gold in no time at all.

A clean board is a happy board.
Don't forget that at the end of the level the remaining dice on the board take one point each off your score. Rather than spreading your dice out, it is best to try and keep them in tight and close together. This will help you to squash a lot more. Try to leave the least amount of dice possible on the board, in order to get a better score.

Points add up quicker with combos.
Rather than simply placing your gummies in groups of similar colours, try to join two, or even three combinations of the same colour together in order to achieve a higher combo. Remember that you get one point for each gummy squashed plus additional bonus points, depending on the amount of gummies squashed.

DicePoints Earned

Level Suggestions

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In this level, try to connect two corners to each other. This should give you a good combo score. Then try to keep a minimum amount of dice on the board as possible, so as not to loose any points at the end.