Lever of Doom

What is the Lever of Doom?
Are you brave enough to enter the unknown and pull a lever? I'm sure you all are. However you may want to know a few things before you go on that quest. This guide will give you the basics on what you'll need to know about the daily, the Lever of Doom.

Where is the Lever?
So where is this thing located? The Lever of Doom appeared on the Virtupets Space Station on February 8, 2005. It used to be located between the Grundo Warehouse and the game Splat-a-Sloth on the Virtupets map. However, the Space Station received an upgrade in 2008 after the Return of Dr. Sloth Plot, and the Lever can now be found at the top of the Space Station towards the center.


Visiting the Lever:
Below is what the Lever of Doom looks like.
Lever of Doom

There's a strange lever sticking out of the space station wall, with a notice that reads, 'DO NOT PULL'. So you probably shouldn't pull the lever. You can if you want. But you shouldn't.

Click here to go back to the Space Station.


It is hard to resist anything that says "DO NOT PULL!" It's just asking for it. But all this thing does is steal 100 Neopoints from you.

Lever of Doom

Oh no!! An evil mechanical hand emerges from a panel and steals 100 Neopoints from you!!

Click here to go back to the Space Station.


If you do not have 100 Neopoints on hand, the Lever of Doom does nothing and therefore will not reward the avatar.

Lever of Doom

How odd. Nothing happens when you pull the lever.

Click here to go back to the Space Station.


Old Look:
The Lever of Doom looked a little different in the older model. The avatar associated with this daily matches the old look of silver color instead of the newer green.


It was located in a similar location - top center - with different surroundings.


Random when you pull the Lever of Doom.

Warning: this costs 100nps per try!