Treasure Keepers

Treasure Keepers

Treasure Keepers is the first game that Neopets has released that is played on Facebook. It is developed by Meteor Games, the game studio owned by the creators of Neopets; Adam and Donna. At the moment Treasure Keepers is only playable in beta version for a limited amount of Premium users.

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Wheel of Uncertainty

Three types of wheel of uncertainty
Puzzle cards
If you draw a card that requires Puzzle Skills, you need to spin the wheel of uncertainty to determine your fate. The green area shows your chance of success based on the difficulty of the card and your skill level.
Battle cards
There are also battle cards that you draw if you run into an enemy tile. If this happens you must also spin the wheel of uncertainty. Whether you win the battle depends on your battle skills. Each time you spin the wheel of uncertainty and land on the green area your enemy loses some health. If you land on red, you will lose health.
Trap cards
It's also possible that you run into a trap on a normal looking tile. If this happens you draw a trap card. You must then spin the wheel of uncertainty. You can avoid the trap, and the loss of health points, if you land on the green spots of the wheel.
Extra options
If you run into an enemy tile and keep losing, you will get the option to flee. Once you click the Flee button, the enemy dissapears and you move back a few tiles.
Luck Points
During the adventure you can come across the "You feel lucky"-card. This card gives you a luck point. Per adventure you can have up to 3 luck points. When you click the clover button, you automatically win the wheel. You can also get up to three luck points for signing into Treasure Keepers on consequtive days.
Per adventure you can take one Petpet with you. Depending on it's skill you automatically win the wheel when you click the Slorg button. You can only use a Petpet's skill once a day.

If you've won against one of the cards, you'll earn more skills and XP, which is important to move up in level. You might also find an item.

Luck points welcome gift
If you login you will get extra luck points as a welcome back gift. These can go up to 3 luck points for having logged in for three or more consequtive days.

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