Treasure Keepers

Treasure Keepers

Treasure Keepers is the first game that Neopets has released that is played on Facebook. It is developed by Meteor Games, the game studio owned by the creators of Neopets; Adam and Donna. At the moment Treasure Keepers is only playable in beta version for a limited amount of Premium users.

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There are different types of tiles you can land on while playing an adventure. The table below lists them all.

Types of tiles

Treasure Tile
You find items and/or gold.

Movement Tile
You draw a movement card. These cards alter your direction or moving distance. See the card section.

Puzzle Tile
You draw a puzzle card to unlock a special pathway and gain Puzzle Skill and XP. See the card section.

Search Tile
You draw a puzzle card to find treasure. Finding it can get you XP, Puzzle Skill, an item and/or gold. See the card section.

Trap Tile
You draw a reflexes skill related action card. If you win you gain Rexflex Skill and XP, if you lose you lose health points. See the card section.

Random Tile
Anything can happen. You could find items and/or neopoints, or draw a puzzle or reflexes card.

Arrow Tile
Nothing happens
Enemy tile You run into an enemy that you must battle against. Winning gets you Combat Skill, XP, items and gold.

You may also find treasure or coins on regular tiles. These are hidden treasures.

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