Faerie Festival

What is Faerie Festival?
Each year on September 20th it is Faerie Festival. Like special pet days such as Acara Day this day is to celebrate the presence of Faeries in Neopia. On this day special Faerie related items, games etc. are released on Neopets.

Starting in 2009, a special Faerie Festival page was released. In 2009 this page had all Faerie related information on it, such as suggested wearable items, a link to Faerieland, a link to a new daily called The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity, a Personality Quiz, Faerie Games, a brand new Faerie Festival Neoboard and a link to the Faerie Shoppe at the NC Mall. The 2010 page is still under construction as the faeries are still preparing for the festival. In 2017 the following booths were set up at the Festival the Wheel of Excitement; Wing It a new daily game; Faerie Quests for Illusen, Jhudora, Snow Faerie, and Jhuidah which you could click on right from the page; Free Soup whether or not you were rich or poor; and Free The Faeries the NC Event.

Faerie-themed prizes
What's most interesting about the page though, is its daily Faerie-themed prize that is being given away. Since the opening of the Faerie Festival page on September 17th, each day you can win a special item by visiting a special location or doing a special activity. In the table below you can see the items given away.

For 2017, it appears the Daily Prize is no longer being given out, but there is a promise of prize for visiting every day. So be sure to stop by daily anyway.

With the navigation below you can see the prize lists of different years.

[ 2009 | 2010 | 2017 | 2023 ]

It's that time of year when the Faeries come together to celebrate the annual Faerie Festival. In 2023, the Faerie Festival began October 2nd. This year, Fyora has chosen two other faeries, Jhudora and Illusen, to help clean up Neopia. Get ready as this Faerie Festival has some elements as our beloved classic event, Charity Corner.

Daily Prizes

By visiting the Faerie Festival page daily, you can receive a prize! See below what kinds of prizes can be awarded!
Our list is ever growing! If you see a prize that isn't on our list, please let us know by neomailing Bloom (xharryxpotterxluverx)!

Faerie Festival Daily PrizesA list of prizes that can be received when visiting the Faerie Festival page daily in 2023.
Last Updated: December 12, 2023
Total Items: 67
One Neopets story of how they completed one of Illusens quests.

A Faerie Beautiful Day

Leave your Neopets hair feeling as light and fluffy as a cloud with this handy little hair brush.

Air Faerie Hair Brush

A light and airy texture makes these munparaberries quite unique in flavour.

Air Faerie Munparaberries

These are meant to be as light and fluffy as air itself.

Air Faerie Mushroom

The air faeries believe that this scepter can help a Neopet a great deal in the Battledome.

Air Faerie Sceptre

All about Dark Faeries, the second in a six part series detailing everything you need to know about faeries.

All About Dark Faeries

All about Earth Faeries, the fourth in a six part series detailing everything you need to know about faeries.

All About Earth Faeries

This fierce faerie is armed and ready to go into battle.

Battle Faerie Action Figure

Even the bubbles are dark...  Only available from a rare item code.

Dark Faerie Bubbles

Ooh err... I wouldnt go feeding this to your Neopet.  You never know what might happen.

Dark Faerie Mushroom

Handle this stamp with care or this faerie may get angry with you!

Dark Faerie Stamp

Emulate your favourite dark faerie with these fancy wings!

Dark Faerie Wings
View Preview

Oooh... this one looks a little scary... maybe you shouldnt eat this one.

Dark Nova Pop

This little Usuki looks just like an Earth Faerie.

Earth Faerie Usuki Doll

This magical book comes alive as you read it with real butterflies flying off the pages.

Enchanted Butterfly Book

Each map in this book is interactive and sparkles when you move your hand over important landmarks. This item is an achievement prize in The Wraith Resurgence.

Enchanted Map of Neopia

Faellies are rather nervous little things, their over sensitive ears always alert them of the slightest danger long before it arrives.


A surprising beautiful melody can be played using this elegant faerie accordion.

Faerie Accordion

Colour all of your favourite faeries racers in this colouring book.

Faerie Cloud Racers Colouring Book

A fascinating book that will talk about the dangers and benefits of faerie fire.

Faerie Fire

Its so fun to shop for furniture when it is all faerie themed!

Faerie Furniture Shopkeeper Stamp

This magical dust is said to be fairly common among faeries, but extremely rare among mortals. You can only have one healing item equipped to a pet! This prize was awarded for beating a Daily Dare score on the release date in Y18.

Faerie Healing Dust

This pretty hair clip has the same pattern as a Faerie Kacheeks wings.  Only available from a rare item code.

Faerie Kacheek Hair Clip

A pretty little mirror shaped just like a Faerie Kacheek! Only available from a rare item code.

