200m Peanut Dash

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General Info
200m Peanut Dash is an excellent game for any Neopet to play with their petpet (especially if they are an Elephante and a Puppyblew). Shoot the peanut as far as you can and then try to catch it, avoiding all the obstacles as you run. Watch out for that nasty Crokabek though! If you donít catch the peanut, he will!

How to Play
When you begin the game, you will start your play as the green Elephante. Tap the left and right directional buttons as fast as you can to get the most strength into your shot. As you tap your keys faster the Elephanteís face will grow progressively redder as shown below. The redder his face, the more power you will get in your shot.

Once you have as much strength as you can muster, tap the up directional button to release the shot and let your little Puppyblew legs run like the wind!

Now, playing as the Puppyblew, you can use the left and right directional buttons to control your speed. Left will make you go faster, whereas right will slow you down. Try to keep the Puppyblew underneath the peanut indication.

But thatís not all! Now there are some nasty obstacles to avoid. Use the up directional button to jump over obstacles. However, you can also use some special jump combos for some extra style and points! You can use the directional buttons to sequence your jump.

Jump Combos
Here is a list of all the possible combo's and the points they are worth.

Right-Up-Left- Single Front Flip: 5 Points
Left-Up-Right- Single Back Flip: 5 Points
Right-Left-Right-Left-Up- Double Front Flip: 10 Points
Left-Right-Left-Right-Up- Double Back Flip: 10 Points

According to the instructions Up-Up is also a combo called ĎStraight Jumpí but it doesnít seem to work or award any extra points.

Mossy Log
Water Gorge
Note: This obstacle will propel you forward rather than slowing you down. It can come in handy if you are running behind
Snot Meerca
Note: This is not actually an obstacle, the cute little Meuka allows you to run straight over it!

Your score is calculated by earning one point for every metre the Puppyblew runs and any bonus points you get for jumping obstacles. If you donít catch the peanut, your running points (i.e. the ones you get each metre run) wonít count but you will still gain points for jumping. Once you have had three tries your points are all added together to give your final score.

Shoot the peanut as far as you can.
Donít forget that the distance the peanut is shot is the basis of your score. You are aiming for a 200m Peanut Dash, and who is going to complain if you get further? Put some extra effort into the beginning and shoot that peanut as far as you can.

Button Bashing!
When powering up your Elephante be sure to get the maximum speed. Some people prefer to use two different hands when tapping the directional buttons. Remember that you arenít just aiming for speed but consistency and evenness too.

Watch out for obstacles!
That peanut is flying too fast for you to mess around. It only takes a couple of obstacles to set you back so far that catching the peanut is an impossibility. Remember that catching the peanut is more important than jump bonuses.

Donít get ahead of yourself.
If you find yourself getting over-excited and running too far ahead of the peanut, sometimes it is better to deliberately trip yourself over an obstacle than taking the time to wait for your speed to slow down. Use this tip wisely though!

Time your jumps well.
Donít think that you have to start the combination right before you jump. You can start it much earlier and even change speeds before you jump. This should make tripping a much less frequent occurrence.

Get as many jump combos as possible.
This is how people achieve the really high scores. As we said before, you can set up jump combos before you jump. A good way to do this is just to tap the left and right buttons as you are running and then the up directional button when you are ready to jump. Do this on every obstacle and you will soon find yourself on that high scores list!