Treasure Keepers

Treasure Keepers

Treasure Keepers is the first game that Neopets has released that is played on Facebook. It is developed by Meteor Games, the game studio owned by the creators of Neopets; Adam and Donna. At the moment Treasure Keepers is only playable in beta version for a limited amount of Premium users.

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Special Items

Aside from the items you can buy at TopShop, there are also special items that are given out in the game. This page tells you all about those items.

Closed Beta Reward
At first, Treasure Keepers was only open to Premium Beta Testers, this phase was called 'closed beta'. Everyone who played Treasure Keepers during this phase, was awarded with three special items that are never given our again.

The items are: Mootix Wallpaper, Statue of a Trapped Customer and White Kadoatie.

Item Codes
At the Treasure Keepers interface, you see a Nova icon, here you can enter special item codes.

These codes give out special items. So far, one code has been released. The code is: NTKCOMICCON2011.

Entering this code gives you: Skirted Table, Doglefox, Rude Daffodils and Curious Meepits Statue.

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