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Job Description

We are looking for one or more artists to join our team. We love being able to use original art in our graphics, as well as offer nice adoptables. If you're great at drawing neopets related images, you may be just the person we are looking for.

For this application we are looking for people who are great at drawing, you do not necessarily need to be able to make layouts with your drawings, or be able to code graphics. If you can, that's great, if not no problem. It is however important that you are able to work in a team. Most of your art would be incorporated into layouts that are made by our Graphics Makers or CSS Stylists. It is therefore important that you are able to work together with them.


The person we are looking for must meet the following qualifications.

  • You are able to contribute to the site with your art regularly. Depending on the complexity of the drawing this could take more or less time to realise. We are however not looking for a person who only draws something once a year.

  • You are okay with the fact that you are able to put a small artist signature mark (such as your initials or subtle name) on your art, but nothing more than that. You will however be placed on the About Us page as an Artist so you will still get credit due there.

  • You accept that when you make something for the site it will then become the site's and if you were to ever leave, the graphics you contributed would stay.

  • You plan on doing this job for quite a long time. We are not looking for people who will quit after a month. Please only apply if you're sure you will enjoy this job.

  • You are able / allowed to download and install an FTP Program. We use this program to upload files on the SunnyNeo webserver and edit them as well. Without this program you will not be able to upload your work.

  • You are okay with us giving you some graphic criticism and maybe asking for some changes to be made if need be.


Below you can see a list of our preferences. You do not need to meet these preferences, but it's a big bonus if you do. If you don't meet our preferences you can still apply, after all, they're preferences, not requirements.

  • You be out of highschool, or 15/16 years or older.

  • You have Discord (preferred) or Skype.

  • You have quite a bit of experience, whether it be formal training or you have just been doing it for awhile.

  • You are also good at explaining things, and are able to write tutorials about drawing and editting drawings.

Please read the note below. We will not take any applications into consideration without a portfolio.

Before you decide to apply for the position of Artist at SunnyNeo you MUST make a portfolio. Your portfolio will show us an overview of the art you've drawn in the past. This should give us an idea of what you are capable of making. Please include at least 5 different items in your portfolio. To get an idea of what a portfolio is, have a look at our example portfolio for the Graphics Maker position. We would prefer it if you could show as many things as possible. Think about showing both different kinds of styles that you can do. The more you show us, the more your application will shine.

Please work on making a good, solid portfolio before applying. Your portfolio will put the most weight in your application, so make sure its 100% done when you send in your application form. Don't worry if it takes longer than a day for you to make.

Finally, make sure that your neomail is not on neofriends-only. If we like your work we will contact you for some further details.

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