Healing Springs

What is the Healing Springs?
The Healing Springs, discovered on the 13th of January, 2001, is located in Faerieland at the waterfall. You can go there to restore your pet's health, hunger, and mood. The Healing Springs is operated by a water faerie named Marina who has dedicated her life to harnessing the powers of the springs to magically heal pets and to creating items from the spring waters. The Healing Springs is popular for those who frequent the Battledome (or the Snowager). The Healing Springs Faerie was featured in Atlas of the Ancients.

The Options:
Healing Springs

Welcome to my home of healing and relaxation. What can I do for you today? Maybe I can heal your Neopets, or perhaps you would like to purchase some of my healing potions?


Please choose one of the three options below. You must remember that my magic is limited so I can't heal your pets that often. Also, I'm currently running out of potions so I am limiting one to each customer per visit.


Feel Free to Browse!

Once you arrive at the Healing Springs, Marina will give you the option of either healing your pets or buying something from her shop. When you select 'Heal my Pets' Marina will either heal your pets with her powers or give you an item from her shop.

Healing Outcomes:
Healing Springs

The Water Faerie says a few magical words and...

Active Petname is fully healed!!!
Below are other outcomes that the Water Faerie can share with you when you visit:
  • All of your Neopets gain three hit points. Sorry, that was the best I could do :)
  • All of your Neopets gain seven hit points. I hope that helps! :)
  • All of your Neopets gain ten hit points. Wow! That was a good spell! :)
  • All of your Neopets gain fifteen hit points. I am getting better at this!! :)
  • Active Petname is fully healed!!!
  • Active Petname regains their hit points, and is not hungry any more!!!
  • All your Neopets have their health completely restored!!!

The only outcomes that will cure a disease your pet may have contracted is through the 'All your Neopets have their health completely restored!!!' outcome and the 'Active Petname is fully healed!!!' outcome. Take a look at SunnyNeo's Diseases & Cures Guide for more ways to cure your Neopet's disease.

Also, on Faerie Festival (September 20th) Marina will always say the following:
In celebration of the Faerie Festival, all your Neopets have their health completely restored!!! at which any disease your neopets may have will obviously be cured. You can find more information about the Faerie Festival on SunnyNeo's Faerie Festival Guide.

Item Outcomes:
Healing Springs

The Water Faerie says a few magical words and...

Healing Potion XI appears in her hand. She hands it to you... 'Use this wisely!'.

  Below are other item outcomes that the Water Faerie can share with you when you visit:
  • Healing Potion ## appears in her hand. She hands it to you... 'Use this wisely!'
  • ??? Elixir appears in her hand. She hands it to you... 'Use this wisely!'
  • ??? Snowball appears in her hand. She hands it to you... 'Use this wisely!'

The Store:
When Marina isn't constantly chanting magical spells and giving away healing items, she is selling potions and elixirs. You can access her store by selecting 'See what is for sale' on the main Healing Springs page. There are a couple of cons that come with buying healing items from the Healing Springs Store. For instance, all items you can buy at the Healing springs can be bought at a much cheaper price on the Shop Wizard. Additionally you will have to wait 30 minutes before buying another item at the Healing Springs, which isn't convenient during a plot with battles.

Below is a table of items you can buy from the shop, where they can be used, and what they do.
Heals That Cannot Be Taken Into Battledome

Healing Potion I
Restores 1 HP

57 NP

Healing Potion II
Restores 2 HP

30 NP

Healing Potion III
Restores 3 HP

30 NP

Healing Potion IV
Restores 5 HP

27 NP

Healing Potion V
Restores 8 HP

31 NP

Healing Potion VI
Restores 10 HP

28 NP

Healing Potion VII
Restores 12 HP

25 NP

Healing Potion VIII
Restores 15 HP

25 NP

Healing Potion IX
Restores 20 HP

25 NP

Healing Potion X
Restores 25 HP

31 NP

Healing Potion XI
Restores 35 HP

29 NP

Healing Potion XII
Restores 45 HP

35 NP

Bubbling Healing Goo
Restores 200 HP

200 NP

Dewberry Reviver
Restores 175 HP

175 NP

Essence of
Everlasting Apple

Restores 250 HP

250 NP

Super Strength
Healing Potion

Restores 225 HP

225 NP
Heals In Battledome

Lime Elixir
Restores 3 HP

85 NP

Juicy Elixir
Restores 7 HP

25 NP

Pale Elixir
Restores 9 HP

30 NP

Ubikiberry Elixir
Restores 5 HP

25 NP
Battledome Weapon

Exploding Snowball

25 NP

Icy Snowball

5 NP

Peach Snowball

25 NP

Poison Snowball

96 NP

Sticky Snowball

25 NP

Wet Snowball

27 NP

Remember, you may only use the Healing Springs once every 30 minutes. This rule of 30 minute breaks between use also applies to the Healing Springs store. If you try to select 'Heal my Pets' more than once every 30 minutes you will receive this message.
Healing Springs

Sorry! - My magic is not fully restored yet. Please try back later.

