This is the main part of your portfolio. This should be where you show us the examples of your work. We need to see examples of as many things as you can show us. You are required to show at least 5 layout examples (i.e. a combination of 5 examples of userlookups, guild layouts, petlookups, petpages and/or shop&gallery layouts). But if you can make more than that, please do. The more the better. If you can make other things (i.e. blogs, shields, banners, header/footer sets, etc.) please include examples of those as well. If you can draw your own artwork, feel free to include that. If you prefer to make one type of graphic over another, you can tell us that too. The one thing you do not have to worry about is having too much information or content! You could have an essay explaining what you do and don't make, and 10 examples of each type of graphic possible and that would be fine with us =P

Your portfolio must be on a petpage. It doesn't have to look like this, in fact we encourage you to get creative and design it how you see fit (the petpage portfolio is an example all in itself you see). Your examples should be easy to see. We don't want to have to go searching through your code box to find the main image in order to get an idea of what that particular graphic looks like. We want a screenshot of the layout when it's all put together (like the screenshots we have on SunnyNeo). An example of what we expect:

This is where you should put some comments about this specific example. Explain some techniques you used, how you think it turned out, etc.

And you keep following the screenshot-comments-code/screenshot--comments-code setup until you've listed all of your examples.

An example that is EXACTLY how you need yours to be:

This is--in my personal opinion--the best guild layout I've made for SunnyNeo. I experimented with a background-overlay image, and it turned out awesome. In hindsight, the only thing I would change is the "Plushie" text... it sucks :(
It would be smart of you to tell us your strengths, don't you think? If you're extra talented at making blends, blogs, cursors, or just amazing at css/html, then let us know :D Absolutely anything that you can think of that you excel at (as long as it's either coding or graphics based of course), tell us!
Please be honest, and let us know what you're not so great at. Trust us, there would be nothing more awkward than being accepted as a graphics maker, and when we ask you to make a guild layout, we find out you can't. If you lack in any department, let us know! Chances are we can help you : )