Faerie Kacheek Mirror

This wonderful pen writes in yellow and orange ink at the same time. Only available from a rare item code.

Faerie Kacheek Pen

This metal lunch box will keep your sandwiches nice and fresh all day long.

Faerie Lunch Box

The wings sometimes do get in the way.

Faerie Protractor

This regal looking snowglobe will keep your Neopet amused for hours.

Faerie Queen Snowglobe

The best tips on which parts of the caverns to choose for your next spelunking adventure!

Faerie Spelunking Tips

Aww, now heres a Spyder no one would mind to have in their bedroom.

Faerie Spyder Plushie

What a beautiful, peaceful garden to rest in! This Faerieland Garden Background is only available if you have a virtual prize code from BURGER KING(R) in Canada!

Faerieland Garden Background
View Preview

This simple gong has been decorated with a Faerieland theme.

Faerieland Gong

A sweet and tart fruit that tastes like a cross between a pineapple and banana... Now with wings!


How did Faeries land in Neopia? Find out!

Faeries from Paradise

Super spicy and hot to touch!

Fire Faerie Mushroom

What a fiery way to fly!

Fire Faerie Racer
View Preview

Emulate your favourite fire faerie with these fancy wings!

Fire Faerie Wings
View Preview

If you get a quest from this faerie you may just be the luckiest Neopian!

Fountain Faerie Stamp

Hopefully the power of the Grey Faerie wont let you down...

Grey Faerie Shield

It looks nice, but the bun tastes like cardboard.

Happiness Faerie Dog

Happiness Faerie?  Surely someone has made a mistake here, there is no Happiness Faerie!

Happiness Faerie Plushie

A leaf-shaped waffle smothered in rare dark syrup.  This is hard to pass up.

Illusen Waffle

Keep your opponents at bay with this magical blade made specifically for Illusen.

Illusens Blade

Creativity will bloom with this lovely notebook! This final prize was awarded for participating in the Charity Corner School Tools Drive in Y17.

Illusens Floral Notebook

Miamice hop along the clouds in Faerieland, but they secretly want to be adopted and loved!

Invisible Miamouse

Keep your school supplies safe with this handy Jhudora backpack!

Jhudora Backpack

High quality plastic accessories you can play with!

Jhudora Fashion Play Set

Its meant to look like toxic jelly, but honestly its just lime. Really.

Jhudora Jelly

Funny anecdotes from Neopets who have been asked for the strangest things by Jhudora.

Jhudoras Quests

Rumoured to be Jhudoras beverage of choice, but we arent sure how true that is...

Jhudoras Swirling Cocktail

This unusual design is a must for Light Faerie fans.

Light Faerie Hair Brush

This little Usuki looks just like a Light Faerie.

Light Faerie Usuki Doll

There is nothing magical about this scruffy old Usuki Doll Reject

Magical Hair Usuki Reject

Master the art of faerie gift basket making!

Make Your Own Faerie Gift Baskets

Excellent for doing homework when the lights have been turned out.

Pencil of the Light Faerie

This stamp will brighten up any letter or collection!

Plushie Slorg Stamp

Beautiful on the outside, but wretched on the inside.

Rancid Faerie Potion

Wow.. this appears to be a real diary written by an air faerie, I am sure that shouldnt be on the shelves...

Secret Faerie Diary

Wow! This is one of those super rare Faerie plushies!!!!

Soup Faerie Plushie

There arent many of these super rare lunch boxes around.

Space Faerie Lunch Box

Mee-meep, take me home, I will be the perfect pal for your Neopet. This was given out as a prize for the Y21 Festival of Neggs.

Spring Magaral

Teasqitos are jolly little Petpets that love to munch on Tealeefs.


Learn about some of the healing magic that is used in the Healing Springs.

The Magic of The Healing Springs

The best toothpaste money can buy!

Tooth Faerie Toothpaste

These lovely wings are shaped just like a faeries wings!

Translucent Faerie Wings
View Preview

Your Usuki can have adventures high above the clouds with this great new Faerieland play set

Usuki Faerieland Play Set

You can tell this is very magical as the water never stops flowing!

Water Faerie Mushroom


The festival begins with Fyora commanding Illusen and Jhudora to work together in creating the Faerie Festival. When she leaves, a different plan occurs between the two: creating their own Faerie Festival. Which one will you join?

Scene 1

"Although it may seem unusual, I asked you both to meet me here because I know you two were once quite close -" - Queen Fyora

"Who said anything about... Well, I wouldn't exactly say close!" - Illusen the Earth Faerie

"Brief acquaintances at best." - Jhudora the Dark Faerie

"I suppose we were..."

"Practically strangers."

