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Job Description

As you may be well aware of, we currently have three customisation databases: Neopoint Customisation, Customisation Deluxe and NC Mall Customisation. In these databases we have listed all customisation items. Recently we've released the SunnyNeo Dressing Room. The dressing room holds previews of all these items showing what the item will look like on each type of pet.

The goal of this job opening is to find a few new staffmembers who will be able to help us find previews of all the wearable items when worn on pets. This means you will need to be roaming around Neopia looking for pets who may be wearing these items. You may also need to neomail people asking them to model a certain item, or make neoboards. Knowledge of HTML or CSS is not required for this job.

We would prefer it if the persons that will get this job are avid wearable collectors themselves, this is however not obliged. We can always use some good searchers without an addiction for neocash.


The person we are looking for must meet the following qualifications.

  • You have a lot of free time to work on your job, two hours a week will not be enough as it will then take too long to complete our project.

  • You have good communication skills. You are a polite person who is able to ask people for help in a nice way. You must not be scared to neomail people or make neoboards.

  • You are a persistent person, you will not give up easily. Some items (especially retired ones) are very hard to find. If you can't find them at your first try, you must be willing to keep on trying.

  • You love customisation and you are familiar with most wearable items that exist. You can easily tell the difference between a trinket and a hand-held item.

  • You plan on doing this job for quite a long time. We are not looking for people who will quit after a month. Please only apply if you're sure you will enjoy this job.

  • You do not work for another Neopets related website.


Below you can see a list of our preferences. You do not need to meet these preferences, but it's a big bonus if you do. If you don't meet our preferences you can still apply, after all, they're preferences, not requirements.

  • You own a large variety of different pet species. As you can have up to 5 different accounts, you could own up to 20 different species (21 if you have premium).

  • You own a large amount of wearables yourself. This could be neopoint, neocash or deluxe.

  • You know a lot of people that are fans of customisation and own many wearable items. It is easy for you to ask a bunch of your friends to model items.

  • You don't mind transferring a pet from your side account to your main account to model your neocash items.

  • You are 15 years or older.

  • You have Discord (preferred) or Skype.

Finally, make sure that your neomail is not on neofriends-only. If we like your work we will contact you for some further details.

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