Tale of Woe Plot



After you have completed the plot it is time to collect your prizes at Sophie's Shack. When you visit this page you will not only get an amount of points you get to spend but you will also automatically receive a trophy, avatar and sidebar.


There are different trophies that were given out in this plot. The more you participated, the better your trophy. Here is an example of the event you will receive for getting your trophy:

You have been awarded a Tale of Woe trophy! You can go see it on your user lookup.

You may also visit your Plot Completion Progression by clicking on the trophy on your lookup.

These are all the different trophies available: (If you know of any users who have gotten scores between the ones we have listed, please neomail us so we can update this page!)

0 - 2,685

Swamp Slorg
3,000 - 12,480 points

Asylum Inmate
12,915 - 16,040 points

Vine Weaver
16,050 - 22,870 points

Meepit Wrangler
22,930 - 29,015 points

Neovian Citizen
29,040 - 36,975 points

Master Chemist

Honorary Mayor of Neovia


You will also receive a sidebar when you go to Sophie's Shack to collect your prizes:

Something Has Happened!
0 You are now eligible to use the 'Tale of Woe' theme when browsing the Neopets.com website! Check out your User Preferences to change your theme.

You can find more info about the sidebar on SunnyNeo.com's Sidebar Themes page.


You also receive a Krawley avatar:

Something Has Happened!
You are now eligible to use 'Tale of Woe - Krawley' as an avatar on the NeoBoards!

Grave-digging Trophies

Individual Digs
Spoon Scraper1 - 87
Shovel Flailer89 - 380
Complete Graves
Grave Digger1 - 4
Bone Thief5 - 22
Potion Fetching
Gopher1 - 2
Stuffbringer3 - 10
Spirit of Carrying Things11+
Bone Testing
Potion Spiller1 - 2
Bone Exploder3 - 10
Name Elimination
I Can Read™1 - 3
Bookworm4 - 25
Head Librarian26+

Battledome Challengers Limits


Ominous Stones
Win Limit: 30

Macabre Stones
Win Limit: 30

Furious Stones
Win Limit: 30

Black Elm
Win Limit: 30

Blathering Beech
Win Limit: 25

Savage Sycamore
Win Limit: 20

Herman Dorfdrap
Win Limit: 20

Bennie the Jub
Win Limit: 20

Disgruntled Townspeople
Win Limit: 20

Shrieking Shadow
Win Limit: 25

Creeping Shadows
Win Limit: 20

Malevolent Shadow
Win Limit: 15

Mayor Thumburt
Loss Limit: 30


As meantioned before, the more you participated in the plot, the better prizes you receive.

Sophie's Shack and, grudgingly, Prize Shop

Sophie looks up as you approach. "Well, I guess you'll be wanting prizes. Somehow the Neovians talked me into handling this... although I still don't know how... maybe it's another curse or spell or something." She shrugs.

Sophie flips through a book, looking for your name. "According to this, you have ??,??? points left to spend."

These are the prizes you can choose from:

25 points

Hissi Oil Keychain

Type: Special

Guaranteed to solve all your key-storage problems, or your money back.
50 points

Package of Assorted Vines

Type: Special

Ooh! Its got a yellow one!
75 points

Titanium Grave-Digging Spork

Type: Special

It will never rust, which is good because it will take you ages just to dig a single grave with it.
100 points

Surplus Bone-Testing Kit

Type: Special

If only there were any bones left to test.
500 points

Talking Tombstone Alarm Clock

Type: Furniture

Mostly it just talks to itself.
500 points

Haunted Woods Graveyard Reference, 57N1064 through R51-8AHS

Type: Neovian Press

Alphabetical order? What does that mean?
750 points

Eau de Esophagor

Type: Grooming

Contains hints of refuse, muck, and bile!
800 points

Gluten-Free Potion Composites Cookbook

Type: Neovian Press

For witches and wizards with sensitive digestive systems.
999 points

E-Z® Brand Chemistry for Beginners® Cross-Promotional Play Set™

Type: Toy

Sophie heartily endorses this event and/or product.
1,000 points

Two-Bobbleheaded Hissi

Type: Toy

They bob to avoid being poked with a stick again.
1,000 points

Open Grave

Type: Furniture

A perfect place to take a nap.
1,000 points

Graveyard Reference Book Plushie

Type: Plushies

Some of the least fun bedtime reading in history. And the pages dont turn either!
1,000 points

Neovian Genealogy

Type: Neovian Press

Skeith plus Zafara equals... Ixi??
1,200 points

Ghost Meepit Dance Party Ultra Remix

Type: Toy

Features the Hokey Pokey and other spin-around-in-a-circle favourites.
1,500 points

Villager Pitchfork

Type: Battle Magic

Wait a minute, Neovians arent farmers...
2,000 points

Haunted Chess Set

Type: Toy

Sometimes, the pawns move THREE spaces when you arent looking!
2,000 points

Damp Cave Feng Shui

Type: Neovian Press

How to best arrange the furniture you have scavenged over the years.
2,000 points

Ominous Stone Plushie

Type: Plushies

Doubles as a handy, yet spooky pillow!
2,000 points

Nurse Skeleton Bobblehead

Type: Toy

What is she so happy about?
2,500 points

Potion Cabinet

Type: Furniture

With pull-out shelves for storing extra-large bottles of mysterious goo!
3,000 points

Ilere Plushie

Type: Plushies

Do not take this plushie lightly, for it is vastly more powerful than you can ever imagine!
3,000 points

Accursed Mittens

Type: Battle Magic

They pack quite a punch, just dont try to pick anything up with them.
3,000 points

Tale of Woe: The Untold Story - by Reginald (Autographed Copy)

Type: Neovian Press

"To my biggest fan - Love, Reggie"
3,500 points

Rusty Asylum Cell Door

Type: Furniture

Repeat after me: The red stuff is RUST.
4,000 points

Behind the Rusted Door: The True Story of the Meepit Oaks Sanitorium

Type: Neovian Press

Madness! Madness, I tell you! No, seriously, the book is about madness.
4,000 points

Enraged Mayor Thumburt Plushie

Type: Plushies

4,500 points

Creeping Shadow Hammer

Type: Battle Magic

Your opponents may have trouble dodging it, as its hard to tell where the hammer is...
5,000 points

Mysterious Potted Flower

Type: Gardening

That extra special final ingredient for making your garden look lovely!
6,500 points

Spirit of Slumber Plushie

Type: Plushies

This plushie will keep you in a very, very deep sleep at night... heh heh...
8,000 points

Ghost Paint Brush

Type: Special

This spooky looking paintbrush will give your Neopet a scary new look.
10,000 points

Thumburts Cane

Type: Battle Magic

Wise politicians do not rule with an iron, er, cane.
12,000 points

Rusty Lamppost

Type: Battle Magic

Walk softly and carry an absurdly large metal pole.

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