"Ahem, yes, something like that."

"Backstabbing strangers..."

"Do not start this! You were the one who -"

"Enough! Look, I called you two here because I had an... intriguing idea for a different type of Faerie Festival this year."

"One to help us dissipate some of the smog and muck that has begun choking the skies and seas of our beautiful Neopia since its technological boom."

"That sounds lovely!"

"Suck up..."

"Hush, she is right! All of these new contraptions are giving off fumes that are starting to taint the pristine water, soil, and air of Neopia. I can feel it. Although, I did come up with some alternative energy ideas with Mira and Dr Landelbrot!"

"I still think it would be easier to just blast all those factories pumping out these new pollution machines to bits."

"We talked about this Jhudora. We should foster progress, not deter it. We do, however, have a responsibility to ensure it is carried out thoughtfully and carefully. Just like this festival! Which is why the two of you will be running it this year, as a team."

"I don't think thoughtful and careful are her forte... How about I just handle it myself this year and maybe next year Jhudora coul -"

"Nonsense! I know for a fact that, with each of your respective talents, the two of you can put on a fantastic festival for all of Neopia!"

"For once I agree with salad mix over here. Look, I appreciate the suggestion -"

"Oh, I'm not giving out suggestions today. Only orders. From your Queen."



"Which is why I am so confident that you two will do just spectacular together. I mean just look at how excited all of the other faeries are, even Mira agreed to fly all the way back to Neopia to attend! Now that this matter is settled, good luck. *leaves*"

"She is one of the few people that scare me."

"And here I thought it was just me. *Cough cough*"

"You better not get me sick! Go see Marina if you're coming down with something."

"I'm fine, let's just get this over with."

"Whatever you say."

"Well... if we have to do this, where do you think we should hold the festival this year? I was thinking the woods nestled between Faerieland and Meridell. Maybe we could build a tree house and cover it with blossoming flowers to add splashes of colour!"

"*Retches* Sorry that imagery almost made me hurl. That all sounds so dull. Listen, there's a gazebo with sublime gothic architecture near the edge of the Haunted Woods, let's host it there! We could even add in some thorny vines and maybe a few of your flowers, but only dark black, red, and purple hues will do."

"And you called my idea dull! A Faerie Festival should feel welcoming and inviting, not drab and dark. No one will want to set foot in your gothic gazebo."

"You always do this! Oh, they will come to the gazebo at my Faerie Festival, but you won't be invited."

"Fyora told us to work together, as a team remember? You can't just throw your own festival!"

"Too bad. Already decided. I'm single-handedly throwing the Faerie Festival this year."

"Then so am I! I'll host the Official Faerie Festival in the woods just outside of Faerieland."

"Well, when people get bored at your lame Festival, they can find the fun one on the edge of the Haunted Woods!"


Two invitations were sent on October 4th: one from Illusen and the other from Jhudora. You can click that you want to help, but as of October 4th, you cannot join either festival. The festivals become active on October 9th.

Illusen's Invitation Jhudora's Invitation

Choose a Festival

As of October 9th, both Jhudora and Illusen have opened up their festivals for us to choose which one to attend. Each festival gives out prizes that best matches the festival's and faerie's theme.

Possible Prizes For Joining Illusen Possible Prizes For Joining Jhudora


Fyora had made it clear that she wants to use the Faerie Festival to clean up Neopia. You are able to recycle any items in your inventory. For each item that you donate, there are points to earn. Each item's rarity correlates to specific amount of points earned. Points are then used to collect prizes. Prizes for Illusen and Jhudora are different and can be found below.

Since Fyora wanted us to use this Faerie Festival as an opportunity to clean up Neopia, I had the idea to start up a recycling program! Taking a page from Granny Hopbobbin's book, I've decided to offer special prizes to festival goers who pick up garbage all over to help us rejuvenate the lovely land of Neopia.

Illusen's Faerie Festival Prizes

Faerie Festival 2023 - Illusen's Festival PrizesA list of prizes that could be earned from Illusen's Faerie Festival after getting points from recycling items.
Last Updated: November 23, 2023
Total Items: 36
960 points This is Illusens ultimate weapon. She only allows her most worthy friends to use it.

Illusens Staff
View Preview

8,000,000 NP
240 points Turn your pet into a high-flying faerie!  Take your Neopet to the Rainbow Pool!

Faerie Paint Brush

2,000,000 NP
240 points Take this magical Paint Brush to the Petpet Puddle and something special may happen to your Petpet!

Faerie Petpet Paint Brush

1,500,000 NP
240 points This negg always tastes fresh no matter when you eat it.

Illusen Negg

239,000 NP
240 points This cheerful doll will ask all your other Usukis fetch things for her.

