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Job Description

For our Altador Cup Coverage we are looking for a daily reporter. If you look through our covers from previous years, you will see that aside from news about the AC, we also have fictional coverages (based on the actual results of course). These are for entertainment during the Altador Cup for those who want to take a break from playing games.

We are looking for someone who can write a report on a daily basis. The most important thing is that you have time to do this daily during the AC (which is most likely every day in the month of June). We aren't looking for someone who only has time on certain days. We will want a report every day. And we want the reports to be of good quality, so taking time to write them is important. Furthermore, you will need to be creative and have a good imagination. In order to write interesting daily reports these qualities are very important. To make your reports especially interesting, you could use your creativity to incorporate information about the Neopian lands that the teams are from, and other things of interest.

To become a Altador Cup Daily Reporter, knowledge of HTML is not required. However it would be nice if you could pitch in with other Altador Cup related things as well, such as updating the AC pages and writing regular newsposts. For some of that it would be useful if you knew HTML. This is a preference though, not a must. For this job we will judge the applications by quality of the reports.


The person we are looking for must meet the following qualifications.

  • You must have time to write a AC report every day during the AC. Most likely this will be every day in June.

  • You must be a good writer with a big imagination and a lot of creativity to write interesting reports.

  • You must have good knowledge of the AC, the teams, players, historical information.

  • You must have good knowledge about Neopia and Neopets in general. Daily reports get more interesting if you are able to make references to other things that have to do with the Neopian lands that the teams are from.

  • You accept that when you make something for the site it will then become the site's and if you were to ever leave, everything you contributed would stay.

  • You plan on doing this job the entire AC season, and preferably years to come.

  • You do not work for another Neopets related website.


Below you can see a list of our preferences. You do not need to meet these preferences, but it's a big bonus if you do. If you don't meet our preferences you can still apply, after all, they're preferences, not requirements.

  • You are online at times that Neopets updates AC Scores (midnight NST). In that case you can help update our scores table etc.

  • You have average level experience with HTML. This is useful if you want to help update our AC guides.

  • You are able / allowed to download and install an FTP Program. We use this program to upload files on the SunnyNeo webserver and edit them as well. If you can download and install this program you would be able to help update our AC guides.

  • You are out of highschool, or 15/16 years or older.

  • You have Discord (preferred) or Skype.

  • After the AC has come to an end, you can see yourself doing other jobs to help out at the site. You don't want to just to the AC Daily reports, but you also want to help out by doing other jobs.


Please read the note below. We would like to see applications with a sample Daily Report.

Please be sure to create a Daily Report sample so that we can see what you've got. We want to know how you can take a score and turn it into a story. There will be a section on the application for you to enter the report.

So what should you put in your sample daily report?
You can write a report on a fictional day of AC matches. You could include what game was the bonus game, and what the end results were. Make sure your report mentions all of the games and teams. Basically, your sample report would have to be similar to one you would post on SunnyNeo when the AC has actually started and real games have been played.

Please work on making a good, solid daily report before applying. Your daily report will put the most weight in your application, so make sure its 100% done when you send in your application form.

Tip: read through some daily reports on SN from previous years. This will give you an idea of what we're looking for.

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