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Job Description

Are you crazy about coding things on Neopets, but not so much into making actual graphic layouts? We are looking for someone who can oversee the Neopets coding aspects in our graphics department. Your main task will be to periodically go through the graphics that already exist on the site and test them in Neopets in multiple browsers and make sure they still work correctly. If they do not work properly, figure out how to make them work properly, and update them. Sometimes we get neomails informing us that certain graphics do not work properly anymore. You will need to investigate these and see if they are working correctly, and if they are not, fix them so they do.

Your secondary task would be to assist graphic designers with any coding problems they may have while working on new graphics. There is not any actual graphic designing in this job. It is coding based only.


The person we are looking for must meet the following qualifications.

  • You have reasonable coding knowledge of all neo graphic areas; userlookups, shops, galleries, guilds, petlookups, and petpages. You have to have a good enough concept of how coding works on these types of layouts, so that you are able to manipulate the code in order to get things to do what they should.

  • You already have/or are able to download the following browsers: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome and Opera. You will need to be able to test the graphics in the browsers and update the coding so that the layouts are compatible with all of these browsers.

  • You have the time to be able to go through and test each layout section of graphics at least once every 3 months. If you break this up, that would be 1 section of graphics about every 2 weeks. The non layout sections (backgrounds, cursors, adoptables, etc) may need checked occasionally as well, but only if neo were to change something that relates to them in their coding.

  • You accept that when you do something for the site it will then become the site's and if you were to ever leave, whatever you contributed would stay.

  • You plan on doing this job for quite a long time. We are not looking for people who will quit after a month. Please only apply if you're sure you will enjoy this job.

  • You do not work for another Neopets related website.

  • You have good communicative skills. Someone might neomail with a vague issue on a layout not working. It may make no sense to you, but you should be able to talk to them until you find out what is causing them problems.


Below you can see a list of our preferences. You do not need to meet these preferences, but it's a big bonus if you do. If you don't meet our preferences you can still apply, after all, they're preferences, not requirements.

  • You be out of highschool, or 15/16 years or older.

  • You have Discord (preferred) or Skype.

  • You have quite a bit of experience, whether it be formal training or you have just been doing it for awhile.

  • You are also good at explaining things, and are able to update our CSS codes under the tutorial section, or write tutorials on coding things on Neopets.

Finally, make sure that your neomail is not on neofriends-only. If we like your application we will contact you for some further details.

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