Illusen Usuki

367,000 NP
240 points A solid silver shield that is magically as light as a leaf!

Illusens Silver Shield

950,000 NP
240 points Illusen in ready for the beach!

Summer Fun Illusen Plushie

284,000 NP
200 points This beautiful faerie doll looks just like Illusen!

Illusen Faerie Doll

400,000 NP
192 points This handy dagger comes in a neat looking sheath to keep it safe when you arent using it.

Illusens Hip Blade

330,000 NP
192 points Protect your skin like Illusen with this sunscreen.

Illusens Sunscreen

750,000 NP
128 points Soup isnt always hot!

Illusen Chilled Summer Soup

200,000 NP
128 points Look inside to see a warmer season!

Illusen Crystal Holiday Globe

470,000 NP
128 points Mmmm... these earthy jelly beans are sure to be tasty.

Illusen Jelly Beans

262,000 NP
128 points Music to your ears!

Illusen Piano Music Box

560,000 NP
128 points A fun tale of how Illusen out-witted some werelupes by using some Faerie magic.

Illusens Illusion

250,000 NP
128 points A heroic tale of how Illusen discovered the ingredients to make her famed potions.

Illusens Journey

399,000 NP
128 points The mystery behind Jhudora and Illusen and their legendary hatred towards one another - explained

Jhudora and Illusen - The Untold Story

74,000 NP
128 points Shake this globe and you will see leaves fall on one side and purple clouds swirl on the other.

Luxury Dark and Earth Faerie Snowglobe

370,000 NP
50 points She looks a bit raged, but wouldnt you after giving lots of pets quests?

Handcrafted Illusen Plushie

36,000 NP
50 points Perfect for swimming!

Illusen Blue Waterproof Mascara

15,000 NP
50 points This charm is one of Illusens favourites!

Illusen Heart Charm

24,000 NP
50 points A bracelet made of four-leaf clovers that have been woven together so you can carry good luck with you wherever you go!

Illusens Lucky Bracelet
View Preview

54,000 NP
50 points Read all about Illusens many adventures in this scroll written by Illusen.

Illusens Scroll

62,000 NP
25 points Always hike with a buddy. Im sure Illusens available!

Hiking With Illusen Book

20,000 NP
25 points If you ever wanted to see what Illusen would look like with bright pink eyeshadow, here is your chance!

Illusen Beauty Bust

13,000 NP
25 points Kauvara made this special brew in honour of her friend Illusen.

Illusen Day Elixir

19,000 NP
25 points This Grarrl is one big fan of Illusen!

Illusen Fan Grarrl Plushie

21,000 NP
25 points Put on these gloves to feel like Illusen!

Illusen Gloves
View Preview

47,000 NP
25 points The perfect instrument to play in a forest glade...

Illusen Panpipe

14,000 NP
25 points The stamps border contrasts perfectly with Illusens chestnut hair, almost as if she planned it.

Illusen Stamp

50,000 NP
25 points This book will teach you have to be charming and also how to create simple little charms.

Illusens Book of Charm

25,000 NP
25 points The same forest magic that powers Illusen is said to be in this potion.

Illusens Forest Essence

247,000 NP
25 points This harp plays beautiful melodies, perfect for peaceful woodlands.

Illusens Harp

9,700 NP
25 points This pencil grows while you write, so it will never ever get shorter, or run out of lead.

Pencil of the Earth Faerie

47,000 NP
1 points If Jhudoras Purple Potato Aperitif didnt strike your fancy, perhaps Illusens potato salad will!

Illusens Green Goddess Potato Salad

500 NP
1 points Illusens nature lanterns are the perfect way to light up your evening strolls!

Illusens Nature Lanterns
View Preview

670 NP

Jhudora's Faerie Festival Prizes

Faerie Festival 2023 - Jhudora's Festival PrizesA list of prizes that could be earned from Jhudora's Faerie Festival after getting points from recycling items.
Last Updated: December 25, 2023
Total Items: 35
670 points What are those green fumes exactly?

Jhudoras Cloud Stamp

998,000 NP
320 points This Dark Faerie doll glows menacingly in the dark.

Dark Faerie Doll

490,000 NP
320 points This ring may never come off your finger!

Jhudoras Bewitched Ring

581,000 NP
240 points When the smoke clears... well, were not sure what happens after that, really. This was given out as a prize for the Y14 Festival of Neggs.

Cloud of Dark Magic Foreground
View Preview

999,999 NP
240 points Just close your eyes and hope its grape flavoured.

Container of Purple Liquid

650,000 NP
240 points Turn your pet into a high-flying faerie!  Take your Neopet to the Rainbow Pool!