You will receive a similar message if you try to buy another item from the Healing Springs Shop before 30 minutes time has passed.
Healing Springs

Sorry! - To be fair I can only let you buy one item every 30 minutes. Please check back later.

Also, you may not access the Healing Springs while in the middle of a battle at the Battledome. You will have to finish the battle before using the magical springs. If you're wondering wether or not you're in the process of battling the forces of evil, simply check the Battledome status page.
Healing Springs

The Water Faerie says a few magical words and...

No way!!! - Trying to get healing while in a battle eh? Come back later!

During The Faeries' Ruin the Healing Springs wasn't accessible because Marina had been turned to stone at the Faerie Festival! However, the Springs did give out snowballs and healing items!

Throughout Neopian history, the Healing Springs, along with Faerieland itself, has changed in style. Below you can see the magical transformations as Neopets changed with the times:
Marina Redraw


Flash Map Redraw
Redraw Occurred on September 17, 2009
Before The Faeries' Ruin
Before The Faeries' Ruin
The Faeries' Ruin Redraw
Redraw Occurred on February 28, 2011
Before The Faeries' Ruin
After The Faeries' Ruin
Before The Faeries' Ruin
After The Faeries' Ruin

Related Editorials
Below are a few editorials that may answer further questions.
I AM SO CONFUSED!!! D: Can we or can't we visit the Healing Springs on a side account? Oh, and here: *gives Poison Snowball* yeah... The Healing Springs faerie gave me this instead of healing my 'pet with Blurred Vision. -_- ~toxicheart16
Yes. The Healing Springs is exempt from the "no items on sides" rule, as we want to make sure all your Neopets have a chance at good health. :)

This is question 9215, archived from Editorial Issue 635.


Hey, TNT! You previously said we were allowed to use The Healing Springs to heal Neopets on our side accounts. I was wondering: with the new update that allows the Healing Springs to give out other items, is this still allowed? Thanks! :D ~cindycb
Yes, we discussed it and we wanted everyone to continue visiting the Springs on side accounts to keep all their Neopets healthy. With that in mind, the main purpose of the Springs is still to heal your Neopets and the added prizes are quite rare to even out the spread. (Their "drop chance" is based on average visits per player, rather than the usual one. Yay, maths!) So, the new ones are much harder to get, but we think you'll be quite pleased if you do happen to get one. And if that does happen on a side account, you can send the item to your main account to sell, just like you would a Random Event item.

This is question 8151, archived from Editorial Issue 560.


Do the Healing Springs heal every type of disease? *throws cookie* ~__milinium__
Yup, cured is cured at the Healing Springs. That's one powerful faerie!

This is question 7649, archived from Editorial Issue 518.


Hi, TNT. I was wondering about hit points. When I use the Healing Springs, there are quite a few times in a row when it says "Your Neopet has gained XX hit points!" Right now, only through the Healing Springs, my Neopet is up to 164/112 hit points. I know that these "new" hit points are mostly imaginary - if I get hit slightly even once they will go all the way back down, but do I at least get that one "free" shot with the 42 extra hit points? Just wondering, since I've never really thought about it before. ~pinkrockz51
Hahaha... yep. If you're trying to squeeze out that next Defenders of Neopia challenger, now would be a great time to do it. ;D

This is question 6193, archived from Editorial Issue 406.


Hey, TNT! Wondermag2 here! Recently, I fought the Inflatable Balthazar in the Battledome (yeah, I'm still a beginner). Even though my Kyrii won, his Hit Points got knocked down to his full setting (he started out with 38/9, but ended up with 9/9)! But I won the battle, though! How is this possible? ~wondermag2
Hi Wondermag2! TNT here! Alas, if you go into battle with a Neopet whose Hit Points have been buffed up by visits to the Healing Springs, they will drop down to the max that they should be, even if you win.

This is question 5719, archived from Editorial Issue 372.


I would like to know something important about my Neopet's health. It says 5/10 and I just fed it! I'm worried something will happen. Will anything happen if it gets to 0? Also, how do I get this health up?? ~miniolieisland
If your Neopet's health drops to 0 he or she will be unable to participate in the Battledome, but will otherwise be fine. There are plenty of ways to bring your Neopet back to health by using healing potions, visiting the Healing Springs in Faerieland, and feeding it more (we're grinning as we type that last one), among other things.

This is question 5531, archived from Editorial Issue 359.


My Neopet has Neomonia. The cure is medicinal soap, which costs approximately 2,200 NP. The Pharmacy never has this soap stocked. I have around 600 NP. I tried using the Shop Wizard, but the prices are too high for me. They are around 17,000 NP. I am trying to earn Neopoints, but the Pharmacy never restocks. Will my Neopet die if it doesn't get its cure in time? ~funfunfun101
Aww, no. Your Neopet will never die, so don't worry! We see you've already discovered the Healing Springs as your Mynci has 23/3 hit points, so keep going there. Eventually that kind faerie will cure your Neopet's disease.

This is question 4278, archived from Editorial Issue 277.