Faerie Caverns

What are the Faerie Caverns?
The Faerie Caverns is a daily located in Faerieland where you wander through the passages of a cavern in hope of finding "the treasure of the faeries"!

Please remember that since you can earn neopoints and obtain items from the Faerie Caverns, you are not allowed to play it on side accounts. To learn more about side accounts, and what you can and cannot do with them, please visit our Side Account Guide.

Navigating the Caverns
Once a day, you can visit the caverns for a chance to find a prize, much like with the Deserted Tomb in Geraptiku. Upon arriving at the Faerie Caverns, you will be welcomed with the message shown above and told to toss in 400 NP if you wish to enter the caverns.

Welcome to the Faerie Caverns. If you seek the treasure of the faeries, toss 400 NP into the waters to wish for good luck before entering.

Once you enter, you will be brought to the following page.

Your eyes adjust to the dim light and you see the cave split two directions. Which way do you go?

You must now pick a direction. You've a 50/50 chance of being right! With every fork in the caverns, you will be asked to choose the left or the right tunnel. If you're lucky enough, you'll make it past all of the choices shown below!

You've made it past the first cavern and are faced with another choice.

You have followed the winding passages deep into the cavern. You sense the treasure is very close, but which way to choose?

If you manage to choose correctly every time, you will be brought to a room with treasure in it, as pictured below.

You gasp as you enter a room lit with candles. You've found the treasure!

Click the button to see what you got!

In the chest you find: 1778 NP!

The possible prizes are listed below.

Possible Prizes
You can win neopoint, which generally range from 400 to 2,500 NP, but if you're lucky, hit 5k, 10k, or even 25k! There are also five possible item prizes, they are shown below. Winning an item prize is very rare, it is more likely you will win neopoints.

Item Prizes

Beautiful Glowing Wings

Faerie Caverns Background

Faerie Caverns Stamp

Faerie Paint Brush


Dead Ends
By choosing the wrong passage to follow, you'll be taken straight to a new page where you've reached a dead end. This means that you have not found the treasure, and cannot return to the caverns until tomorrow.

You enter a small chamber and gasp at the beautiful stalagmites... or are they stalactites? You can't seem to recall. You spend so much time trying to remember that you barely have time to escape the cave before your torch burns out.

Hopefully, you never see the dead end image. It can happen at any stage, unfortunately, and comes with a variety of messages.

  • Curses! The path has lead to a dead end. Perhaps you should try your luck again tomorrow.
  • You enter a small chamber and gasp at the beautiful stalagmites... or are they stalactites? You can't seem to recall. You spend so much time trying to remember that you barely have time to escape the cave before your torch burns out.
  • You raise your torch to examine this room, causing the shadows of the vines to move. Your skin prickles as you attempt to convince your imagination that this room isn't crawling with Wadjets. It's just the shadow of the vines. It's just-- you lose your nerve and bolt out of the caverns.
  • You round a corner and hear a strange noise. It sounds like something large is moving in the darkness in front of you. Perhaps you should retreat... quickly.
  • You stumble in the darkness and trip over a rock, stubbing your toe. You jump up and down on one foot, muttering your grievances at the cave before retreating for the day.
  • You stumble into some water, soaking your clothes. The cold of the cave chills you to the bone. It's probably best to escape and dry off, and try again tomorrow.

Helpful Tips
Generally, the chances of getting to the treasure are rather low: a mere 1/8. (For every time you have to pick left or right, you have a 1/2 chance of choosing correctly; you have to pick three times.) Taking that into consideration, this isn't the most profitable daily as it costs 400 np to try. However, if you do decide to do this daily every day, it'd be wisest to stick to one path. For example, always do left - right - left. Just once winning a good prize will make up for having spent all those neopoints. So, in the end, it's up to you what you decide to do every day.

Only once a day
You can only visit the Faerie Caverns once per day because it is a daily. If you return to the caverns before the next day, a message will tell you that you must wait.

It seems you've already visited today. Please come back tomorrow.

Skirmish Boon
After the War of the Obelisk, a permanent site event appeared: the Skirmish Battles. Members of the winning factions are granted the choice of a boon. One of the boons - Cartogriphication, pictured below - guaranteed finding the treasure when visiting the Faerie Caverns.


The faeries may have powerful spells of misdirection, but they fall like cobwebs before you in the caves.

The boon will last a week, during the week of truce between skirmish battles. At the top of the faerie caves, a bar will appear that indicated how much time is left.

The treasure is guaranteed in the sense that hints will be presented to you as you navigate the caverns, telling you to go either right or left, depending on which is the correct path. Examples of the hints are shown below.

This boon guarantees a profit, because the smallest amount of neopoints you can get is 400 NP, this would put you at a net profit of 0. Mostly likely, you'll make a nice profit, though as it's not very likely you'll win the lowest amount possible.