Faerie Paint Brush

2,000,000 NP
240 points Take this magical Paint Brush to the Petpet Puddle and something special may happen to your Petpet!

Faerie Petpet Paint Brush

1,500,000 NP
240 points Anyone that adores Jhudora will want this statue for their garden.

Jhudora Statue

540,000 NP
240 points Oh my Jhudora, this finger food looks terrifyingly delicious!

Purple Potato Aperitif

590,000 NP
192 points Fyora was very reluctant to put this doll in the Hidden Tower

Jhudora the Dark Faerie Doll

449,000 NP
192 points Jhudora has stored some of her power in this little bottle.  Do you dare to use it?!? Limited Use.

Jhudoras Potion

830,000 NP
128 points Oh, there is a darkness emanating from this wicked looking bow.

Dark Faerie Bow

200,000 NP
128 points This brooch is enchanted with the magic of three dark faeries!

Dark Faerie Token

100,000 NP
128 points These wings look just like the ones a Dark Faerie would have!

Deluxe Dark Faerie Wings
View Preview

215,000 NP
128 points The mystery behind Jhudora and Illusen and their legendary hatred towards one another - explained

Jhudora and Illusen - The Untold Story

74,000 NP
128 points Open it up and look inside, you may find a trick... or a treat :) These were handed out in Y18.

Jhudoras Bluff Trick-or-Treat Bag

142,000 NP
128 points Shake this globe and you will see leaves fall on one side and purple clouds swirl on the other.

Luxury Dark and Earth Faerie Snowglobe

370,000 NP
50 points This little Usuki looks just like a Dark Faerie.

Dark Faerie Usuki Doll

64,000 NP
50 points This fountain may make you feel like you are being watched, but you arent... really...

Eye of Jhudora Fountain

59,000 NP
50 points Jhudora helping you hold the page of your book?! Woah!

Jhudora Bookmark

49,000 NP
50 points Either Jhudora made this lollipop or this one was tried by her. Not sure which one of the two it is...

Jhudora Lollipop

10,000 NP
50 points This grumpy doll will make all your other Usukis fetch things for her.

Jhudora Usuki Doll

57,000 NP
50 points This collar is one of Jhudoras personal necklaces.  She wears it often for protection and the power of it in the Battledome.

Jhudoras Dark Collar

48,000 NP
50 points Jhudora has a secret that she wrote about?   Oh wait... there is a key needed.... Good Luck!

Jhudoras Secret

20,000 NP
25 points This is the perfect fragrance if you want to smell of death and evil.  Only available from a rare item code.

Dark Faerie Fragrance

34,000 NP
25 points If your Neopet is a Dark Faerie fan they have to own this hair brush!

Dark Faerie Hair Brush

30,000 NP
25 points Ooh err... I wouldnt go feeding this to your Neopet.  You never know what might happen.

Dark Faerie Mushroom

9,400 NP
25 points This shield is great for defending in the midst of battle!

Dark Faerie Shield

20,000 NP
25 points Illusen looks different somehow...

Defaced Portrait of Illusen

33,000 NP
25 points Turn this toy upside down and Jhudora cackles as green clouds swirl around her.

Jhudora Snowglobe

44,000 NP
25 points You can place the curse of Jhudora on your adversary when you wield this sword.

Jhudoras Cursed Sword

30,000 NP
25 points Your very own piece of dungeon real estate in which to do Jhudoras bidding.

Jhudoras Dungeon Background
View Preview

19,000 NP
25 points A must for any Jhudora fan. Dont expect it to play a pleasant tune though.

Jhudoras Harp

16,000 NP
1 points Jhudoras hangout looks more menacing than it looked up in the sky...

Jhudoras Bluff Background
View Preview

190 NP
1 points They say faeries are fun, helpful creatures, but these dont look very friendly...

Malicious Dark Faeries Background
View Preview

700 NP

Moltara Meeting

The faeries will ask you to meet them in Moltara where they will run into each other.

Scene 3

"Jhudora? What are you doing here? I thought you agreed not to blow any of these places to the sky! Or was that just another lie?" - Illusen

"Relax, I didn't come here to do any damage. Well... depends on what the slimeball inside has to say. I did some digging about the company, and I have a few questions for him.
What's your excuse? Did you change your mind about my approach and decide to show this CEO just how cruel you can be?" - Jhudora

"I only came here to talk with the CEO. I'm concerned about how damaging his obsidian fuel is for the air of Neopia. Plus, I suspect that he may have heard some… misinformation about the renewable energy source I've been working on." - Illusen

"Monty McTaggart, Moltara's Magnanimous Obsidian Magnate, at your service! Sorry to keep you two waiting, it's been mighty hectic round these parts lately." - Monty

