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Job Description

We are searching for someone to keep our Missing Item Archive Guide. You have to be familiar with Neopets and items for this position.

You would be responsible for updating items on the list if items are fixed. You would also add items to the list when an item isn't correct.


The person we are looking for must meet the following qualifications.

  • You are very familiar with items on Neopets. You need to be able to recognize when we have an item on our list that needs to be fixed, or items that we need to add in.

  • You accept that when you make something for the site it will then become the site's and if you were to ever leave, the information you contributed would stay.

  • You plan on doing this job for quite a long time. We are not looking for people who will quit after a month. Please only apply if you're sure you will enjoy this job.

  • You do not work for another Neopets related website.


Below you can see a list of our preferences. You do not need to meet these preferences, but it's a big bonus if you do. If you don't meet our preferences you can still apply, after all, they're preferences, not requirements.

  • You have Skype/Windows Live Messenger.

  • You can join our staff guild on your main or side account. In the guild we chat about the site and we prefer it if you can actively take part in these discussions.


Finally, make sure that your neomail is not on neofriends-only. If we like your work we will contact you for some further details.

Tick this box to confirm that you are over the age of 13