"Sir, we've come here to you today because we would love to sit down and talk over some-" - Illusen

"Let's cut to the chase, have you been bribing officials to shut down renewable energy ideas?" - Jhudora

"Well now that is quite the accusation. Let me start by saying the McTaggart family has a storied history of philanthropic endeavours in Moltara-" Monty

"Then where did you pick up that ridiculous accent?" - Jhudora

"Jhudora! It's not okay to mock someone's voice. Look, Monty, I am sorry about her… forwardness. I came here on my own, because I wanted to talk to you face to face, faerie to Neopet, and see if we could talk things out." - Illusen

"It seems representatives of your company have been strongly opposed to renewable energy sources, but Dr Landelbrot has theorized that the energy given off by the sun could be harnessed without harming Neopia. The sun could provide for us just like it nourishes the plants, with clean-" - Illusen

"I'll stop you there little lady. I know all well and good that burning obsidian is not what the kids these days are calling sustainable, but I've been in the obsidian business for years, and now that business is finally booming, ain't no way I'm gonna stop!

Besides, it's too early to tell if obsidian is doing any harm. This whole pollution racket is nothing to fuss about now, it's something for our grandchildren to worry about. Bahahah!" - Monty

"This is all just some kind of joke to you!" - Illusen

"Now that could not be further from the truth. I am serious about obsidian, it's my livelihood after all!" - Monty

"I have a question about your livelihood, Monty. You went bankrupt in Y15 and were forced to sell all the McTaggart assets, putting up your family estate to get by. Then, right after the tech boom in Neopia, you suddenly have the means to buy the Obsidian Quarry from the City of Moltara. Who gave you all those Neopoints?" - Jhudora

"How did you know all that?" - Illusen

"The National Neopian Bank Manager owed me a favour after I cleaned him out in Cheat! Now Monty, spill" - Jhudora

"Well, I'd be happy to tell ya! I had a run of good luck in the Neopian Stock Market. That Nigel fellow sure is an agreeable fellow. Oh, and playing Trudy's Surprise. Do you know how much you can get if you go consistently?" - Monty

"This is getting us nowhere. He'll ramble on all day before he tells us anything about his benefactor. I think he's too scared of whoever it is to say a word." - Illusen

"Okay, then step outside for a minute." - Jhudora

"Why what are you- *Cough cough*" - Illusen

"For once just listen to me and go outside before I catch whatever you have. If fear is what motivates him, then let me have a private chat with Monty. Just the two of us." - Jhudora

"Hold on there, Illusen, let's not be hasty now! You seem like the levelheaded one here to me, so maybe just hang back with us-" - Monty

"Buh-bye, and good luck Monty! *Steps outside*" - Illusen

"*Whisper Whisper*" - Jhudora

"Muh-muh-Malkus Vile!" - Monty

"*Pops head back in* What was that?" - Illusen

"Monty just shared with us that Malkus Vile was his secret investor. I haven't the foggiest idea why, but Vile is behind all of this." - Jhudora

"You only whispered in his ear for a few seconds. What on Neopia did she say to you?" - Illusen

"You don't want to know… Please, just leave me alone, I don't know anything else. Oh, Vile will never forgive me for this." - Monty

"Don't you worry about him, once I'm through with-" - Jhudora

"Once we are through with him. I want to see Vile brought to justice myself." - Illusen

"Who are you kidding Illusen? You can barely stand. I don't know what's wrong with you, but you're in no shape to chase down anyone." - Jhudora

"I told you I'm just fine!" - Illusen

"What you are, is too proud to be real with me. Same old story. So, I'm going to find him by myself." - Jhudora

"Jhudora I… Hey! Jhudora, get back here!" - Illusen

Scene 4 Scene 4

"There you are. Yeah, things got a bit tense there... that Illusen just gets me all tangled up sometimes. But now I know who we are looking for. It won't be long before I track down Vile, trust me."

"Oh it's you, thank you for coming with me. I really appreciate the support. It wasn't easy to hear Jhudora say some of those things about me… but she has her reasons for lashing out. Can you just do me a favour and keep an ear to the ground about Malkus Vile? I need to find and stop him. Soon."

Scene 5

"Thanks to some tracking by Sarah and Daisy, I think I finally picked up Vile's trail! Seems that lowlife is hiding out in the Deep Catacombs below Neopia Central. You can tag along if you want, but keep your head down."

"I heard Jhudora left her Festival some time ago and has yet to return. I'm starting to worry that she might be in trouble… Would you mind looking around for her? I heard she was last seen poking around Deep Catacombs under Neopia Central."

Scene 6

"Longer lasting and better looking than stamps - coins are a must for -" - Malkus Vile

"Drop the act Vile, I finally found you. I'm surprised it was so hard given your stench." - Jhudora

"Ahh Jhudora, how lovely of you to drop by." - Malkus Vile

"Save the formalities. I already know you've been funding McTaggart and bribing officials across Neopia to keep all these fancy new machines running on obsidian." - Jhudora

"Bribing? No, no, you've got it all wrong. In the technological boom of Neopia, I saw opportunity. What I've been doing is called lobbying, and it's perfectly legal for some reason." - Malkus Vile

"So, what's in it for you? I know you always have an angle." - Jhudora

"Well, Monty owes me quite a bit you see, which means I own him. Ergo, I own Moltara Obsidian Company. But I prefer to stay behind the scenes. Easier for me to grease the wheels when it comes to officials and convince competition to close up shop." - Malkus Vile

"Figures, slime like you would prefer to stick to the sewers." - Jhudora

"Come now Jhudora we aren't so different. You know it's not easy to get by when you aren't one of the elite. You either have to rub elbows with the likes of Queen Fyora's entourage and King Skarl's royal court, or you have to strike out on your own.

"We both chose the latter because neither of us could endure kowtowing to those insufferable prigs. Most faeries, like say Illusen for instance, have no problem playing those games." - Malkus Vile

"You can skip through all the banal cajolery you prepared. There's a reason you're so smug. Tell me, what's stopping me from hitting you with a curse that would make your worst nightmares seem like daydreams?" - Jhudora

"I know something you don't. About Illusen." - Malkus Vile

"What makes you think I care?" - Jhudora

"No need to play coy with me, no secrets escape these sharp ears. I know all about your... complicated history with her. So, I thought you'd be interested to know that despite her posturing, Illusen has been significantly weakened." - Malkus Vile

"Wa- What do you know about that?" - Jhudora

"A little Weewoo told me that Illusen started weakening right around the same time the pollution began spreading. It seems the smog choking the Neopia air and clouding the forests has been affecting all of the Earth and Water Faeries. She's vulnerable, and… if you wanted, could be out of your way for good." - Malkus Vile

"The pollution... Vulnerable? No. No, I couldn't. Part of me does still hate her for what she did to me, but I couldn't do that... Uh, not while she is in such a pathetic state that is!" - Jhudora

"That's the beauty of it, you don't have to lift a finger. I already have a professional on the job, so you can go back to your little Faerie Festival and enjoy total deniability." - Malkus Vile

"What do you mean a professional?" - Jhudora

"Okay, then step outside for a minute." - Jhudora

"Illusen's been running her mouth about that renewable energy nonsense for far too long, it was starting to cut into my profit margins. Besides, the enfeebling of all the Earth and Water Faeries was always part of the plan. It came from the very top." - Jhudora

"Plan? Tell me when this is happening before I blast a hole in the middle of your ugly mug!" - Jhudora

"Woah, woah, relax! Look, tell you the truth, Illusen's probably being bottled as we speak." - Malkus Vile

"Arghhh I'll be back for you Vile!" - Jhudora

Scene 7

"My legs, I can barely feel my legs. I'll just take a moment to rest here against the wall." - Illusen

"Oh, Illusen, you were once one of the few faeries I dared never approach. But look at you now, withered up and weak just like your precious Glade. Even this measly bottle can hold you now!" - Balthazar

"Balthazar? Stay back! I won't warn you again!" - Illusen

"You can stop pretending now. We both know you barely have any magic left at this point.

"I know Vile will pay top Neopoint for you, but part of me just wants to keep you as a paperweight. You faeries are much better in bottles, but I still think you were best as statues. Oh, what a glorious few months that was when you were all stone!

"I was really hoping it would be permanent, but of course, I end up with a house full of angry faeries right in the middle of my bottled faerie opening party. You don't mind that I'm rambling on Illusen, right?" - Balthazar

*Muffled yelling* - Illusen

"What's that? I can't hear you, AHAHA!

"You know, now that I think about it, why let the chance to rid Neopia of such a powerful faerie slip through my paws? Maybe I should just save Vile the trouble and end you right no -" - Balthazar

"OOUUFFFHHH" - Balthazar

"Paws off! If anyone is going to end her, it'll be me." - Jhudora

"I still have enough magic to break free of your bottle Baltha... Jhudora! What are you doing here? I had him just where I wanted him!" - Illusen

"Oh, were you in there? I just happened to be in the neighbourhood um... shattering random bottles." - Jhudora

"And spontaneously blasting Neopets?" - Illusen

"Only those who deserve it." - Jhudora

*Groans* - Balthazar

"I don't know if he deserved quite that much. That blast of yours sure packed a wallop, will he be okay?" - Illusen

"Yeah, sure... probably. More importantly, we need to inform Queen Fyora of Vile's location before he gets too far. I found him hiding out in Collectable Coins." - Jhudora

"Let's return to Faerieland. We will tell her, together." - Illusen

Scene 8

"Well, I can't thank you two enough. Your efforts have helped root out corruption and start us on a path to restoring balance in Neopia." - Fyora

"Speaking of which, I've actually been working on a special spell to help restore the soil of Neopia!" - Illusen

"Well, I've been preparing a powerful potion that should cleanse the air and oceans of Neopia!" - Jhudora

"Look at you! And here I thought you gave up after my festival-goers were able to collect even more junk than your cronies.

"It's working! I can feel the Meridell vegetation breathing easy again... thank you Jhudora." - Illusen

"I am so proud of you two! Working together seamlessly to clean up Neopia. You'll be pleased to hear we picked up Malkus Vile trying to make a run for it on the outskirts of Neopia Central. And Captain Brynneth is scraping Balthazar off the cobblestones at this very moment." - Fyora

"Lock me up for whatever you want, it won't matter." - Malkus Vile

"Vile, earlier, you said you had orders “from the very top”. You like to put on a show, but you aren't the one running it. So, who's at the top?" - Jhudora

"You won't get a peep out of me." - Malkus Vile

"Whoever orchestrated this entire affair scares even Vile?" - Illusen

"It narrows it down considerably... But that is a matter for another day. For now, let's celebrate your success, together." - Fyora

"Ugh, I think we've done the whole “together” thing long enough today." - Jhudora

"Could you at least pretend to be respectful in front of the Queen?" - Illusen

*Jhudora and Illusen continue bickering as they walk back to the festivities together*

"*sigh* Well, at least we made some progress..." - Fyora

Final Prizes

Below are a list of prizes that were awarded at the end of the entire Faerie Festival event. Prizes were given out specifically to the festival that you attended.

Illusen Jhudora
An avatar is rewarded for supporting a faerie during their festival.
A petpet is rewarded for visiting the Quest page every day during the event and receiving the daily prize.

Woodland Mortog

Darigan Gruslen
A special item is rewarded for participating in the Festival every day.

Glaive of Verdancy

Sinister Scythe
A special item is rewarded for clicking through all eight story scenes.

Treehouse Background
View Preview

Gothic Gazebo Background
View Preview
A special time is rewarded to those who have donated the max number of items per day (30 items) each day of the event.

Illusen Particles
View Preview

Jhudora Particles
View Preview
Trophies are rewarded by the number of items donated each day to be recycled.

Gold Trophy

Silver Trophy

Bronze Trophy

Gold Trophy

Silver Trophy

Bronze Trophy

In Free the Faeries, many faeries have been trapped in bottles by Balthazar! By buying Flinging Slingshots from the NC Mall, you can free the faeries from their bottles. For each faerie you save, you receive a prize for your help by Aethia, the Battle Faerie.

Flinging Slingshots for Free the Faeries

Free the Faeries Flinging Slingshot 1-pack
150 NC

Free the Faeries Flinging Slingshot 3-pack
300 NC

Free the Faeries Flinging Slingshot 6-pack
550 NC

Free the Faeries Flinging Slingshot 12-pack
1,000 NC


Free a faerie each day to receive a special prize as a thank you for your hard work from Aethia, the Battle Faerie. There is one prize for each day of the event starting from October 2nd and ending on October 13th. A bonus prize is given when all 12 Faeries are freed.
Oct 2nd Oct 3rd Oct 4th Oct 5th

Flowery Moss Cloak
View Preview

Faerie Leaf Satchel
View Preview

Fluttering Faerie Wing Earrings
View Preview

Moth Wings Hooded Cloak
View Preview
Oct 6th Oct 7th Oct 8th Oct 9th

Handy Dandy Dandelion Staff
View Preview

Faerie Slorg Companion
View Preview

Very Faerie Spectacular Sword
View Preview

Glass Faerie Jars Garland
View Preview
Oct 10th Oct 11th Oct 12th Oct 13th

Glass Faerie Jars Foreground
View Preview

Faerie Swamp Background
View Preview

Faerie Bushes Foreground
View Preview

Faerie Faellies on a Moss Log Foreground
View Preview
Bonus Prize

Faerie Faellies on a Moss Log Foreground
View Preview

Double the Items

When participating in Free the Faeries NC event, you are able to get the same item. In other words, you have a choice to continue freeing each individual faerie, or if you really do enjoy a specific item, you can click the same faerie again to receive the item again! Don't worry, there is a security question asked if this is what you really want to do just in case you click the wrong faerie and wanted a new item.